‘We're Going to Be Appealing This Scam:’ Trump News Conference After Guilty Verdict | WSJ

‘We're Going to Be Appealing This Scam:’ Trump News Conference After Guilty Verdict | WSJ

Trump's Claims and Criticisms:

  • Trump alleges millions of people, including criminals and mentally ill individuals, are entering the US unchecked, and criticizes the government's inaction.
  • He criticizes increased taxes, the reliance on China for car manufacturing, and the unfairness of his trial.
  • Trump argues that the charges against him are based on mislabeled legal expenses and that he was restricted from testifying.

Michael Cohen's Case:

  • Michael Cohen was sentenced again for allegedly lying to Congress, despite evidence suggesting he may have forgotten the details.
  • Cohen's reputation has been damaged, and the case was pursued due to political motivations despite initial reluctance.
  • Cohen's excessive legal expenses and questionable financial activities were criticized, and he signed an NDA mischaracterized as hush money.
  • Legal experts agree no crime was committed in matters related to Cohen and Trump.

Trump's Support and Legal Challenges:

  • Trump's cause has seen a surge in small donor support, raising a record amount in a short period.
  • Despite legal challenges, a recent poll shows a six-point increase in Trump's favor.
  • Trump criticizes the judge in his recent case, calling him a "tyrant" and accusing him of unfair treatment.

Political Criticisms:

  • Trump labels Joe Biden as the "worst president in history," citing incompetence, dishonesty, and alleged ties to China and Russia.
  • He accuses Democrats of attempting to win elections through legal means rather than at the ballot box.
  • Trump criticizes the January 6th committee, calling it a "committee of thugs" and accusing them of destroying records.
  • He denies allegations of attacking a Secret Service agent, claiming the story was fabricated and later proven false.

Concerns about Immigration and National Security:

  • Trump expresses concerns about open borders, illegal immigration, and the influx of terrorists into the country.
  • He mentions a report suggesting no terrorists entered the country in 2019, which he finds hard to believe.

Criticism of Biden Administration's Policies:

  • Trump criticizes the Biden administration's handling of the economy, energy independence, and the release of criminals from other countries into the United States.
  • He highlights the plight of homeless veterans living on the streets while migrants are housed in luxury hotels.

Expression of Gratitude and Significance of November 5th:

  • The speaker expresses gratitude for the support they have received and mentions a $39 million figure and a six-point increase in their favor.
  • They emphasize the significance of November 5th as the most important day in the history of their country.

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