Full Debate: Biden and Trump in the First 2024 Presidential Debate | WSJ

Full Debate: Biden and Trump in the First 2024 Presidential Debate | WSJ


  • President Biden highlighted job creation, efforts to reduce prescription drug prices, and plans to address housing costs.
  • Former President Trump emphasized the strength of the economy before the COVID-19 pandemic and criticized President Biden's handling of inflation.
  • Both candidates discussed the national debt and their plans for addressing it, with different perspectives on tax policies and spending.


  • Trump defends his appointment of Supreme Court Justices who overturned Roe v. Wade, returning the abortion issue to the states.
  • Trump supports abortion medication approved by the Supreme Court and believes in exceptions for rape, incest, and the life of the mother.
  • Trump criticizes the radical stance of some individuals who support abortion even in the eighth or ninth month of pregnancy and after birth.
  • Trump intends to restore Roe v. Wade if elected, allowing for abortion until the ninth month and even after birth in some Democrat-run states.
  • Former President Trump and President Biden debated various topics such as abortion, immigration, border security, and foreign policy.
  • On abortion, Trump criticized the Democrats for supporting late-term abortions and vowed to veto any bill passed by the Republican-controlled Congress that imposes strict restrictions on abortion.


  • Regarding immigration, Trump claimed that President Biden's policies have led to an increase in illegal border crossings and crime rates. He proposed a "total ban" on immigration and increased border security measures.
  • President Biden defended his immigration policies, stating that he has taken steps to improve border security and reduce illegal crossings. He accused Trump of exaggerating the issue and spreading misinformation about migrants.
  • Trump criticizes Biden's handling of the border, immigration, and the economy.

Foreign Policy

  • Concerning foreign policy, particularly the Russia-Ukraine war, Trump suggested that he would consider accepting Russia's terms for ending the war, including allowing Russia to keep the Ukrainian territory it has claimed.
  • Former President Trump criticizes President Biden's handling of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the ongoing war.
  • Trump claims that if he were president, he would have prevented the invasion of Ukraine and accuses Biden of encouraging Russia.
  • He criticizes the Biden administration's response to the war, including the amount of money given to Ukraine and the lack of action against Russia.
  • Trump expresses his disapproval of Putin's actions but believes that the war could have been avoided if the US had a stronger leader.
  • Trump criticizes Biden's proposal for resolving the conflict between Israel and Hamas, arguing that Hamas is the only party interested in continuing the war.
  • He highlights his support for Israel and claims to have organized global support against Iran's missile attack on Israel.
  • Trump criticizes Biden for not asking European nations to contribute more financially to Ukraine and suggests that Israel should be allowed to finish the job against Hamas.
  • He warns against the consequences of Putin expanding into NATO countries and emphasizes the importance of alliances.
  • Trump expresses skepticism about the possibility of containing a major war in Europe and highlights his efforts to gain support from other nations for Ukraine.
  • Former President Trump claims that NATO allies only increased their defense spending after he threatened to withhold support unless they paid more.

January 6th Capitol Riot

  • Trump defends his actions on January 6th, 2021, by stating that he advised having National Guard troops present but his offer was declined by Nancy Pelosi and the mayor of D.C.
  • Trump criticizes President Biden for not doing enough to stop the violence at the Capitol on January 6th and accuses him of encouraging the rioters.
  • Trump claims that the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th attack deleted evidence that would have exonerated him.
  • Trump asserts that he has the right to go after his political opponents if re-elected, citing his belief that the system is rigged against him.

Personal Conduct

  • President Biden criticizes Trump's personal conduct and morals, including allegations of sexual misconduct and hush money payments.
  • Trump denies the allegations of sexual misconduct and claims that the cases against him were politically motivated and resulted in increased support for him.

Climate Crisis

  • The debate also touched on the climate crisis, with former President Trump expressing his intention to end President Biden's climate initiatives while President Biden emphasized the need to address the issue.

Opioid Crisis

  • Both candidates discuss the opioid crisis and their plans to address it, including increasing access to treatment and cracking down on drug trafficking.

Age and Fitness for Office

  • President Biden addresses concerns about his age and fitness for office, emphasizing his experience and accomplishments.
  • Trump addressed concerns about his age and fitness for office by mentioning his cognitive test results, physical exams, and golf achievements.

Election Results

  • Trump reiterated his stance on accepting the election results, stating that he would accept them if they were fair and legal but implied that he believes there was fraud in the previous election.

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