Use Failure as a Path to Success | Ann Daniels | TEDxRoyal Holloway

Use Failure as a Path to Success | Ann Daniels | TEDxRoyal Holloway

Felicity Aston's Solo Expedition to the North Pole

  • Felicity Aston, a polar explorer, recounted her challenging solo expedition to the North Pole in 2005.
  • Despite careful planning and previous successful expeditions, she faced obstacles, including a close encounter with a polar bear and an unexpected permit revocation, leading to her rescue by helicopter.
  • Aston chose to find gratitude and joy in her adventure, recognizing global challenges and feeling relieved not to reach the pole due to harsh conditions.
  • She decided to raise awareness about environmental changes in the Arctic using her experiences.

Scientific Expeditions to the Arctic

  • The speaker, a female polar explorer, participated in several scientific expeditions to the Arctic.
  • The first expedition, led by Pen Hadow, aimed to measure Arctic Ocean ice thickness and collect data on ocean acidification.
  • As the navigator, the speaker ensured team safety and managed logistics.
  • Martin Hartley, the expedition's photographer, documented the journey through photographs and film.
  • The expedition's success resulted in scientific papers, conference presentations, and increased interest from scientists and sponsors.
  • Subsequent expeditions focused on studying the impact of melting ice caps on ocean salinity and marine life.
  • The speaker assisted a film crew documenting a skiing expedition to the North Pole and contributed to NASA's ice thickness measurements through a tracking beacon.

Learning from Failures and Reflecting on Success

  • The speaker reflected on her failures, emphasizing the value of learning, acquiring new skills, and rethinking strategies for future success.
  • She highlighted the importance of collaboration and utilizing individual skills within a team, regardless of physical differences.

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