Dustin Poirier | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #494

Dustin Poirier | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #494

Dustin Poirier

  • Dustin Poirier announces new tour dates, including a show in Vancouver, BC, on September 14th.
  • Poirier discusses his recent trip to Aspen for skiing with his family and mentions a travel mishap where they got stuck in Oklahoma due to bad weather.
  • Poirier talks about his love for crawfish and reveals that his friend Papito owns crawfish ponds.
  • Poirier mentions that he doesn't have any specific restrictions in his UFC contract regarding extreme sports but exercises caution in activities like motorcycling.
  • Poirier jokes about organ donation and the possibility of someone using his hand if something happens to him.
  • Poirier discusses an incident where someone outbid and didn't pay for his fight kits auctioned for charity, leading to a relisting.
  • Poirier shares information about the black market prices of organs, including hearts, livers, kidneys, skin, eyeballs, and stomachs.
  • Poirier admits to doing cocaine off a Bible in the past.
  • Poirier discusses his upcoming travel schedule for various events and appearances.
  • Dustin Poirier discusses his mental state after losing the fight against Charles Oliveira.
  • He describes feeling down and questioning his self-worth.
  • Poirier mentions that his wife helped him put things into perspective and change his mindset.
  • He emphasizes the importance of experiencing both ups and downs in life and finding out who you are during difficult times.
  • Poirier reveals that he started doing therapy and even left his house at night to stay in a hotel room due to his mental struggles.
  • He acknowledges that his mental health issues could be related to medical or CTE-related factors.
  • Dustin Poirier discusses his mental health and the challenges of being a UFC fighter.
  • He talks about the importance of having a support system and how his wife has been there for him throughout his career.
  • Poirier reflects on his journey and the ups and downs of his fighting career.
  • He mentions his past street fights and how he prefers the safety of having a referee in the octagon.
  • Poirier contemplates his future in the sport and whether he will retire or continue fighting.
  • He expresses his gratitude for the opportunities fighting has given him and his family.

Conor McGregor

  • Conor McGregor discusses upcoming UFC 300 fights, including Max Holloway vs. Alexander Volkanovski and Beneil Dariush vs. Charles Oliveira.
  • McGregor expresses his thoughts on potential outcomes and his own fighting future.
  • McGregor emphasizes the importance of staying focused and having a goal to work towards, sharing his experience of overcoming tough times through the motivation of a fight.
  • McGregor highlights the mental challenges he faced after the Gaethje fight and how setting a goal and preparing for the next fight helped him get back on track.
  • McGregor discusses the significance of having a fight to work towards and the mindset of being at war with something external rather than oneself.
  • McGregor expresses his desire to fight for the belt and become the Undisputed World Champion, but also emphasizes the importance of staying content and not attaching too much self-worth to achieving that goal.
  • McGregor reflects on the impact of his win over Poirier and the feeling of collective relief and possibility it seemed to generate among people.
  • The fighter expresses his joy and relief at winning his recent fight, describing it as an underdog victory that inspired hope and showed that anything is possible.
  • He mentions a conversation with someone sitting next to Dana White after the fight, where he jokingly asked for a 20% cut of a $200k bet placed on him.
  • The fighter discusses the appropriate time to check on an opponent after knocking them out, emphasizing the importance of assessing their condition and ensuring their safety.
  • He reflects on his own experiences being knocked out and the signs he looks for to gauge an opponent's recovery.
  • The fighter reveals that he has not yet been offered a title match but expects to hear news soon.
  • He expresses interest in boxing in the future but acknowledges that he has several fights left on his current UFC contract and is unsure if he will fight out the entire contract.
  • The fighter discusses the potential challenges and considerations involved in transitioning from MMA to boxing, including contractual obligations and the UFC's stance on co-promoting fights with other organizations.
  • He reflects on his recent fight against BSD, highlighting his strategy of avoiding the ground and capitalizing on his opponent's weaknesses.
  • The fighter describes the intense and chaotic nature of fighting, particularly when up against the fence or grappling on the ground, and the moments of clarity that can occur during these intense exchanges.
  • He speculates on potential celebrity boxing matches, humorously suggesting Biden vs. Trump or Biden vs. Hunter Biden.
  • The fighter mentions a rule change that prevents him from legally betting on himself.

The YouTuber

  • The YouTuber discusses various topics with his guest, including sports betting, a hypothetical scenario involving UFC fighters defending the planet against aliens, and the growth of the UFC.
  • The YouTuber reveals that he used to bet on himself when he first started fighting in Las Vegas, with the most significant amount being around $500,000.
  • In a hypothetical scenario where five UFC fighters are chosen to defend the planet against aliens, the YouTuber selects Jon Jones, Pantoja, Kayla Harrison, and Gaethje as his team.
  • The YouTuber reflects on the evolution of the UFC, noting the growth in popularity and the change in the fan base from primarily older men to a more diverse audience.
  • He discusses the difference in the frequency of UFC events compared to when he first started, with fights now occurring every week, leading to a shorter lifespan for the spotlight after a victory.
  • The YouTuber shares a memorable moment from one of his first UFC fights, where a fighter named Gaethje showed up backstage ready to fight anyone, even though he wasn't scheduled to fight that night.
  • He highlights the pressure and significance of each UFC fight, comparing it to a Super Bowl, where every opportunity is crucial due to the limited chances to showcase one's skills.
  • The YouTuber acknowledges the growth of the UFC during his career, with the sport now appealing to a broader audience, including younger fans and even soccer moms.
  • He reflects on the changes in venue sizes and crowd attendance over the years, with UFC events now regularly filling larger arenas compared to the smaller venues when he first started.
  • The YouTuber discusses the impact of social media and the rapid news cycle in combat sports, where victories and defeats quickly fade from the spotlight due to the constant influx of new events.
  • He recalls memorable moments from recent fights, including Dominick Cruz's head kick against Cheeto and Sean O'Malley's unique description of the damage he inflicted on his opponent.
  • The YouTuber shares a childhood memory of collecting and selling pecans, using the money to buy beer.
  • He describes the process of shaking pecan trees to harvest the nuts and mentions that Louisiana is the only place where they are called "peans" instead of "pecans."

Other News

  • Drake gifted 21 Savage, J. Cole, Ross, and Aen a heart-shaped chain that resembled a scrotum.
  • BlueChew is a sponsor and offers chewable tablets with the same active ingredients as Viagra at a lower cost.
  • Shopify is a global commerce platform that helps businesses grow at every stage, offering a $1 per month trial period.
  • BetterHelp is an online therapy service that provides convenient and flexible therapy options with licensed therapists.
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis enacted a social media ban for children under 14, requiring parental consent for children aged 14 to 16.
  • Big Al, a child who gained fame for hitting home runs, is now an adult and still hitting dingers.
  • Dustin Poirier discusses his recent fights and potential future matchups.
  • Dustin Poirier shares his experience with his new Cybertruck.
  • Dustin Poirier will be attending various events, including Anthony Pettis' fight promotion in Indiana and UFC 300 at the Mohegan Sun.

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