Rabbit, Humane, and the iPad | The Vergecast

Rabbit, Humane, and the iPad | The Vergecast

Intro (00:00:00)

  • David Pierce admits that The Verge is a "three".
  • Co-hosts introduce themselves: Alex Cranz, David Pierce, and Nilay Patel.
  • David Pierce reviews the Rabbit R1.
  • LinkedIn adds games.
  • Pixel 8A leaks.
  • Possible iPad event next week.
  • Discussion about the Ford Lightning pickup truck and the Lightning Round segment.
  • Discussion about potential sponsors for the Lightning Round.

Rabbit R1 review (00:02:51)

  • The Rabbit AI device received mixed reviews due to issues like long loading times, incorrect information, and basic features not working properly.
  • Despite promises of interesting features, Rabbit lacks functionality and polish, leading to accusations of being a "grift" and resembling a beta product.
  • Teardowns revealed that Rabbit and Humane devices are essentially Android phones, lacking basic functionalities like an accurate clock.
  • Rabbit's reliance on automation software disappointed users who expected more sophisticated technology.
  • The future of smart devices may involve smartphones offering more AI-powered features and specialized devices integrating seamlessly with phones.
  • Rabbit and Humane devices gained attention for offering features previously restricted by Apple, such as alternative app stores.
  • The success of the R1 device was primarily attributed to its hardware design and user interface developed by Teenage Engineering, not the Rabbit operating system.
  • App integration issues with services like DoorDash, Uber, and Spotify affected the overall user experience of Rabbit and Humane devices.
  • Phil Libbon, former CEO of Evernote, emphasized the importance of distinguishing between "primitive" products with potential and "stupid" products lacking a clear path to success.
  • Rabbit lacks innovation and differentiation from smartphones, making it an uncompelling product.
  • Humane markets Rabbit as a solution to smartphone addiction, but its technology is questionable, and its promise of replacing phones seems unrealistic.
  • Humane's marketing strategy of portraying smartphones as harmful and promoting Rabbit as the solution is seen as misleading and disingenuous.

The Money Round (00:34:41)

  • Google pays Apple billions of dollars annually to be the default search engine on Apple devices, generating substantial revenue for Apple.
  • Apple's reliance on Google's search dominance raises concerns about its strategy of monetizing every interaction on the iPhone, leading to increased scrutiny from regulators and users.
  • Microsoft's investment in OpenAI is a response to Google's dominance in the search ecosystem and its potential impact on the search market.
  • Peloton's downfall can be attributed to its failure to transform into a successful subscription service, the rise of Apple Fitness Plus, and miscalculations about the sustainability of pandemic-driven demand.
  • Elon Musk's actions at Tesla, including firing the supercharger team and slowing down investment in the supercharger network, raise concerns about the company's commitment to its competitive advantage in charging infrastructure.
  • LinkedIn is adding mobile games to its platform to increase user engagement.
  • Some people believe that LinkedIn does not need to be "sticky" as users only need it when searching for jobs.
  • A hypothetical game called "Whle" is mentioned, where users can only play once per day and gain access to metrics after their daily session.
  • The hosts discuss a viral LinkedIn post where a man proposed to his fiancee and shared his B2B sales learnings from the experience.
  • The hosts joke about the absurdity of the post and question whether the proposal was genuine.
  • They also discuss the effectiveness of using casual mobile games to increase user engagement on platforms like LinkedIn.
  • The hosts mention an upcoming Apple event and speculate about potential announcements.

Apple iPad event (01:03:20)

  • The Vergecast discusses the upcoming Apple event and potential new iPad models with OLED screens and an M4 chip.
  • The hosts argue that Apple should focus on improving the iPad's software and accessories, such as creating a modular accessory system and developing more powerful software to utilize its processing power.
  • They also discuss the possibility of a new Apple Pencil with replaceable nibs and an aluminum Magic Keyboard.
  • The hosts hope Apple will continue to support the Lightning port on the base model iPad.
  • The iPad Pro should be a modular Mac, while the base model iPad should be a simple content consumption device.
  • Merging the iPad Pro and the cheapest MacBook Pro into one device is suggested.

Razer fined by FTC (01:11:14)

  • Razer's Zephyr mask falsely claimed to have N95-grade filters.
  • The company is required to provide $100,000 in refunds to customers.
  • The Verge's health reporter questioned the mask's certification at a company party.
  • The mask had RGB lighting, speakers, and was transparent.
  • The article discusses Instagram algorithm updates and the potential impact on content creators.
  • TikTok ban is also mentioned, but details are not provided.

Android audio emoji (01:14:09)

  • Google is introducing a soundboard feature called "audio emoji" in the Android phone app.
  • Users can play audio emojis such as clapping, laughing, crying, a sad trombone, partying, a drum sting, and a fart sound during phone calls.
  • The Verge hosts express their disapproval of the feature, calling it the "worst idea" and comparing it to accidental reactions in Apple's FaceTime.
  • They criticize Google for prioritizing such a feature over more useful innovations.
  • The hosts discuss the upcoming Apple event and Google's antitrust trial, which is nearing its closing arguments.
  • They express excitement about the upcoming developer season and the potential announcements at Google's I/O conference.
  • The hosts reflect on the concept of "large language models" and their current limitations.

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