The stepping stone of entrepreneurship | Ankush Barjata | TEDxSRMIST

The stepping stone of entrepreneurship | Ankush Barjata | TEDxSRMIST

Ankur Badshah's Journey

  • Ankur Badshah, the founder and CEO of, shares his journey from aspiring actor to successful entrepreneur.
  • Despite financial constraints, he pursued his passion for acting and directing in college but had to give it up due to COVID-19 and his family's business losses.

Career Opportunities and Challenges

  • Ankur leveraged his sales and business experience to secure a high-paying job.
  • During his job, he identified a gap in the saree market and decided to create a platform to bridge the gap between manufacturers and consumers.


  • Ankur started working on his startup alongside his job, dedicating late nights to his passion.
  • He faced initial rejections but managed to onboard 42 saree manufacturers in a month.
  • Despite initial challenges and doubts, he persevered and launched his app on the Play Store.

Struggles and Resilience

  • Ankur faced a period of depression and financial difficulties in his hometown.
  • He moved to Chennai with limited resources and worked hard to sustain himself.
  • Drawing strength from his family's entrepreneurial background, he overcame his challenges and achieved success.

Shark Tank India and Beyond

  • Ankur applied to Shark Tank India and was accepted, gaining a platform to showcase his business.
  • After being rejected in season 2, he rebuilt his business, added a team, and focused on branding.
  • With renewed confidence, he applied for season 3 and was selected, leading him to his current success.

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