The Making of an Artist: Finding Your Identity in a Sea of Voices | Karthik Chennoji Rao | TEDxSAC

The Making of an Artist: Finding Your Identity in a Sea of Voices | Karthik Chennoji Rao | TEDxSAC

Karthik Chanoir's Background

  • Karthik Chanoir, a singer, songwriter, guitarist, music producer, and music director from Mangalore, India, introduces himself to the audience.
  • Despite his awkward and shy childhood, he found purpose and belonging through music when he discovered his classmates practicing for a talent show.
  • Karthik pursued music despite his parents' concerns and joined an engineering college, but he found more inspiration in music and eventually joined a local band.
  • With the support of his friends and family, he decided to pursue music full-time after graduating from college.

Karthik Chanoir's Journey to Full-Time Music

  • Karthik worked in edtech and traveled to different parts of India, meeting inspiring individuals who followed their passions despite challenges.
  • Despite his low paycheck and the risk of no income, Karthik decided to quit his job and fully commit to music as it gave him purpose and a sense of usefulness to his community.

The Importance of Individuality in Art

  • Karthik emphasizes the importance of individuality in art and how it sets artists apart from AI.
  • Individuality in art is like a fingerprint or signature, reflecting the artist's story, emotions, and unique perspective.
  • Art allows for human connection, enabling artists to share their experiences and struggles, making fans feel less alone.
  • Individuality in art is not about the final product but the process, the human experience, and the joy of creating.

The Power of Community in Art

  • Despite the focus on individuality, artists are not alone; they are part of a social community that supports and communicates with each other.
  • Individuality is a superpower that everyone possesses, and it should be embraced and celebrated.


  • Karthik encourages people to appreciate the small, unique experiences in their lives and let those experiences breathe life into their art.

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