Maddox Batson | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #493

Maddox Batson | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #493

Maddox Batson's Podcast Appearance

  • Maddox Batson, a popular YouTuber, joins the podcast.
  • He discusses his experiences with frequent illnesses and genetics, including different types of diabetes.
  • Maddox shares his memories of middle school dances, feeling nervous around girls, and an embarrassing moment involving military attire.
  • He mentions missing the recent dance due to filming a commercial for Rooms To Go.

Maddox Batson's Acting and Music Career

  • Maddox began acting at a young age, participating in plays and playing Simba in The Lion King.
  • He discusses various topics with a guest, including childhood memories, acting, basketball, a knee disorder, and his music career.
  • Maddox shares his success on TikTok live and his experience attending prom.

Maddox Batson's Family and Upbringing

  • Maddox expresses gratitude for his parents' roles in his upbringing and acknowledges their influence on his work ethic.
  • He describes his decision to leave traditional schooling for homeschooling to focus on his music career.
  • Maddox praises his mother's teaching abilities and shares anecdotes about his strange teachers.

Maddox Batson's Music and Influences

  • Maddox reveals that he has around 30 unwritten songs and discusses his music career.
  • He mentions his father's musical talent and success, including winning the National Mandolin Championship and playing with Bill Monroe.
  • Maddox enjoys spending time with his grandfather, fishing, and hunting.

Theo's Basketball and Musical Interests

  • Theo, the YouTuber, discusses his love for basketball and his admiration for Steph Curry.
  • He mentions his musical influences, including his dad and country singer Wyatt Flores.
  • Theo shares memories of singing in church and participating in a wax museum at school.

Theo's Struggles and Future Plans

  • Theo expresses his disinterest in returning to school due to academic struggles.
  • He discusses the possibility of releasing more music in the future and mentions the positive response from fans.
  • Theo reflects on his relatability and memorable experiences with fans.

Maddox Batson's Recent Absence and Future Endeavors

  • Maddox Batson discusses his recent absence from school due to missing 30 days in the last nine weeks.
  • He plans to attend summer school at home and jokes about setting the curriculum and calling his mom "Miss Von" during school hours.
  • Batson expresses his excitement for women and music, comparing himself to Morgan Wallen in terms of staying focused amidst pressure.
  • He reveals his love for gaming, particularly playing Zelda on Nintendo Switch.
  • Batson discusses the possibility of recreating his popular "get ready with me" videos, including a potential collaboration with the interviewer.
  • He talks about his desire to make people happy with his music, maintain his integrity, and achieve financial stability for himself and his family.
  • Batson expresses his hope of winning a Grammy Award and acknowledges Jelly Roll's nomination for two Grammys.

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