The beginning and end of the iPad | The Vergecast

The beginning and end of the iPad | The Vergecast

Intro (00:00:00)

  • The podcast discusses Foxconn in Racine, Wisconsin, and its lack of progress.
  • The most famous residents of Racine, Wisconsin, are Lori Petty (from the movie A League of Their Own) and Sam Johnson (of Johnson's Wax fame).
  • There is a lot of iPad news to discuss, as well as the streaming movie and television industry's realization that they need to make money.
  • The lightning round will feature shock waves and is unsponsored.
  • The hosts express interest in getting a sponsor for the lightning round and discuss the possibility of doing a live bidding war on the air.
  • Apple held a warm-up event for WWDC.
  • The new iPad Air has an M1 chip, 5G connectivity, a new design, and a starting price of $599.
  • The new iPad Pro has an M2 chip, 5G connectivity, a new design, and a starting price of $799.
  • The new iPad mini has an A15 Bionic chip, 5G connectivity, a new design, and a starting price of $499.
  • Apple also announced new software features for iPads, including Stage Manager, which allows users to multitask more efficiently.

New Apple iPad Pro and Air (00:03:38)

  • Apple held an event focused on new iPads, with hardware updates but no significant changes to iPad OS.
  • The base model iPad received a price drop to $349, while the iPad Air got a larger 13-inch version, an M2 chip, new colors, and compatibility with the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil.
  • The 10th generation iPad has a USB-C port, a brighter display, and an anti-reflective coating, making it slightly better than the iPad Air.
  • The iPad Pro has impressive hardware but lacks a clear purpose and philosophy.
  • The new iPad is very thin and light, featuring the new M4 processor and a tandem OLED display for improved performance and efficiency.
  • The Vergecast discussed the new iPad's features, including the tandem OLED display, improved battery life, and new accessories like the Apple Pencil Pro.
  • The hosts debated the pros and cons of the iPad's thinness and discussed the new features of the Apple Pencil Pro, such as squeezing and chaining gestures to shortcuts.
  • The iPad Pro's new keyboard case has a more solid aluminum bottom and feels like a MacBook Air, making it a great little kitchen computer.

The cable bundle is back (00:49:07)

  • Disney, Hulu, and ESPN+ will merge into a single app, potentially increasing convenience but also prices.
  • Warner Bros. Discovery, led by David Zaslav, is partnering with other companies to offer content at a lower cost and avoid legal issues.
  • Netflix's financial stability and self-funding ability give it an advantage over other streaming services.
  • HBO Max faces challenges due to inconsistent programming and upcoming price hikes despite reaching 100 million global subscribers.
  • The intense competition for sports streaming rights is driven by the need to attract new subscribers beyond those maintained by reality TV shows.
  • Disney+ is a significant part of Disney's business, but its future may depend on the success of its Blue episodes, potentially leading to a decision to sell shows to Netflix.
  • Sony and Skydance are in talks to buy Paramount, with concerns about layoffs and the breaking up of the company in the case of the Sony deal.

Lightning Round (Nilay's victory lap) (01:07:00)

  • Microsoft is facing challenges, including studio closures, layoffs, and a shift in strategy. The gaming industry is experiencing a downturn, and Microsoft's acquisition of Activision may result in job losses.
  • Epic Games won a lawsuit against Apple for antitrust violations, preventing Apple from prohibiting external links or calls to action in apps. However, Apple's response has been criticized for potentially stifling competition.
  • Apple is facing legal challenges regarding the design of buttons and links in its apps, following an injunction related to the Epic Games case. The ongoing legal battles have significant implications for the tech industry.
  • Joe Biden claimed credit for creating jobs at a former Foxconn site in Wisconsin, despite Microsoft having already purchased the land and planned a data center. Foxconn had previously promised to build an LCD factory but abandoned that plan.
  • The Vergecast team discussed the Microsoft deal and the reporting that occurred during the pandemic. They also played a song written by a listener about Foxconn's failed promises.
  • TikTok sued the government over the bill that aimed to ban TikTok. The Vergecast team will analyze the complaint in the next episode.

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