Thierry Henry (EXCLUSIVE): I Was Depressed, Crying Every Day, Dealing With Childhood Trauma!

Thierry Henry (EXCLUSIVE): I Was Depressed, Crying Every Day, Dealing With Childhood Trauma!


  • Thierry Henry talks about his successful football career and how he experienced depression but didn’t address it at the time.

Your Early Context

  • Henry discusses his modest upbringing with diversity and the pressure to fit in as an immigrant in France.
  • It was important to avoid making mistakes to avoid being sent back to the Caribbean.

The Streets You Grew Up On

  • Describes his neighborhood as normal with gangs, drugs, and diversity.
  • Talks about the valuable life lessons and experiences he gained from growing up there.

Life Inside Your Home

  • Henry reflects on the lack of love and affection in his childhood home, and the challenges of not being able to express emotions or seek help.
  • He explains how attention to detail and performance pressure from his father affected him.

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When Did Football First Come Into Your Life? (00:16:41)

  • Thierry Henry's father predicted he would be an amazing football player from the first time he held him as a baby.
  • His early years were focused on fulfilling his father's dream and gaining his approval.
  • He started training and playing football at a young age, driven by his father's expectations.

I Was Always Looking For Approval From My Dad (00:23:06)

  • Thierry Henry constantly sought approval from his father, linking his self-worth with pleasing him.
  • His father's influence led him to focus on pleasing others and looking for validation through his performance on the pitch.
  • His sense of worth was intertwined with his father's approval, and he felt driven to achieve success in football to please him.

I Had No Time To Be A Child (00:27:08)

  • Thierry Henry's childhood was overshadowed by the pressure to succeed in football from a young age.
  • He never had a normal childhood experience and associated his self-worth with his success in football.
  • Observing his own children at play and seeing their love for him has helped him gain new insights and learn to be a better father.

The text dives into Thierry Henry's early immersion in football, his constant search for approval from his father, and how it affected his childhood and sense of self-worth. It highlights the impact of his father's influence on his life and how it shaped his outlook on success and validation.

Life After Football, Trying To Adapt To Normal Life (00:31:43)

  • Transitioning from a lifelong career as a football player to a regular life was challenging.
  • As a player, Henry's identity, expectations, and validation were based on being an athlete.
  • After retirement, he struggled with finding purpose and responsibilities, feeling exposed and vulnerable, and connecting with family.

Relationship With Arsene Wenger & How He Became A Father Figure (00:35:36)

  • Arsene Wenger acted as a substitute father figure for Henry when he moved to Monaco at 17.
  • Henry had to indirectly distance himself from his biological father to pursue his football career.

My Dad Was Always Putting Me Down (00:37:37)

  • Specific memories of playing well not being acknowledged by his father, affecting Henry's perception of success and approval.
  • Henry recognized his father's limited tools for upbringing and accepted the impact, but struggled to digest the emotional effects.

What Were the Values That Made You A Success? (00:41:19)

  • Henry attributes his success to mindset, character, and values instilled by his strict upbringing.
  • He acknowledges the influence of others and his determination to work hard despite limited natural abilities.
  • The constant struggle to please his father shaped his approach and attitude toward challenges and achievements.

At My Core I Was Always Trying To Please My Dad

  • Thierry Henry always strived to please his father and achieve his approval.
  • His mindset was shaped by a childhood desire to fulfill his father's expectations.
  • He felt a constant need to please people, especially his father, which affected his happiness and self-awareness.

Who Taught You To Love?

  • Thierry Henry struggled with relationships and emotional challenges during his time at Barcelona.
  • He faced the difficulties of divorce, adaptation to a new environment, and feeling the pressure to perform on the pitch.
  • The internal conflict and feeling of letting people down added to his emotional struggles.


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The Moment You Realized Your Playing Career Was Over

  • Realized retirement was necessary due to physical pain
  • Found contentment in retiring on his own terms
  • Faced uncertainty about his future post-retirement
  • Had doubts about transitioning into a coaching role

The Moment I Realized I Was Struggling With Life

  • Struggled with identity and self-reflection after retirement
  • Felt overwhelmed by self-evaluation and existential questions
  • Experienced emotional turmoil and vulnerability during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Confronted issues of vulnerability, empathy, and emotional expression
  • Acknowledged societal pressure to suppress vulnerability and emotions
  • Confronted and embraced his inner child's emotional needs and fears

I Was Trying To Balance Inner Child, I Didn't Know Who I Was (01:12:09)

  • Experienced shame and struggle to accept own vulnerability
  • Felt unsure of his identity and lacked tools for understanding himself
  • Sought to find balance between acting with heart and brain
  • Wanted to walk a tightrope in harmony with his inner child
  • Realized the impact of childhood trauma but struggled to self-diagnose mental health issues

Struggling with Depression

  • In hindsight, acknowledges possible struggle with depression
  • Recognizes the potential signals and describes adapting to it
  • Emphasizes the importance of standing and walking despite difficulties

Men's Mental Health Statistics

  • Quotes shocking statistics on male suicide rates and mental health struggles
  • Highlights the pressures and challenges faced by men
  • Expresses concern about the high rates of male suicide and mental health problems

The Moment I First Felt Loved

  • Thierry Henry felt human and seen for the first time when his family cried as he was about to leave
  • He realized that his family loved and cared for him as a person, not just as a football player

The Impact of Feeling Loved

  • The experience made Henry reevaluate his priorities and led him to stop coaching in Montreal
  • It brought him a sense of being human and feeling loved, which was a deeply impactful moment for him

Epiphany through Vulnerability

  • COVID-19 increased Henry's vulnerability, empathy, and understanding of emotions, leading to his realization of feeling loved
  • His vulnerability and openness allowed him to recognize and appreciate the love and support he received from his family

Similar Experience with Patrice Evra

  • Henry shared a similar experience with his friend Patrice Evra, who also had a transformative moment where he showed true emotions for the first time
  • This shared experience emphasized the impact of being asked a powerful, emotionally incisive question

Perspective Shift and Change in Approach

  • The experience led to a change in Henry's perspective, making him challenge his previous approach to life and competition
  • He acknowledged that he used to see life with his eyes and is now trying to change that perspective
  • His newfound vulnerability and openness have brought significant changes in his perception and approach to life

Always Looking For Solutions & Challenging The Way Things Are Done

  • Mentioned being disconnected from his younger self
  • Always sought solutions and challenged authority
  • Currently seeking therapy and trying to understand and digest his past trauma
  • Described the stages of knowing, understanding, and implementing a change
  • Struggles with emotions and affection due to lack of parental connection and being emotionally avoidant
  • Admits to avoiding emotional conversations and using work as a distraction

Motivation as a Father

  • Struggles with setting an example for his children due to lack of parental guidance
  • Acknowledges the fight to balance work and home life
  • Admits to pursuing work as a comfort zone and avoiding awkward or vulnerable situations
  • Raises the issue of prioritizing work over spending time with loved ones

Adapting to a New Normal

  • Struggles with being a homebody after a life of constant travel
  • Compares the comfort of familiar routines to the discomfort of recreating the unfamiliar in adulthood
  • Describes the difficulty of transitioning from the structured life of a top athlete to a more uncertain lifestyle
  • Acknowledges the shock and adjustment required when something significant in life comes to an end

What's The Next Chapter? (01:43:22)

  • Focus on being a good dad and partner
  • Recognizing the importance of enjoying life and not just fulfilling expectations
  • Reflecting on the impact of not enjoying the journey and learning from failures
  • Learning to accept compliments and finding joy in life

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