‘Strong and Getting Stronger:’ President Biden Delivers State of the Union Address | WSJ

‘Strong and Getting Stronger:’ President Biden Delivers State of the Union Address | WSJ

Domestic Policy

  • President Biden highlighted the progress made during his administration, including economic recovery, job growth, and investments in infrastructure and manufacturing.
  • He emphasized the importance of supporting American businesses and workers by promoting domestic production and reducing reliance on foreign imports.
  • President Biden highlights his policies that have attracted private sector investment in clean energy and advanced manufacturing, creating jobs in the US.
  • He mentions the bipartisan infrastructure law that has funded various projects across communities, including roads, bridges, ports, airports, public transit systems, and the removal of poisonous lead pipes to ensure clean drinking water.
  • Biden emphasizes the importance of investing in family farms and highlights the work of the Secretary of Agriculture in supporting family farms and keeping them in the family for future generations.
  • President Biden acknowledges the role of unions in supporting workers and mentions the presence of UAW President Shan Fein and UAW worker Dawn Sims, who benefited from the reopening of the auto factory.
  • He criticizes trickle-down economics and emphasizes the need to ensure that the middle class benefits from economic growth.
  • Biden discusses his efforts to lower prescription drug costs, including capping the cost of insulin at $35 per month and allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prices for drugs.
  • He highlights the importance of protecting the Affordable Care Act and expanding access to healthcare, including making tax credits for health insurance costs permanent.
  • President Biden announces the launch of the first-ever White House initiative on women's health research, led by First Lady Jill Biden, with a $12 billion investment.
  • He addresses the issue of housing affordability, proposing a $400 monthly tax credit for two years to help Americans with mortgage payments and eliminating title insurance on federally backed mortgages.
  • Biden emphasizes the need for the US to have the best education system in the world and proposes providing access to preschool for three and four-year-olds, expanding high-quality tutoring, and connecting local businesses with high schools for hands-on experience.
  • He discusses plans to make college more affordable by increasing Pell Grants and investing in HBCUs and minority-serving institutions.
  • President Biden mentions his efforts to reduce the burden of student debt by fixing two existing student loan programs, benefiting nearly 4 million borrowers.
  • President Biden discussed various policies and proposals aimed at improving the lives of Americans.
  • He highlighted the debt forgiveness program, which has helped public educators like Kean Jones send their children to college and stimulated the economy.
  • Biden emphasized the importance of fairness in the tax code, proposing measures to ensure that big corporations and wealthy individuals pay their fair share.
  • He criticized the previous administration's tax cuts that primarily benefited the wealthy and increased the federal deficit.
  • Biden proposed raising the corporate minimum tax to 21% and implementing a minimum tax of 25% for billionaires, which would generate significant revenue for investments in various sectors.
  • He advocated for protecting Social Security and Medicare, opposing any attempts to cut these programs or raise the retirement age.
  • Biden denounced price gouging by corporations and announced measures to crack down on deceptive pricing practices in industries such as food, healthcare, and housing.
  • He highlighted efforts to eliminate junk fees, such as excessive credit card late fees, saving American families billions of dollars.
  • Biden discussed bipartisan negotiations on border security reforms, including increased personnel, technology, and streamlined processes to address the challenges at the border.
  • He criticized his predecessor for politicizing the border security bill and urged Congress to pass it for the benefit of the country.
  • Biden emphasized the need for comprehensive immigration reform, including securing the border, providing a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, and recognizing America's diverse heritage and welcoming spirit.
  • President Biden calls for action on voting rights, including passing the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, and addressing voter suppression and gerrymandering.
  • He emphasizes the importance of protecting fundamental rights, including passing the Equality Act and supporting transgender Americans, as well as raising the federal minimum wage and addressing climate change.
  • President Biden highlights progress made in reducing violent crime and gun violence, including establishing the first-ever Office of Gun Violence Prevention in the White House and signing the most significant gun safety law in nearly 30 years.

Foreign Policy

  • President Biden addressed the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the need to support Ukraine's defense against Russian aggression.
  • He criticized his predecessor's stance on Russia and emphasized the importance of standing up to Putin.
  • President Biden highlights the ongoing crisis in the Middle East, calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and increased humanitarian assistance, while also emphasizing the need for a two-state solution and containing the threat posed by Iran.
  • President Biden expresses confidence in America's economic strength and competitiveness, highlighting the growth of the economy, the reduction of the trade deficit with China, and the revitalization of partnerships and alliances in the Pacific region.

Other Initiatives

  • President Biden addressed the nation,

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