Trevor Bauer | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #481

Trevor Bauer | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #481

Trevor Bauer's Baseball Career

  • Trevor Bauer played in Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) and had a successful season, making the playoffs but losing in the first two games.
  • He describes the unique experience of staying with a Japanese family during a homestay and the welcoming nature of the Japanese people.
  • Bauer discusses the differences between Japanese and American baseball culture, including the fan culture and the way the game is played.
  • He mentions a funny story about how he avoided eating pufferfish in Japan due to safety concerns.
  • Bauer talks about his childhood memories of playing baseball and how it became his passion.
  • He mentions collecting baseballs and autographs with his father during spring training and recalls trying to get an autograph from Ichiro Suzuki.
  • Bauer describes his intense dedication to baseball from a young age and his strict routine of waking up early for workouts, attending school, practicing baseball, and spending extra hours training.
  • He admits that he didn't have many friends and struggled socially in high school, finding solace and a sense of pride in baseball.
  • Bauer emphasizes the importance of baseball in his life, describing it as his "backstop" and a way to achieve homeostasis and balance.
  • He credits baseball, particularly pitching, for providing him with both physiological benefits from exercise and a sense of centering and accomplishment.

Trevor Bauer's YouTube Channel and Content Creation

  • Bauer started a media company called Momentum in 2019 and enjoys creating entertaining content for baseball fans on his YouTube channel.
  • He discusses the start of his YouTube channel in 2011, focusing on connecting with baseball fans and sharing highlights of his pitching.
  • Bauer explains why he stopped creating content for several years due to restrictions imposed by his baseball organization and later faced trouble on Twitter for expressing his opinions.
  • He reflects on the challenges of maintaining one's voice and individuality within large organizations and the need to balance personal expression with professional responsibilities.
  • Bauer discusses the evolution of his perspective on identifying problems and finding solutions.
  • He talks about his involvement in the YouTube channel "Momentum" and other content creation channels, aiming to entertain baseball fans and grow the game organically.

Trevor Bauer's Thoughts on Baseball and the Future of the Sport

  • Bauer highlights the decline in youth participation in baseball and suggests reasons such as the high cost of equipment and travel, lack of cool factor compared to other sports, and the slow pace of the game.
  • He mentions strategies to make baseball more appealing to young audiences, including the introduction of a pitch clock and blending pop culture elements.
  • Bauer shares his personal experience as a successful high school baseball player and the influence of a senior teammate who was drafted into the MLB.
  • He reflects on the small world of baseball and shares an interesting anecdote about the last pitchers for the Cubs and Indians in the 2016 World Series being former high school teammates.
  • Bauer discusses his early baseball career and how he graduated high school early to start playing for UCLA.
  • He talks about how pitching is like a personal war and how he separates his ego on and off the field.
  • Bauer explains how he would study his bad outings for hours and how he had to trick himself into believing he was good when he was struggling.
  • He discusses how he developed other interests outside of baseball to help him stay mentally healthy.

Trevor Bauer's Reflections on Social Media and Communication

  • Bauer discusses the habitual and mental aspects of vaping and compares it to other addictive behaviors like pornography.
  • He reflects on his own experiences with vaping and how it affected his energy levels and social interactions.
  • Bauer emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and introspection in understanding one's behaviors and patterns.
  • He credits plant medicine and conversations with insightful individuals for helping him develop a more introspective approach to life.
  • Theo Von and Brendan Schaub discuss the prevalence of autism in society and speculate that many successful people may have a mild form of it.
  • They suggest that the digital age and social media have changed the way people interact and ingest information, leading to a reliance on electronic devices and a decrease in face-to-face communication.
  • Trump regrets some of his impulsive tweets and wishes he could take them back.
  • Social media communication can be challenging, and it's easy to misinterpret messages.

Trevor Bauer's Approach to Entertainment in Baseball

  • The entertainment aspect of baseball came naturally to the pitcher once he felt settled and comfortable with his performance.
  • Studying viral moments in other sports, such as the NBA, inspired the pitcher to incorporate entertaining elements into baseball.
  • The pitcher started impersonating teammates' batting stances during a rain delay, which led to a funny moment when the catcher faked a throw to first base and the pitcher ended up covered in mud.
  • In another instance, the pitcher faced Eric Hosmer, who hit a rocket back at his face after the pitcher had celebrated

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