Sketch | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #497

Sketch | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #497

YouTube Channel and Streaming

  • The YouTuber announces upcoming tour dates in Europe and remaining tickets for Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Vancouver.
  • He started streaming video games on Twitch less than a year ago and gained popularity for his unique personality and catchphrase "What's up brother."
  • Prior to streaming, he worked in real estate and drove a Toyota Tacoma truck.
  • He has a little person roommate named Cooper who is very independent and athletic.
  • He mentions his online store and how Shopify has helped him grow his business.
  • He discusses streaming on YouTube and his strategy of keeping his cards close to the vest in business.
  • He talks about streaming on YouTube and his strategy of keeping his cards close to the vest in business.
  • He shares his thoughts on the slap fighting event, including the snacks and the crowd.
  • He expresses his interest in combat sports and reveals that he played basketball in high school.
  • He discusses his experience playing football at a private school and his athletic past.
  • He proposes a business plan involving chickens that are given amphetamines and trained to serve eggs in a sauna-like environment.
  • He discusses the potential impact of Chick-fil-A's decision to change its chicken sourcing on marriages and relationships built around the shared experience of eating at the restaurant.
  • He suggests unique and interesting places to propose marriage, including a drive-thru, Waffle House, Chili's, and even a Vegas chapel.
  • He shares his recent engagement story and how he met his partner through his brother's setup.
  • He emphasizes the challenges of marriage and the importance of commitment.
  • He mentions receiving a Lamborghini as a gift and expresses excitement about owning such a luxurious car.
  • He suggests using the Lamborghini to provide joy rides for senior citizens with dementia, allowing them to experience the thrill of a sports car.
  • He talks about his experience in the Coast Guard and his current job as a real estate agent.
  • He promotes BlueChew, a chewable alternative to Viagra, and encourages listeners to try it with a special promo code.
  • He highlights Babbel, a language learning platform, and its effectiveness in helping users learn new languages quickly.
  • He recommends BetterHelp, an online therapy service, and shares his positive experience with the platform.
  • He discusses his past relationships and mentions not being in love before.
  • He talks about his college journey, transferring between multiple colleges due to homesickness and academic challenges.
  • He discusses gift ideas for a young boy and shares an anecdote about his step-parents being called names while riding a two-seater bike.
  • He describes his first date, which involved going to a fancy restaurant and then bar hopping.
  • He talks about peeing in pools and suggests having a "piss cop" or a catheter to prevent people from doing so.

Guests and Interviews

  • The guest for the episode is Sketch, a popular entertainer and streamer.
  • They discuss various topics with his guest, Sketch, including trying different substances like Salvia and Horny Goat Weed and their effects.
  • Sketch shares his experience of being recognized by people and how he manages the attention.
  • Sketch explains his previous job in his family's home-building business and how he started streaming.
  • They talk about the challenges of working from home and the emails Sketch received during his job.
  • The speakers discuss their crushes on teachers when they were younger.

Personal Life and Interests

  • He mentions that he has limited vision and lives with a roommate named Cooper, who is a liquor salesman.
  • He discloses that he is missing a kidney and discusses the potential connection between kidney health and eyesight.
  • He jokes about his health issues and expresses a desire to have two kidneys.
  • He talks about his haircut and jokes about the cost of heating a remodeled attic.
  • He reflects on his past relationships and mentions not being in love before.
  • He discusses his parents' marital status and expresses his desire to financially support them in the future.
  • They talk about their food preferences, with one speaker expressing a love for chicken and another mentioning their enjoyment of Nashville Hot Chicken despite the digestive discomfort it causes.
  • He explains how he started streaming by announcing Madden games with the announcer turned off.
  • He details the process of organizing Madden tournaments and playing against athletes.

Health and Medical Conditions

  • Sketch shares an anecdote about getting an IV and feeling dehydrated.
  • They discuss their mutual dislike of going to the doctor or eye doctor.
  • Sketch talks about his eyesight problems and how he thinks not drinking enough water may have contributed.
  • The YouTuber suggests that maybe humans should only be able to see a limited distance, like sharks or crocodiles.
  • They speculate about the possibility of someone having a voodoo doll of them.
  • The YouTuber mentions meeting CJ Strachan, a football player, and how he felt brave playing football despite his poor eyesight.
  • The YouTuber discusses his experience attending a slap fighting event called "Slap Box."
  • He describes the event as intense and exciting, with a unique underground vibe.

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