Celeste Barber | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #499

Celeste Barber | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #499

Celeste Barber

  • Celeste Barber, a well-known Australian comedian, was interviewed in this episode.
  • Barber discusses her upcoming tour and the challenges of balancing her career with her family.
  • She mentions the difficulties of touring, including the lack of creature comforts and the constant travel.
  • Barber also talks about the differences between the comedy scenes in Australia and the United States.
  • She expresses her frustration with the lack of women in comedy and suggests that women should make doors.
  • Barber discusses the recent controversy surrounding Bill Cosby and his removal from a comedy club.
  • She announces that her tour will go on sale on International Women's Day and shares her plans for the tour.
  • Barber talks about her family, including her two biological children and two stepdaughters.
  • She mentions that her children find her job as a comedian interesting and that they are also very funny.

Comedian's struggles

  • The comedian mentioned in the beginning was kicked off a show after being hired as a cast member due to something he said on an old podcast episode.
  • The comedian has since become successful and was invited back as a guest host.
  • The comedian discusses his struggles with ADHD and how it affects his life and career.
  • People with ADHD have at least one defective gene, the drd2 gene, which makes it difficult for neurons to respond to dopamine.
  • The comedian talks about his experience coming off and going back on antidepressants and the challenges he faces in managing his mental health while touring.

Parenting and societal issues

  • The YouTuber discusses various topics, including parenting, puberty, and the recent news of the Just for Laughs Festival going out of business.
  • The YouTuber shares their experience of raising a son and the challenges of dealing with his changing behavior during puberty.
  • They mention the awkwardness of discussing certain topics with their son and the importance of open communication.
  • The YouTuber also talks about the Just for Laughs Festival and expresses surprise at its cancellation.
  • They reflect on the challenges facing the entertainment industry, particularly comedy festivals, and question their effectiveness as a launching pad for comedians.
  • The YouTuber criticizes the unrealistic beauty ideals portrayed on social media and how it affects people's self-esteem.
  • They emphasize the importance of representing real and relatable experiences rather than constantly striving for unattainable ideals.
  • The YouTuber acknowledges that some people may genuinely live luxurious lifestyles, but it is not representative of everyone's reality.
  • They encourage people to embrace and share their authentic selves, even if it may not be considered aspirational or glamorous.

Entertainment industry challenges

  • The entertainment industry is facing challenges due to the constant demand for new content and the pressure to keep up with streaming services.
  • Social media and streaming services have changed the way people consume content, leading to shorter attention spans and a decrease in the value placed on production quality.
  • The focus on quantity over quality has resulted in diluted content and a lack of development in storytelling.
  • Actors are facing difficulties in securing work due to budget cuts and the increasing number of accountants and non-comedians making decisions in the industry.

Australian shows and Chris Lilley

  • The speaker expresses their love for an Australian show they were involved in and their desire for a second season.
  • The speaker recommends several Australian shows, including Chris Lilley's "Summer Heights High," "We Can Be Heroes," and "Australian of the Year."
  • Chris Lilley is praised for his comedic talent and his ability to play multiple characters.
  • The speaker mentions meeting Chris Lilley and describes him as a shy and curious person.
  • The speaker also recommends the Australian show "Kath and Kim."

Other topics

  • Hotels often have expensive rooms with poor air quality.
  • Celeste travels with essential items like hairspray, water, Powerade, butterscotch candies, and her own pillow.
  • Complimentary water in hotels is often overpriced.
  • The term "toilet" is more accurate than "bathroom" since bathing does not occur in that room.
  • Koalas are endangered in Australia due to bushfires.
  • Kangaroos at the park were mostly resting, and one particular kangaroo stood out with accessories like a watch, chains, and a Whoop bracelet.
  • The comedian discusses his experience performing in Australia and compares it to performing in America.
  • He mentions the "tall poppy syndrome" in Australia, where successful people are often criticized or brought down.
  • He expresses his disapproval of Oscar Pistorius, a South African paralympian who was convicted of murdering his girlfriend and was recently granted parole.
  • The comedian talks about his upcoming US tour and the pressure he feels to live up to the expectations of his online audience.
  • He reflects on the challenges of transitioning from internet popularity to live performances and the fear of disappointing his fans.
  • He discusses his desire to reach a wide audience and connect with people in smaller towns and markets.
  • He shares his experiences with different modes of transportation during tours, including motorcycles, camper vans, and tour buses.
  • The YouTuber briefly discusses their own experience as a dancer and their admiration for Janet Jackson.
  • The YouTuber talks about their obsession with Janet Jackson and her backup dancers.
  • They discuss Taylor Swift's backup dancers and their talent.
  • The conversation shifts to a discussion about a boy with Down syndrome and his mother's interaction with him.
  • The conversation then moves on to a discussion about baseball and cricket, with the speaker expressing a dislike for cricket.
  • The discussion then turns to American football and rugby, with the speaker finding rugby more brutal.
  • The video then includes an advertisement for a cold plunge product and a discussion about the negative effects of pornography and a program to help men overcome porn abuse.
  • The conversation then turns to a discussion about sex education and the experience of receiving it in school.
  • The YouTuber discusses various topics, including sex education, parenting, beauty trends, and the sensation of feeling the front part of the brain when overwhelmed.
  • The YouTuber expresses discomfort with the idea of learning about sex in a dark van but acknowledges the importance of comprehensive sex education.
  • The YouTuber mentions having open conversations about menstruation with her sons and appreciates her husband's support in creating a safe environment for these discussions.
  • The YouTuber shares her thoughts on current beauty trends, such as nose blush and snail skincare, expressing skepticism and humor.
  • The YouTuber discusses a theory shared by her friend Caleb, suggesting that people can know what anything will feel like on their tongue based on their experiences as babies putting everything in their mouths.
  • The YouTuber reflects on the sensation of feeling the front part of her brain when overwhelmed and draws parallels to the ability to feel one's tongue when thinking about it.
  • The YouTuber expresses interest in creating a "Call Me" episode with celebrities like Harry Styles, Randy Quaid, LeBron James, and Keanu Reeves reading bedtime stories.
  • The YouTuber mentions her lack of talent in doing impressions or impersonations and shares a brief aspiration to join SNL in the past.
  • The comedian discusses her long-term relationship and how stability is important to her.
  • She talks about how she and her partner met and got married quickly, and how they have been in a long-distance relationship for most of their marriage.
  • The comedian expresses her appreciation for the safety in Australia compared to the United States, particularly in terms of gun violence.
  • She describes her experience of being in a mall in the US when there was a shooting nearby and how it affected her.
  • The comedian discusses the differences in coping mechanisms between Australians and Americans in response to mass shootings.
  • She mentions the buyback system implemented in Australia after a mass shooting and suggests that a similar approach could be effective in the US.
  • The comedian expresses her fear of being shot in the US and her desire to stay in Australia due to the safety concerns.
  • She criticizes the poor aim of mass shooters and suggests that they should receive better training.
  • The comedian acknowledges the challenges in addressing gun control in the US due to cultural factors and the prevalence of guns.
  • She mentions Jim Jefferies' comedy bit on gun control in America and expresses her admiration for his work.
  • The comedian concludes by comparing Australians visiting the US to rare white wombats at the zoo, suggesting that people are curious and interested in seeing them.

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