Nikki Glaser | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #502

Nikki Glaser | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #502

Joe Rogan's New Tour and Guest

Nikki Glazer on Women in Comedy and Physical Appearance

  • Nikki discusses her experience as a woman in comedy and how it changed her perspective on men.
  • She talks about the pressure to look attractive and the risks associated with cosmetic procedures.
  • Nikki shares her thoughts on lesbians and their perception of men.
  • Joe and Nikki discuss the concept of "tens" and "nines" in terms of physical attractiveness.
  • Nikki expresses her desire to reach her full potential in terms of physical appearance and considers cosmetic surgery as a means to achieve it.
  • They discuss the noticeable effects of cosmetic procedures on women's faces and lips.
  • Nikki mentions getting fillers in her chin and its impact on her appearance.
  • Joe suggests getting fillers in the back of the legs or bottom to appear taller when sitting.
  • They talk about the importance of good posture and how it affects one's appearance.
  • Nikki describes the feeling of sitting in a confident and sexually appealing way for women.
  • The YouTuber discusses the unnatural posture some women adopt to appear attractive, which can cause back pain.

Observations on Canada and Air Travel

  • Toronto is mentioned for its inhabitants' distinct posture and gait.
  • The YouTuber expresses their frustration with Air Canada and the perceived hostility of Canadian customs officials.
  • They acknowledge the warm and welcoming nature of Canadians once visitors enter the country.

Societal Issues and Personal Reflections

  • The YouTuber criticizes America's obsession with capitalism and consumerism, which they find overwhelming and stressful.
  • They discuss the ups and downs of vaginal health and compare it to ovulation cycles.
  • The YouTuber notes a decline in interest in discussing vaginas and suggests that anal sex is more popular among gay men.
  • They criticize the behavior of some gay men who initially identify as straight but later pursue same-sex relationships.
  • The YouTuber speculates on the reasons why some women might prefer to have gay husbands.
  • They draw a parallel between having a gay husband and owning a Pomeranian dog, both of which can provide companionship and feminine energy.
  • The YouTuber discusses the irony of bestiality laws and suggests that animals might enjoy certain sexual acts if given the choice.
  • They mention a news story about a dog that can open a pack of cigarettes with its tongue and express concern about the potential health risks of cigarette filters to dogs.
  • The YouTuber discusses various topics, including smoking, masturbation, and mental health.
  • She expresses her concern about the negative effects of smoking and vaping on health.
  • She talks about her experience with masturbation and how it can sometimes lead to a compulsive cycle of seeking dopamine.
  • She wonders if women feel less complete after an orgasm, but she admits she hasn't paid much attention to her body's signals.
  • She discusses the concept of disassociation and how it might be related to childhood trauma.
  • She brings up the topic of lobotomies and how they were used in the past to treat mental health conditions, particularly in women.
  • She describes the various reasons why lobotomies were performed, including maintaining order in hospitals and controlling women's behavior.
  • She mentions the negative effects of lobotomies, such as reduced functionality of the frontal lobe, lack of initiative, and lack of restraint.
  • She speculates that she might have had a "little lobotomy" based on the symptoms she experiences.
  • She concludes by joking about being misgendered as Whitney Glazer.

Women's Empowerment and Relationships

  • Whitney Cummings has amazing breasts.
  • Women's breasts change during pregnancy.
  • The author identifies as a women's lib activist and speaks up for women.
  • The author does not consider herself a man-hating feminist.
  • Bumble changed its settings so that men cannot reach out to women first.
  • The author believes that women should let men take the lead in relationships.
  • The author identifies as a feminine energy woman offstage but a masculine energy woman onstage.
  • The author discusses the challenges of flirting and how eye contact can be a way to show interest without being aggressive.

Product Recommendations

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Theo Von's Thoughts on Privacy and Social Issues

  • Theo Von discusses his experience with being filmed and recorded in public without his knowledge.
  • Theo expresses concern about human trafficking and the prevalence of slavery in the past and present.
  • Theo acknowledges the global interconnectedness and the responsibility to address societal issues such as slavery and human trafficking.

