Why I pursue a profession, an industry, not a job | Y Sa Ngo | TEDxCTUMP

Why I pursue a profession, an industry, not a job  | Y Sa Ngo | TEDxCTUMP

Isia's Journey

  • Isia initially wanted to study medical laboratory science at K University of Medicine and Pharmacy but ended up studying it at another university due to the major not being offered at KUMP at the time.
  • After graduating, Isia worked as a medical lab technician at a nearby medical university for three years.
  • In 2013, Isia became a long-term volunteer interpreter for a speech pathology organization in J Hospital and fell in love with the science of communication and serving people with special needs.
  • Isia's diverse work settings include special education schools, therapy rooms, hospitals, and operating rooms, where she works with international teams.
  • Isia currently works at an NGO called Hien Hien, a collaboration between Harvard Medical School and two of its affiliated hospitals in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Importance of Communication and Serving Others

  • Isia emphasizes the importance of communication in life and encourages young people to find their purpose and serve life.
  • Isia's journey took a new turn when she learned about speech pathology and started working as a medical interpreter, initially as a volunteer and later receiving official training from TR Foundation Australia.

The Role of a Medical Interpreter

  • The speaker describes their journey from working as a project assistant to becoming a medical interpreter.
  • They emphasize the importance of learning a broad range of knowledge and skills as a medical interpreter and the opportunity to work on various projects, including civil, Army, and Navy projects.
  • The speaker highlights the value of serving different populations, including people with HIV, LGBTQI+ individuals, children with special needs, and elderly patients.
  • They discuss the principles of successful communication, such as lowering oneself to the level of the person you are speaking to, being mindful of cultural sensitivities, and maintaining eye contact with children with special needs.

Advice for Young People

  • The speaker encourages young people to find their passion and strengths, broaden their views through travel and communication, and not be afraid of confusion or uncertainty.

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