Nick Kyrgios | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #488

Nick Kyrgios | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #488

Nick Kyrgios

  • Nick Kyrgios announces new tour dates in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Atlanta, Georgia, and St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Kyrgios discusses his recent injuries and surgeries, including left knee and wrist surgeries.
  • Kyrgios reflects on his own career and the sacrifices he made, which may have affected his success compared to players like Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.
  • Kyrgios acknowledges the importance of consistency and dedication in achieving elite-level success in tennis.
  • Kyrgios feels pressure when returning to tennis due to the attention and expectations surrounding him.
  • Kyrgios has experienced racial abuse from spectators during matches.


  • Tennis players have to be adaptable and flexible due to the unpredictable nature of the sport.
  • Traveling and living out of hotels for tournaments can be challenging and disrupt routines.
  • The food in different countries can be different and affect players' routines.
  • Tennis needs to change to stay relevant and attract younger audiences.
  • The sport lacks entertainment value compared to other sports like Misfit boxing matches.
  • Introducing new elements like light-up nets or themed rounds could make tennis more exciting.
  • Tennis could benefit from pre-match press conferences to generate hype.
  • Swearing on the court is less harmful compared to other content found on the internet.
  • The rise of paddle ball and pickle ball poses some competition for tennis.
  • Theo Von and Brendan Schaub discuss their involvement in pickleball, with Theo being a part-owner of a team in Miami.
  • Theo shares his experience playing pickleball and mentions that he got sunburned during a game.

Other Sports

  • The hosts discuss the upcoming fight between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson.
  • They speculate on the outcome of the fight and whether or not it will hurt Tyson's legacy if he loses.
  • They also discuss other recent fights, including Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou and Dustin Poirier's upcoming fight.
  • The YouTuber discusses the sport of slap fighting and expresses interest in attending a slap fighting event in the United States.
  • The YouTuber discusses the sport of Power Slap, a combat sport involving two competitors slapping each other.
  • The YouTuber shares his experience playing tennis at the US Open and the challenges of staying mentally focused during long matches.

AI and Technology

  • The YouTuber discusses the recent statement by Nvidia CEO Jensen Hang, who believes that coding is no longer a vital skill due to the advancements in artificial intelligence.
  • AI has the potential to be highly accurate and efficient, but there is concern about its ability to dictate what is created or written and the potential for bias in the information it provides.
  • AI advancements could lead to the use of digital likenesses instead of actors in movies, raising ethical questions about the extraction of individuals' identities.
  • The introduction of AI in various fields could have both positive and negative impacts, such as enabling farmers to automate tasks but potentially leading to job displacement.

Personal Growth and Challenges

  • The YouTuber discusses his past struggles with drug addiction and how he has managed to stay sober.
  • He mentions that he has quit vaping and is now 11 days nicotine-free.
  • He expresses his disapproval of vaping and compares it to smoking fireworks.
  • The YouTuber talks about his decision to stop drinking alcohol because it would lead him to buy drugs.
  • Imposter syndrome is a common experience, even among successful individuals, and it can be a sign of growth and ambition.

Theo Von

  • Theo Von discusses his journey into podcasting and how he transitioned from stand-up comedy to having his own show.
  • He highlights the challenges of working within the entertainment industry and feeling restricted by the choices made by a select few.
  • Von emphasizes the importance of having one's own voice and the role of social media in spreading content and reaching a wider audience.
  • Von expresses his envy towards people who can be more honest without facing significant career consequences.
  • He reflects on the challenges faced by athletes who want to express their own voices within the constraints of professional sports organizations.
  • Theo mentions his upcoming trip to Wimbledon and his interest in tennis, despite not being a traditional tennis fan.
  • Theo shares that he started an online store to sell merchandise related to his podcast.

Crime and Society

  • The YouTuber discusses a news article about an ex-convict who was arrested after police found body parts in his freezer.
  • The YouTuber expresses anger and frustration about the news and reflects on a personal experience of having his car stolen at gunpoint.
  • The YouTuber also discusses another news article about a man who pleaded guilty to robbing tennis player Nick Kyrgios' Tesla and later found out to have killed someone 20 years ago.
  • The YouTuber expresses concern about the increasing crime rate in Australia and compares it to the United States.

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