Brittany Broski | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #490

Brittany Broski | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #490

Britney Broski and Mr. V Podcast

  • Britney Broski, a comedian and content creator, appeared on Mr. V's podcast.
  • They discussed her podcast, singing skills, and unique social media content.
  • Britney shared her thoughts on being the subject and director of her own content.
  • They talked about the secret McDonald's menu and the controversial mascot, Uncle O'Grimacy.
  • Britney recalled her childhood memories of Olive Garden and trying unusual chocolates during her UK tour.

The YouTuber's Background and Experiences

  • The YouTuber discussed their upbringing, including moving frequently due to their father's job and living in South Korea for a year.
  • They shared their experience of adopting Korean cultural practices, such as bowing.
  • The YouTuber mentioned their educational background, including attending Texas A&M University and graduating with a liberal arts degree and a minor in Spanish.
  • They explained their motivation for learning Spanish and shared a childhood memory of their father speaking Spanish to friends.
  • The YouTuber discussed their Air Force veteran father who flew A-10s and compared Tom Cruise's impact on men to Taylor Swift's impact on women.

Comedy and Personal Experiences

  • John Mulaney and Amy Schumer discussed their childhoods and how they got into comedy.
  • Mulaney mentioned the tradition of Yell Leaders at Texas A&M and his experience as a theater kid in high school.
  • The YouTuber shared their own experiences in theater, including playing a male character in "Spamalot" and improvising a Mexican accent in "Sherlock Holmes."
  • They discussed their various jobs before pursuing comedy, including as an insurance agent and bank teller, and recalled an embarrassing incident involving a note being mistaken for a robbery attempt.
  • The YouTuber reflected on the struggles of being perceived as attractive and how it can affect opportunities and self-perception.
  • They shared their experiences with feeling insecure about their appearance and seeking out negative comments online.

Renaissance Fairs and Medieval Times

  • The YouTuber discussed their interest in theater and musicals, which was sparked by a married couple in their apartment building.
  • They mentioned dating a woman who worked at a Renaissance fair and described the fair's atmosphere and the roles of "faers" and well-endowed women.
  • The hosts discussed Renaissance Fairs and how they provide work opportunities for children, such as chimney sweeping.
  • They also talked about Medieval Times, a dinner theater with jousting and other performances, and the potential dangers of attending such events.

Crowd Work and Comedy

  • The hosts discussed the popularity of crowd work in comedy and how some comedians are finding success by posting videos of their crowd work on TikTok.
  • They expressed concern about the sustainability of crowd work as a comedic format and emphasized the importance of having original material for live shows.
  • The hosts debated the effectiveness of getting canceled as a way to gain attention and discussed the importance of finding genuinely funny and original comedians to support.
  • They shared their thoughts on stand-up comedy and recalled a disastrous stand-up performance that one of the hosts experienced.

Groundhog Day and TikTok Ban

  • The hosts discussed the origins of Groundhog Day and its traditions, including the role of the groundhog in predicting the weather.
  • They expressed their desire to attend the Groundhog Day celebration in Pennsylvania.
  • The potential ban on TikTok in the United States was discussed, with concerns about the loss of a platform for connecting with others and discovering new cultures.
  • The argument that TikTok poses a security and privacy risk was questioned, as other companies already have access to our information.

Unusual News and Stories

  • The hosts shared unusual news stories, including an OnlyFans model's son filming her content and a man persuading his friend to get his legs amputated for $1.3 million.

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