The Nepali Dream | Sumana Shrestha | TEDxIOE Pulchowk

The Nepali Dream | Sumana Shrestha | TEDxIOE Pulchowk

Education and Opportunities

  • Many Nepali youth seek better education, job opportunities, and stability in both the present and the past.
  • The speaker reflects on their journey from Nepal to the United States in search of better education and opportunities.

Good Governance

  • Good governance is necessary for predictability, fairness, and a safety net in society.
  • Good governance can be achieved through economic freedom, social freedom, and political freedom.
  • A level playing field and bureaucracy reform are essential for good governance.
  • The current bureaucracy lacks rewards for good performance and punishment for inaction.
  • Bureaucracy reform is crucial for effective governance.

Bureaucracy and Corruption

  • Corruption can be seen as non-action by those in power who fail to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Bureaucratic inefficiencies and lack of a conducive environment hinder the tourism industry in Nepal.
  • Superficial amendments to the tourism act have not addressed core issues.
  • Lack of substantial amendments to the university act impedes the higher education system.
  • Outdated laws in the knowledge-based economy prevent companies from expanding and hiring talent.

Creating a Culture of Efficiency and Transparency

  • The government should focus on creating a culture within the bureaucracy that promotes efficiency, transparency, and innovation.
  • Nepalese citizens should collectively work towards creating a Nepal where individuals can be free to pursue their ideas and aspirations without the need for connections or bribes.


  • The speaker expresses gratitude by saying "thank you very much."

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