Kid Rock | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #491

Kid Rock | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #491

Kid Rock Interview

  • Kid Rock discusses his friendship with the host and recalls how they first met.
  • He expresses appreciation for Tennessee's openness during the pandemic compared to other states.
  • Kid Rock announces his upcoming "Rock the Country" festival tour, aiming to cater to "Freedom-loving Americans."
  • He shares concerns about illegal immigration and its impact on the American dream and the working class.
  • Kid Rock emphasizes the importance of hard work and self-improvement and criticizes Planet Fitness for allowing biological males in women's locker rooms.
  • He reflects on his friendship with JC, a little person who became a successful wrestler in the WWE.

Joe Rogan Experience

  • Joe Rogan and his guest discuss a rumor about feeding Alka-Seltzer to seagulls causing them to explode.
  • They talk about team bull riding and rodeos, with Joe Rogan explaining his vision for creating a unique rodeo experience.
  • Joe Rogan shares a rumor about him paying off layaway gifts for people at Walmart during Christmas, inspired by Tyler Perry's similar act of generosity.

Kid Rock's Personal Life

  • Kid Rock's brother, Billy, is an accomplished golfer despite losing his leg in a farming accident.
  • Kid Rock has been on a health kick, following a strict daily routine that includes waking up early and exercising.
  • He has two grandchildren, a granddaughter who loves music and a grandson who resembles Hitler, but Kid Rock clarifies that he is joking.
  • Kid Rock's son is a kind and caring person who often sends him messages.
  • His mother is a fan of him because he speaks his mind and doesn't hold back.

Bobby Bones Interview

  • Bobby Bones discusses his evolving interests and motivations in his career, expressing a desire to create something with lasting value for his family.
  • He criticizes the entertainment industry for its forced inclusion and lack of authenticity and reflects on his father's influence on his work ethic and business acumen.

Tennessee Act Protecting Artists

  • Kid Rock discusses the recent Tennessee act that protects artists from being exploited by AI and expresses concerns about AI potentially replacing artists and taking away royalties.
  • He highlights the potential of AI in generating creative content and describes his experience using AI to create a unique merch design.

Upcoming Show and Ticket Sales

  • Kid Rock announces an upcoming show in Gonzalez, Louisiana, with a special guest introducing him.
  • He mentions other artists performing on the tour and warns fans about misinformation regarding ticket sales, encouraging them to purchase tickets from official sources.
  • Kid Rock addresses the issue of fake Kid Rocks scamming women online and shares an instance where a woman showed up at his gate after being scammed.

YouTuber's Personal Experiences

  • The YouTuber discusses receiving inappropriate requests and interactions from people online, including someone who showed up at his house with a U-Haul full of belongings.
  • He expresses frustration with the excessive use of texting for special occasions and suggests sending cards instead.
  • The YouTuber mentions the challenges of navigating relationships and expectations in the entertainment industry and highlights Tennessee's recent move to protect individuals' rights to their voice, image, and likeness.
  • He expresses support for regulation in certain areas, such as the ticketing industry, while generally leaning towards free-market capitalism.

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