$uicideboy$ | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #511

$uicideboy$ | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #511

The Suicideboys Interview

  • The Suicideboys, Ruby da Cherry and Scrim, join the YouTuber for an interview.
  • They discuss their upbringing in Louisiana, their experiences with drugs and addiction, and how it affected their lives and music.
  • The artists talk about their musical influences, creative process, and evolution of their sound.
  • They emphasize the importance of creating a safe and inclusive space for their fans and staying humble and grounded in the music industry.

Theo Von's Journey to Sobriety

  • Theo Von shares his personal experience of getting sober and how a YouTube video inspired him to seek help.
  • He discusses the challenges of addiction, the importance of self-love and spiritual answers, and the strong support within the recovery community.
  • Theo expresses gratitude for the positive impact of Shady Rays sunglasses and Game Time app in enhancing people's lives.

G*59's Success and Challenges

  • G*59's success is attributed to their loyal fan base, authentic style, and intense live shows.
  • They discuss their evolution in sound, embracing experimentation, and the positive impact of sobriety on their music.
  • The artists share their creative process, the role of marijuana in their inspiration, and memorable moments during the creation of their album "I Want to Die in New Orleans."
  • Despite conflicts, Scrim and Ruby's close bond and shared responsibilities have helped them overcome challenges and stay together.
  • They express disappointment in the lack of support from the local music scene in New Orleans and their decision not to perform in the city this year.

Dustin Poirier and Combat Sports

  • The hosts express appreciation for Dustin Poirier's performance in his recent UFC fight and discuss the art and science of combat sports.
  • They share a touching moment from Poirier's post-fight interview and jokingly suggest giving up music to train for a fight against each other.

New Orleans Music Scene and Local Personalities

  • The hosts discuss the unique music scene in New Orleans and share encounters with local artists, including Tyrell Shaw.
  • They reminisce about their childhood experiences, interesting car choices, and memorable moments, such as a rumor about snorting heroin in geometry class.
  • The hosts reflect on the history of New Orleans rappers and the challenges they have faced, including incarceration.

Building a Successful Podcast and Music Label

  • The podcast creators emphasize the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and communication in any relationship.
  • They discuss the role of the audience in the creative process and the value of building an international audience before gaining local recognition.
  • The artists express excitement about their upcoming album and share their belief in its success.
  • They discuss the challenges of balancing creative freedom with fan expectations and the importance of experimentation and side projects for artistic growth.

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