We're all creatives | Devargh Mukherjee | TEDxNKC

We're all creatives | Devargh Mukherjee | TEDxNKC


  • Creativity can be learned and is not limited to those with natural talent.
  • Curiosity is essential for fostering creativity and should be approached like jazz, not target practice.
  • Be open to learning from unexpected sources and embrace the cringe when it comes to taste.

Advertising and Marketing

  • In advertising and marketing, it's important to find conflict and different perceptions.
  • Nostalgia is a powerful tool in advertising and creativity.
  • Honesty is a powerful tool in marketing and advertising, as exemplified by Volkswagen's "Think Small" campaign.

The Creative Process

  • The creative process is hard, but failure is an essential part of it.
  • There are two types of people in the creative process: naysayers and critics. Naysayers put themselves above you, while critics put the work above.
  • It's important to believe in the passion and purpose that drove you to start your creative journey.


  • Apple's Manifesto encourages individuals to stay true to their passions and not get distracted by external factors.
  • The "Crazy Ones" are the ones who change the world and push the human race forward.

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