Ed Sheeran | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #512

Ed Sheeran | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #512

Ed Sheeran

  • Announces new tour dates in Long Beach, Los Angeles, New York, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Bangor.
  • Tickets go on sale on June 25th for Rat King members and June 26th for the general public.
  • Shares a story about a least favorite guest, Jordan Belfort, who seemed like a con artist.
  • Talks about his love for Nashville and his experience with fishing.
  • Discusses the idea that fame can freeze a person's age and prevent them from having the same life lessons as others.
  • Mentions that he is not married and jokes about the need for loitering to find a spouse.
  • Recalls his experience doing early morning TV and radio appearances to promote his music.
  • Accidentally played 10 seconds of his new single during a weather program.
  • Germany was a tough market for him, but it eventually became successful.
  • Has Polish and Nicaraguan heritage.
  • Has trouble processing his feelings and describes himself as a "student driver" when it comes to emotions.
  • Learned to drive at the age of 24 and failed his first driving test because he answered a phone call during the test.
  • Thinks American drivers are sketchy and compares them to people who use anything as a weapon.
  • Strategically places knives in his room for self-defense.
  • Performed at the Euros launch in Germany wearing an England shirt, which didn't go down well with the mostly German and Scottish fans.
  • Supports Scotland in the Euros and hopes they win against Germany.
  • Finds American sports predictable compared to football (soccer) because there's no penalty for being bad and teams can get better by getting first draft picks.
  • Recalls a World Cup match where Brazil, the best team at the time, lost 7-1 to Germany due to a lapse in concentration.
  • Mentions a canceled concert in Las Vegas due to safety concerns with the stage setup at Allegiant Stadium.
  • Talks about meeting the Chain Smokers at a party and how he ended up on stage with them, performing for four songs.
  • Expresses his excitement about attending some of the World Cup games in America in 2026.
  • Discusses the current state of politics and elections around the world.
  • Mentions his musical preferences, including James Blake, Fred again, and Day for a Wedding.
  • Talks about his NFL team, the New Orleans Saints, and his reasons for moving to Nashville during the pandemic.
  • Shares his thoughts on wearing masks and how it has affected social interactions.
  • Recalls an incident where he dressed up as Santa Claus to avoid being recognized while shopping at a supermarket during Christmas.
  • Mentions a look-alike who participated in a boxing match, which was mistaken for him.
  • Speculates about the future of combat sports and betting, suggesting that unusual matchups might become more common.
  • Compares himself to Caleb Presley, noting their similar mischievous personalities, and wonders who would win in a fight between them.
  • Shares a recent experience of attending a friend's wedding in Lisbon with Caleb Presley.


  • Talks about his experience of getting into fights at school and how they had to stand in the hallway with their opponent and talk until they became friends.
  • Discusses his relationship with his wife and how they have been together for 22 years. He mentions that they are very comfortable with each other and have open communication, which helps them avoid arguments.
  • Talks about the dangers of certain areas in London and advises against carrying expensive items that could make one a target for robbery.
  • Shares an amusing anecdote about visiting a frat house in America and finding it very different from what he had imagined based on movies.
  • Expresses his interest in collaborating on a kids' movie, possibly involving Paddington Bear, now that he has children.
  • Discusses Brexit and the impact it has had on touring in Europe. He mentions that many people who voted to leave the EU now feel it was not the best decision.
  • Reflects on the loss of traditions in America and wonders what the central tradition is that Americans can agree on. He acknowledges that there is a phase where there might not be a strong central tradition, which can feel scary.
  • Notices that the flags in Scotland are only flown during football matches.
  • Recommends Tommy John's Second Skin underwear for its comfort and support.
  • Mentions Zach do, a free app and website that allows users to search for and book appointments with highly rated in-network doctors.
  • Has been sober for about two years and talks about his past drug use.
  • Expresses his desire to visit a water park, something he has never done before due to his career and focus on music.
  • Discusses the limitations and missed opportunities he faced during the height of his career, including not watching popular TV shows or participating in certain activities.
  • Reflects on aging and compares himself to a decent provolone cheese.
  • Mentions that he paints and reveals that there is a painting he did at the front of the pub.

Creative Process

  • Ed Sheeran discusses his creative process and how he tries to be creative every day, writing multiple songs daily without worrying about their quality.
  • Mentions that writer's block is a myth, and one should keep writing to get the bad songs out of the way to reach the good ones.
  • Shares his experience of writing the song "Shape of You" in a single day, along with four other unreleased songs.
  • Talks about his unique experience of composing a song for the movie "The Hobbit" and how it was the first time he was inspired by a movie to create music.
  • Expresses his admiration for basketball and how he recently gained an appreciation for the sport after attending a Celtics game.
  • Mentions his interest in Caitlyn Clark, a basketball player for the Indiana Fever, and his enjoyment of watching her highlights.
  • Discusses his preference for playing shows and touring rather than doing private gigs, as he doesn't want to feel owned or controlled by someone paying him.
  • Shares an amusing anecdote about a bizarre private show offer he received in the Middle East, where he would have to perform behind a plexiglass barrier while someone ate with their girlfriends and then defecated on his chest.
  • Reveals that he has a fee for private events, considering the opportunity cost and the need to schedule relaxation time.
  • Expresses his excitement about the possibility of a second season of the popular TV show "Tiger King," which would provide balance and allow the other side of the story to be heard.
  • Mentions that Piers Morgan has invited him to appear on his show, but he is hesitant due to his limited understanding of British culture and directness.

Personal Life and Career

  • Discusses the impact of having a family on his music and how his experiences have influenced his creative process.
  • Reflects on the challenges of balancing personal life and career, particularly when touring, and the feeling of being disconnected from real-life interactions.
  • Emphasizes the importance of honesty and transparency in his interactions with fans and the public, as he believes people appreciate genuine behavior.
  • Mentions the significance of online platforms like Shopify in helping artists grow their businesses and meet the demands of their audience.
  • Highlights the value of therapy and seeking professional help when facing personal struggles, emphasizing the importance of taking moments for self-care.
  • Discusses the fear of not living up to others' expectations and the pressure to maintain a certain image, but stresses the importance of being honest about one's feelings and state of mind.
  • Expresses his appreciation for honesty and authenticity, acknowledging that people can sense when someone is being genuine.
  • Reflects on the challenges of maintaining consistency and avoiding small lies, as they can lead to complications and the need to keep track of various untruths.

Arts and Entertainment

  • Laments the decline of certain art forms, such as miming, and expresses his desire to see more support and recognition for these lesser-known talents.
  • Discusses the rivalry between magicians and comedians and the challenges of being a comedian, including heckling and stage fright.
  • Talks about the importance of staying present and focused during performances.
  • Mentions how becoming a father changed their perspective on life and decision-making.
  • Discusses their past drinking habits and how they have changed since having children.
  • Compares drinking cultures in Ireland and America.
  • Talks about the benefits of regular exercise and cold therapy.
  • Mentions their Irish heritage and how it affects their body's response to heat.
  • Discusses the differences in drinking cultures between England and America.
  • Highlights the importance of music education and funding for the arts in schools, emphasizing the role of encouragement and support.
  • Criticizes the current education system in England for neglecting the arts and proposes changes to ensure proper funding for music, drama, and art in schools.
  • Acknowledges the global recognition and pride associated with British and Irish artists and musicians, emphasizing the need to recognize and support the arts as a source of national pride and cultural currency.

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