Druski | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #489

Druski | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #489

Theon Von's Podcast Episode

  • Theon Von introduces his upcoming tour dates and new merchandise.
  • He welcomes his guest, Stanan Ben, a comedian, entertainer, and "damn savant."
  • Stanan Ben shares a funny story about using Cetaphil lotion as a car air freshener.
  • They discuss the average amount of lotion black people use compared to white people.
  • They talk about the early signs of dry skin in black people versus white people.
  • Stanan Ben shares his excitement about visiting Australia and describes the friendly nature of the people there.
  • They discuss the lack of black people in Australia and how they would be treated as a special attraction or a "cage-free zoo display."
  • Stanan Ben recommends the movie "Kangaroo Jack" starring Anthony Anderson, which features the only black person on set.
  • Theon Von suggests watching the Netflix series "Griselda" about a female drug dealer who is like "El Chapo."
  • They mention the casting of the lead actress in "Griselda" and her gangster-like appearance.

Cat Williams

  • Black people make the most funny stuff because they've been through the most.
  • Cat Williams is a very talented and interesting comedian, but he can be unpredictable.
  • Joe Rogan should have Cat Williams on his podcast.
  • Cat Williams has a Christmas line of merchandise, including a Cat Williams Nutcracker.
  • Cat Williams is a unique person who likes to do things his own way.
  • Cat Williams was once seen riding a bicycle past The Comedy Store on a Wednesday night.
  • Cat Williams has a unique rhythm and style of comedy.

Prize Picks, DoorDash, and Morgan and Morgan

  • Prize Picks is the best daily fantasy sports app for firing on all your favorite sports.
  • Theo Von discusses the Prize Picks app and its features, including deposit matching up to $100 and various sports betting options.
  • He promotes DoorDash's Dash Pass, highlighting its benefits such as zero delivery fees and lower service fees.
  • Theo mentions Morgan and Morgan, America's largest injury law firm, and their successful track record in obtaining compensation for injured clients.

Sexuality and Dating

  • He addresses rumors and speculations about Diddy's sexuality, noting that people often make assumptions about wealthy and powerful individuals.
  • Theo observes cultural differences in discussing sexuality, contrasting Black and White cultures' approaches to addressing LGBTQ+ topics.
  • He recommends the song "Hands on Your Knees" by Sexy Red and highlights its suggestive lyrics and dance moves.
  • Theo reacts to Sexy Red's response to Aiden Ross's claim about having sex, expressing skepticism and praising Sexy Red's humorous tweets.
  • He reveals his crush on Sexy Red and acknowledges her attractiveness.
  • Theo discusses the possibility of taking Sexy Red to a UFC fight and speculates whether she got pregnant to avoid the date.
  • The YouTuber discusses his preferences in women and describes an attractive Black woman he saw at the airport.
  • He emphasizes the importance of being assertive and straightforward when approaching Black women and advises against using outdated or overly romantic language.
  • The YouTuber suggests using compliments such as "damn you fine as hell" and expressing a desire to see them again.
  • He stresses the importance of exuding confidence and having a certain level of rhythm to attract Black women.

New Show Characters

  • The YouTuber mentions his new show and introduces some of the characters, including "Little Rich," who resembles Sidney Poitier and has a premature growth spurt.
  • He discusses the rapper "Ugliest Rapper Alive" and considers getting him veneers to improve his smile.
  • The YouTuber also introduces another character, TMS, an Asian artist from Queens, New York, who arrived with excessive swag and his own DoorDash order.

Starz Rex and Cultural Vultures

  • The hosts discuss Starz Rex, a man from New Orleans who frequently uses the n-word.
  • They speculate that Starz Rex may believe he is black, which is why he speaks the way he does.
  • The hosts debate whether or not it is acceptable for someone who is not black to use the n-word, even if they believe they are black.
  • They also discuss the concept of "culture vultures," or people who adopt the culture of a different group without fully understanding or respecting it.
  • The hosts mention that Starz Rex looks like he has been through some tough times, which may be why he feels a connection to black culture.
  • They agree that it is not an excuse to use the n-word, but it may be a factor in why he does it.
  • The hosts discuss other examples of people who have been accused of being "culture vultures," including Beasty Boys, Rapaport, and Alex Tbec.
  • They end the discussion by agreeing that it is important to be respectful of other cultures and to avoid using language that is offensive or hurtful.

"85 South Show" and PornHub

  • The hosts discuss the contestants from the show "85 South Show" and their recent controversies.
  • They mention an incident where one of the contestants, Star R, used the N-word and advise against using racial slurs.
  • They suggest having quick interviews with each contestant to give them a chance to express themselves.
  • The hosts discuss the recent news about PornHub being shut down in Texas due to age verification laws.
  • They express their support for age restrictions on pornographic content and share their own experiences with accessing adult content in their youth.

Ro Willie and Alabama Football

  • The hosts introduce their guest, Ro Willie, and mention his connection to one of the host's friends through military service.
  • Will, a guest on the show, is from Alabama and served in the military with the friend's dad of one of the hosts.
  • Will flew in for the show and had a long flight.
  • Will confirms that he was in the 34th Air Force with his friend's dad.
  • Will is a Sagittarius and doesn't care about zodiac signs.
  • Will doesn't remember his first girlfriend but hasn't had a girlfriend in 20 years.
  • Will says the women around where he lives are either "mad or on drugs."
  • Will doesn't do drugs and considers Miller Lite to be his only drug.
  • Will is a die-hard Alabama fan and no amount of money or women could convince him to cheer for another team.
  • Willie expresses his unwavering support for the University of Alabama football team, despite recent coaching changes.
  • He reflects on his childhood and upbringing, including his religious background and military service.
  • Willie shares his thoughts on the future of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team under the new coach and predicts they will make it to the playoffs.
  • He discusses his personal life, expressing a desire to find a woman and have children in the future.
  • Willie reveals his preference for women of various races and ethnicities, including African-American, Asian, and Latina women.
  • He mentions recent changes in his life, including getting a new grill, traveling across the country, and acquiring a new house in Alabama.
  • Willie recommends the movie "Forrest Gump" and praises the character's athletic abilities.

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