Red Clay Strays | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #501

Red Clay Strays | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #501

Red Clay Strays

  • Brandon Coleman and Andy Bishop from the band "Red Clay Strays" were interviewed on a YouTube show.
  • The band members discussed their experiences sleeping on tour buses and the challenges of living on the road.
  • They recalled a time when their old bus, nicknamed "The Breeze," broke down multiple times and they had to fix it themselves.
  • The band recently hired a new keyboard player after meeting him while touring with another musician.
  • The band's popularity began to rise rapidly in November of last year, and they hired Drew's brother as their songwriter and social media manager.
  • They used YouTube and Facebook to promote themselves and book shows, and eventually started touring heavily, playing over 150 shows in a year.
  • The band prefers doing their own shows rather than playing festivals due to time constraints and shorter set times.
  • They had some memorable experiences, including playing at a cocaine-themed Christmas party in a tent.
  • The Red Clay Strays discuss the origin of their band name and share some alternative names they considered.
  • They explain the meaning of the term "dirt leg" and how it is used in Alabama to describe someone who is considered "trashier" or "worse" than a redneck.
  • The band members express concern about the potential ban of TikTok and acknowledge the significant growth their band has experienced due to the platform.

Comedians' Experiences

  • The comedians discuss some of their toughest gigs, including a woman biting her lip at one comedian and a child sent on stage to give them $10 at another.
  • They also talk about playing at a Mexican restaurant called the Purple Buffalo, where the room emptied out during their set.
  • The comedians reminisce about their early days when they would play for tips and travel in a shuttle bus.
  • They discuss the importance of having a good sound guy and how some venues are not built for comedy or music.

The Steel Woods

  • The band "The Steel Woods" discusses their upcoming album, produced by Dave Cobb, and their journey as musicians.
  • They reflect on their previous album and the challenges they faced during its production.
  • The band provides insights into their creative process and the contributions of each member during the recording of the song "Wonderin' Why."

Blackberry Smoke

  • The band members of Blackberry Smoke discuss their collaborative process for creating an album.
  • They mention that they used to get aggravated if someone wanted to take a song in a different direction, but they eventually realized that they all want the same thing: to make good music.
  • They try everything and are willing to play a song for hours until they find the right way to make everyone happy.
  • The band members also talk about their upcoming appearance on Kill Tony, a popular comedy podcast.
  • They express their admiration for comedians and discuss the challenges of improv comedy.

Personal Reflections and Experiences

  • The band members of Blackberry Smoke reflect on their success and express gratitude for their fans.
  • They acknowledge that they still experience imposter syndrome and don't understand why people like their music.
  • They emphasize the importance of resiliency and persistence in the music industry.
  • The band members discuss the importance of staying sober during performances and not letting personal struggles interfere with their work.
  • They emphasize the significance of selflessness and putting the band's success above individual desires to avoid conflicts and maintain a strong bond within the group.
  • They share their experiences meeting some of their musical heroes and realizing that not all famous people are cool, which influences their own behavior and treatment of others.
  • The conversation shifts to childhood memories, with one band member recalling singing Tracy Byrd's "We're from the Country and We Like It That Way" at a young age.
  • They discuss the recent popular Netflix show "Squid Games" and express their discomfort with its violent content.
  • The topic changes to an unusual news story about a man in California using a samurai sword as a skewer to grill meat on a shopping cart.
  • They speculate about the man's possible motivations and the challenges faced by homeless individuals who resort to creative means to survive.
  • The band members share their current musical influences, including Lake Street Dive, and discuss how listening to different artists can inspire and shape their own performances.

Comedians and Personal Stories

  • Comedians often take on the personality of the comedians they watch too much.
  • Sam Kennison and Carl Leov were friends and comedians who started out together.
  • After Sam Kennison died, Carl Leov found out through a DNA test that Sam was the father of his daughter.
  • Carl Leov and Sam Kennison's wife had an affair while Sam was still alive.

YouTuber's Faith and Music

  • The YouTuber started singing in church and played the drums.
  • He prefers churches where the sound of the instruments is not muffled.
  • He talks about his experience playing drums in a Pentecostal church as an adult.
  • He reflects on the role of faith in his life and his band, emphasizing that their goal is to glorify God and use their platform for a higher purpose.
  • He discusses the diversity of beliefs within his band and road crew, stating that they have Christians and atheists but are united by a common goal that is bigger than themselves.
  • He clarifies that he doesn't try to preach or convert anyone but simply sings songs and lets people decide if they like the message or not.

Other Topics

  • Stephen Wilson Jr., The Moss, J Rod Walston in the Business, and Alabama Shakes are some of the bands mentioned in the text.
  • The lead singer of Needtobreathe has a solo project called Wilder Woods.
  • The demise of carnivals risks losing an important part of American history.
  • Gibsonton, Florida, is known as "Carney Town" and was a hub for carnival performers.
  • Some states outlawed freak shows, raising questions about societal attitudes towards people with disabilities.
  • Reality shows featuring people with disabilities, such as "Dating on the Spectrum," challenge perceptions and showcase their abilities.

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