Comedians Reflect on Roasts and Performing Live

  • The comedian discusses her experience performing at a roast and the challenges of making jokes without offending people.
  • She mentions a specific joke she almost made about plantation owners and slaves but decided against it due to its potential offensiveness.
  • She reflects on her personal growth and increased empathy, which made her more cautious about hurting people's feelings during the roast.
  • Despite her concerns, she received positive feedback and recognition for her performance.
  • The comedian also shares her thoughts on having children and the societal pressure women face to become mothers.
  • She compares the decision to have children to being in prison, as it is a lifelong commitment with no easy way out.
  • The YouTuber discusses their experience as a roaster at the Netflix Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin.
  • They mention that Ben Affleck made a surprise appearance and quickly left after his poorly received set.
  • The YouTuber analyzes Affleck's failed attempt at a comedic monologue and suggests that he may not have prepared adequately.
  • They also discuss the challenges of performing live comedy and the pressure to deliver a successful set without the benefit of editing.
  • The YouTuber reflects on the differences between the Comedy Central roasts and the Netflix roast, highlighting the unique aspects of the live format.
  • They express gratitude for the advice and support they received from friends and colleagues in the comedy industry.
  • The speaker discusses the importance of storytelling and confidence in comedy.
  • Comedy Central is criticized for being late to the social media and internet game, which affected its popularity.
  • The speaker mentions how clips from the Tom Brady roast on Netflix helped boost their popularity.
  • The speaker explains their thought process and preparation for the Tom Brady roast, emphasizing their determination to work hard and deliver a great performance.
  • The speaker reveals that they were wearing black panties during the roast, considering the possibility of them being seen.
  • The speaker contemplates the idea of having a chance with Tom Brady, acknowledging their attractiveness and resemblance to Gisele Bündchen.
  • The speaker reflects on past roasts and jokes about wanting to have sex with Blake Griffin, using humor as a way to flirt.
  • The speaker expresses admiration for the way Theo Von's mind works and processes things, finding it creatively inspiring.
  • The speaker discusses the possibility of getting plastic surgery to enhance their appearance and reach a higher level of attractiveness.
  • The speaker acknowledges that the people they surround themselves with can influence their humor and creativity.
  • The speaker expresses concern about their brain function and the possibility of a disease affecting their sharpness.

Nikki Glaser on Podcasting, Roasts, and Live TV

  • Nikki Glaser expresses her admiration for the comedian and their beloved Reddit community.
  • She mentions a memorable episode with Theo Von and Dylan, praising their comedic chemistry.
  • Glaser highlights the importance of podcasting in fostering friendships and genuine conversations among comedians.
  • She discusses the process of preparing for a roast, including jockeying for position in the lineup and dealing with unexpected changes.
  • Glaser compares her approach to performing comedy to her preferences during intimate moments, emphasizing the desire to get her part done early so she can relax and enjoy the rest of the experience.
  • She reflects on the differences between the Comedy Central and Netflix versions of a roast, particularly the challenges of performing live versus pre-recorded.
  • Glaser shares an anecdote about Kevin Hart accidentally using one of her jokes during a roast, and how she handled the situation on stage.
  • The speaker shares a funny story about how she almost had a wardrobe malfunction during a live TV appearance due to an unexpected period.
  • She describes the challenges of managing her period while wearing a thong and the creative solution she came up with to prevent a mishap.
  • The speaker reflects on the potential consequences if her makeshift tampon had fallen out during the live broadcast and expresses relief that it didn't happen.
  • She discusses the anxiety and fear associated with live TV appearances and the importance of being mindful of what one says to avoid potential controversies.
  • The speaker praises Tony Hinchcliff's performance at a recent roast, describing it as a rockstar-level performance that captivated the audience.
  • She acknowledges that both she and Tony Hinchcliff are experiencing a new level of recognition and success in their careers and expresses excitement about this development.

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