Unlock the Power of Music Through Music Appreciation | Pushkar Lele | Dr. Pushkar Lele | TEDxILSLaw

Unlock the Power of Music Through Music Appreciation | Pushkar Lele  | Dr. Pushkar Lele | TEDxILSLaw

Dr. Kushar Le's Introduction

  • Dr. Kushar Le, a Hindustani classical vocalist, teacher, researcher, and performing artist with a Ph.D. in music, introduces himself and his expertise.

The Concept of a "Connoisseur" in Classical Music

  • Dr. Le discusses the concept of a "connoisseur" (conen) in classical music, someone who deeply understands and appreciates the intricacies of the music without necessarily being able to perform it themselves.
  • He emphasizes the importance of music appreciation and the need for education and training to truly understand and enjoy classical music.

Stages in Appreciating Classical Music

  • Dr. Le outlines four stages in the process of appreciating classical music: awareness, acquaintance, understanding, and appreciation.
  • He stresses the importance of active, dedicated listening, free from distractions and preconceived notions, to truly immerse oneself in the music.

Enriching the Experience of Classical Music

  • Dr. Le encourages individuals to explore and learn about different musical genres and cultures, including classical music, and to engage in conversations and discussions to deepen their understanding.
  • He describes the journey of understanding classical music as a lifelong learning process, leading to the discovery of new meanings and insights.
  • The speaker emphasizes the joy and fulfillment found in exploring the intricacies and nuances of classical music and encourages individuals to embark on this enriching journey.

Preserving and Promoting Classical Music

  • Classical musicians should contribute to increasing the quality of listeners and demystifying classical music for lay audiences.
  • Preserving classical music requires a large body of knowledgeable and discerning listeners.
  • Music appreciation can be enhanced by reading, watching documentaries, engaging with artists, and attending live concerts.

Embracing Music Appreciation

  • Classical music appreciation involves letting go, being vulnerable, and experiencing music intellectually and emotionally.
  • Appreciation of music should be personal and independent, not influenced by others' opinions.
  • Avoid simplistic binaries and try to understand the intent behind compositions.
  • Participate in music appreciation events, start movements, and host events to contribute to the community.
  • The journey of music appreciation is enjoyable, empowering, and enriching.
  • Embrace music as a process rather than just consuming it as a product.

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