Are we really about to ban TikTok? | The Vergecast

Are we really about to ban TikTok? | The Vergecast

Intro (00:00:00)

  • Cadillac revealed a new concept called "Opulent Velocity."
  • The hosts discussed their studio setup and Liam's gadget obsession, which resulted in the creation of an elaborate home studio.
  • A TikTok ban is being considered, and the hosts plan to discuss it in detail.
  • Tech news updates include Twitter's shift to video, a new YouTube app, and Starship's successful third launch.
  • The main topic of discussion is the potential ban of TikTok in the United States.

Bill to ban TikTok in US (00:04:40)

  • The US Congress is considering a bill to ban TikTok or force its sale to an American company due to concerns about data privacy and national security.
  • The bill passed the House with strong bipartisan support and is likely to be signed into law by President Biden if it passes the Senate.
  • The bill takes an indirect approach by regulating app stores and internet hosting providers, making it difficult for TikTok to operate in the United States.
  • Critics argue that the ban is unnecessary, violates First Amendment rights, and unfairly singles out TikTok while ignoring similar risks posed by other social media platforms.
  • TikTok denies giving China access to user data, but there is no evidence to support this claim, and the US government has not provided evidence to support its claims about TikTok's potential危害.
  • The ban on TikTok would mark a significant shift in U.S. internet policy and could have broader implications for technology trade between the United States and China.

YouTube updates TV app (00:48:56)

  • The speaker made a mistake in a streaming draft by picking a defunct service, Motor Trend TV, which distracted from their bold prediction about Netflix's potential demise.
  • YouTube is revamping its TV app to make it more accessible and interactive directly on the television screen, including displaying video metadata, comments, and product lists alongside the video.
  • YouTube is changing its video player on TVs, making it smaller and less prominent.
  • TikTok is changing its interface by shrinking the video when users swipe up to see comments, prioritizing the rest of the interface and shopping opportunities.
  • TikTok Shop is adopting conventions from QVC, such as using overly dramatic language to describe problems and presenting products as exclusive deals with limited-time offers.
  • There is a rumor that TikTok might be banned.
  • Dyson is a company that only makes fan-related products.
  • Spotify now has music.

Spotify rolling out music videos (01:06:32)

  • TikTok's success in the music streaming industry, particularly with music videos, has prompted Spotify to add music videos to its platform, though its implementation lags behind YouTube and Apple Music.
  • Spotify's redesign, inspired by TikTok, received negative feedback from users who prefer a simpler interface for music playback.
  • Musician Neil Young, known for his strong views on sound quality, has returned to Spotify after previously leaving due to concerns about Joe Rogan's presence.
  • Neil Young's website, described as "fully insane," resembles an old-time newspaper and features a full-res audio player with options for low-quality MP3 or master-quality audio.
  • The speaker expresses surprise and intrigue regarding Neil Young's recent actions, including his demand that Spotify remove his music due to its association with Joe Rogan.
  • The speaker intends to discuss the latest news concerning Twitter.

Elon Musk cancels show after tense interview (01:11:23)

  • Elon Musk signed Don Lemon to do a show on X, but the deal was canceled after Lemon asked Musk about accountability for hate speech on the platform.
  • Musk claims to be a free speech absolutist but canceled the interview over a minor question.
  • The Vergecast discussed various topics, including food dehydrators, Elon Musk's views on the First Amendment, Chinese interference, and Motor Trend TV.
  • The Vergecast discusses the possibility of banning TikTok, and Simon is sponsoring the lightning round which will discuss the British Monarchy.

What is a (British Royals) Photo? (01:16:28)

  • Kate Middleton, a member of the British royal family, has been absent from the public eye, sparking concerns about her well-being.
  • A Spanish journalist made controversial statements about Michael Jackson and falsely claimed that Kate Middleton was in a coma.
  • The Royal family released an official Christmas card photo of Kate, which was heavily edited, leading to discussions about the ethics of image manipulation in journalism.
  • The photo was widely criticized for its poor editing, with many people noticing inconsistencies and AI-like features in the faces of the subjects.
  • News agencies and media outlets refused to carry the photo due to its manipulated nature, emphasizing the importance of authenticity in journalism.

SpaceX successfully launched its Starship (01:24:02)

  • Starship launched into orbit successfully and performed planned maneuvers.
  • Contact with the Starship was lost after it remained in one piece until contact was lost.
  • The exact fate of the Starship is unknown (it could still be in orbit, burned up in the atmosphere, or came down and was lost track of).

Apple to allow iOS app downloads from websites in EU (01:25:50)

  • Apple announced that it will allow iOS app downloads from websites in the EU.
  • However, there are strict requirements that developers must meet, including being in Apple's developer program, having over a million annual installs in the EU, and only offering apps from their developer account.
  • These requirements make it unlikely that this change will significantly impact the app market.
  • The EU is known for its strict regulations on technology companies.

The Dyson 360 Viz Nav (01:28:09)

  • The Dyson 360 Viz Nav is a robot vacuum cleaner that uses visual navigation.
  • It has a fluffy brush that is very effective at cleaning.
  • It is expensive, costing over $1,200.
  • It is too tall to fit under some beds.
  • Microsoft Teams is attempting to become an app that families use to talk to each other.
  • It is unifying the app so you can have personal and work accounts together.
  • The name "Teams" is not suitable for a family app.
  • Microsoft Teams often has technical issues, such as audio problems.
  • Zoom also requires frequent updates.
  • Google Meet can be slow on older computers.
  • Nikon is acquiring Red, a famous camera manufacturer.
  • Red is known for its Hydrogen One phone, which received negative reviews.
  • Nikon aims to strengthen its video technology and compete with brands like Canon and Sony.
  • Red owns a significant portion of the digital video market.
  • The patent battles between Nikon and Red may have influenced the acquisition.
  • Nikon cameras may incorporate features from Red cameras, but both user bases may be resistant to significant changes.
  • The acquisition could benefit both companies by combining their strengths and expanding their reach.
  • There are exciting new still cameras from Fuji and Leica.
  • Fuji's cameras are particularly noteworthy and may appeal to those considering getting into photography.
  • The Vergecast team discusses the allure of these cameras and their potential impact on life choices.

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