Nick Swardson | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #515

Nick Swardson | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #515

Theo Von's Tour and Merchandise

  • Theo Von announces new tour dates in several cities.
  • Tickets go on sale on July 10th for the pre-sale and July 11th for the general public.
  • Theo Von's new merch, including new colorways for the "Be Good to Yourself" t-shirts, is available at

Theo Von and Nick Swardson's Podcast

  • Theo Von introduces his guest, comedian and actor Nick Swardson, who has a new special, "Make Joke from Face," premiering on YouTube on July 18th.
  • Theo Von and Nick Swardson reminisce about their time in New Orleans and share wild stories.
  • Theo Von expresses his disappointment about a movie idea he had, called "Leddon," which turned out to have already been made.
  • Theo Von and Nick Swardson discuss David Spade's unique chair that he brings with him to shoots due to his back problems.
  • Theo Von describes the drunkest he's ever been in New Orleans, which involved vomiting into his hands and throwing it in the air.
  • Theo Von and Nick Swardson talk about the different ways people from New Orleans pronounce the city's name.

New Orleans

  • New Orleans is a city with many unique characteristics.
  • If an ambulance cannot reach someone in New Orleans due to flooding or other obstacles, they are likely to die.
  • The author shares a humorous anecdote about pretending to have diarrhea in front of a police horse at JazzFest.
  • New Orleans is known for its vibrant music scene and its unique cuisine, which includes dishes like "Volva Doberman" and "machete to the dick shot."
  • The author expresses his love for New Orleans and its culture, despite its chaotic and sometimes dangerous nature.

Theo Von's Comedy

  • The author mentions his upcoming tour and his new comedy special, which will be released on YouTube on July 18th.
  • The author discusses his experience performing at the Sphere in Las Vegas and compares it to other venues.
  • The author expresses his desire to see a Wham Whites against Mexicans reenactment in New Orleans.
  • Theo Von discusses his experience performing while high on an edible in Beaver Creek, Colorado.
  • He mentions that he was not aware of his impairment until he was on stage and the edible hit him.
  • The venue attempted to pull him off stage due to his condition, but his manager, Ari Manis, prevented it.
  • Despite the incident, Theo Von's subsequent shows were sold out, and he received a positive response from the audience.

Theo Von's Recent Controversies

  • The speaker received a lot of attention after getting too high in Colorado and TMZ wanting a comment.
  • They apologize to Beaver Creek and mention Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves.
  • There is a discussion about Lincoln's height and basketball skills.
  • The speaker shares road stories involving encounters with strange people.
  • One story involves a strange encounter with a Great Dane named Kobe after Kobe Bryant's death.
  • There is a humorous discussion about the size of the Great Dane's penis.
  • The YouTuber discusses his past struggles with alcohol and how he has managed to control his drinking.
  • He mentions the concept of virtual reality rehab and expresses skepticism about its effectiveness.
  • The YouTuber shares a story about women using LSD in their vaginas and the dangers of fentanyl.
  • He brings up the recent controversy surrounding the streamer Sketch and his alleged involvement in homosexual content on OnlyFans.
  • The YouTuber criticizes the negative and often nonsensical comments people make on the internet, particularly in defense of Sketch.
  • The YouTuber discusses a recent video by another YouTuber, Sketch, in which Sketch apologizes for undisclosed reasons.
  • The YouTuber expresses confusion about what Sketch is apologizing for and criticizes the culture of online commentary and criticism.
  • The YouTuber also discusses the recent controversy surrounding Sketch's sexuality and offers support for Sketch.
  • The YouTuber speculates that Sketch's apology may be related to addiction issues and suggests that Sketch was scared of the public's reaction to his personal life.
  • The YouTuber concludes by expressing support for Sketch and believes that he will come out of this situation stronger.

Theo Von's Advice on Dealing with Negative Attention

  • Theo Von discusses the power of the internet and media attention, emphasizing that people should not be overly concerned about negative comments or opinions.
  • He encourages listeners to move on, enjoy their lives, and be themselves, without worrying about the judgment of others.

Theo Von's Humorous Anecdotes

  • Theo acknowledges that people may have wild experiences when struggling with drug use and shares some humorous anecdotes.
  • He promotes BlueChew, an online service that provides affordable erectile dysfunction medication.
  • Theo mentions the rumor that Frederick Douglass was gay and expresses respect for him while joking about his appearance.
  • He discusses the concept of "gay animals" and invites listeners to guess the sexual orientation of various animal species.
  • Theo provides humorous commentary on the sexual behaviors of giraffes, elephants, cheetahs, and bats, including a reference to Batman.
  • He cites scientific information about homosexual behavior in little brown bats during late autumn and winter.

Theo Von's Upcoming Projects and Recent Experiences

  • The YouTuber discusses various topics, including:
    • Animals engaging in homosexual behavior, such as bats and bison.
    • The upcoming tour for the YouTuber's comedy show, "Toilet Head."
    • David Spade's current situation and his potential homelessness.
    • Adam Sandler's plans to produce a sequel to the movie "Happy Gilmore" and the YouTuber's involvement as Adam's caddy.
    • The YouTuber's decision to turn down the offer to be in the sequel to "Grandma's Boy."
    • Steo's decision to undergo breast augmentation for a comedic prank.
    • The YouTuber's experience with accidentally getting too high on edibles in Colorado and the public's reaction to it.
  • The comedian talks about his recent sold-out shows and how people were throwing edibles at him.
  • He mentions Norm Macdonald and shares a story about a time when he joked about a security guard having a gun, which caused confusion and panic among Adam Sandler, David Spade, and Rob Schneider.
  • The comedian does impressions of Morgan Freeman and Don Knotts.
  • He reminisces about his childhood in the 80s and how he enjoyed breaking things and playing with light bulbs and fireworks.
  • He talks about Michael Jackson and Kevin Spacey and expresses his confusion about cancel culture.
  • The comedian shares a wild story about a fellow comedian who had a crazy encounter with a woman who handcuffed him to a bed and passed out, leading to a confrontation with the woman's husband.

Nick Swardson's Tour Stories

  • Nick describes a series of unusual events that happened to him during a tour.
  • He was unable to sleep at the airport in Philadelphia and ended up sleeping on the floor of a couple's hotel room after meeting them at a bar.
  • Nick's friend Jiggy had a delayed flight and ended up staying with a girl he met on the plane at her grandmother's house.
  • Nick expresses his love for watching animal videos on Instagram and recently met some alpacas in Utah.
  • He mentions having lunch with Joe Rogan and describes Rogan's unique eating habits.
  • Nick discusses his desire for metal legs and additional testicles.
  • He denies ever having an STD.
  • Nick recalls doing cocaine with a black man in Atlanta and engaging in philosophical conversations.
  • He encountered two brothers at a pizza joint in Palm Springs who introduced him to the concept of Flat Earth.
  • Nick mentions filming a movie called "Back in the Day" in Southern Indiana and having limited dining options, with Pizza Hut being the fanciest restaurant in the area.
  • He reflects on the significance of the word "Hut" in restaurant names and its association with a lack of class.
  • Nick concludes by sharing an anecdote about a neighbor who sold a hat with an offensive racial slur on it.

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