AI Demos: Gatekeep, Deepgram, Claude 3 Haiku and more! | E1920

AI Demos: Gatekeep, Deepgram, Claude 3 Haiku and more! | E1920

Sunny joins Jason. (00:00:00)

  • Sunny joins Jason to discuss AI demos and news.
  • Deepgram releases a new tool for analyzing audio files and extracting key information.
  • LinkedIn Ads, Coda, and Wistia are the sponsors for this episode.
  • Grock, formerly known as Definitive Intelligence, was acquired by Elon Musk's company.
  • Grock's platform has seen rapid growth with over 60,000 developers and 15,000 apps.
  • Jason and Sunny discuss the availability of office space during economic cycles and the potential for startups to take advantage of lower costs.
  • Sunny and Jason introduce the segment on AI demos and news.
  • Deepgram's audio analysis tool is highlighted as an interesting development in the AI field.

What the resignation of the CEO of Stability AI signifies. (00:04:33)

  • Stability Diffusion's CEO and founder, Emad Mostaque, resigned due to the challenges of competing with larger, centralized AI companies.
  • The AI market is evolving, with investors questioning the need for multiple image generators, leading to potential consolidation.
  • Established players like OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, and Apple dominate the AI market, making it difficult for new entrants to compete.
  • The CEO's departure may be attributed to various factors, including burnout, personal issues, internal conflicts, or the competitive AI landscape.
  • The speaker reflects on their entrepreneurial journey and the challenges of adapting to changing market demands, emphasizing the importance of self-forgiveness for entrepreneurs facing such challenges.
  • Vertical AI services are believed to ultimately succeed, with a few foundational models dominating the market.

LinkedIn Ads - Get a $100 LinkedIn ad credit (00:11:01)

  • LinkedIn Ads is a powerful tool for B2B marketing.
  • LinkedIn has over a billion users, with 180 million of those being senior executives.
  • LinkedIn's ad platform delivers 2-5 times greater return on investment compared to other social media platforms.
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Exploring the a16z report about AI and Enterprises. (00:12:28)

  • Enterprises significantly increased their spending on generative AI, from $7 million in 2022 to an estimated $18 million in 2023.
  • Generative AI is moving beyond experimental stages, with 75% of the budget coming from non-innovation teams.
  • Enterprises are reallocating budgets from various departments, including customer support, IT, and R&D, to invest in generative AI.
  • OpenAI's GPT-3 is the most widely used generative AI model among enterprises, followed by Google's PaLM 2 and Cohere's PaLM 2.
  • Despite concerns about limitations and risks, enterprises are actively deploying generative AI in production and expanding its use cases.
  • OpenAI leads in AI adoption among enterprises, with 100% of surveyed leaders trying out their technology, followed by Microsoft (63%), Google (50%), and Anthropic (34%).
  • Open-source AI models are gaining popularity, with 82% of enterprises preferring them over closed models due to concerns about dependency and potential risks.
  • OpenAI's decision to adopt a closed model approach goes against the current trend of preference for open-source AI models.

Coda - Get a $1,000 startup credit (00:20:42)

  • Koda is an all-in-one platform that combines documents, spreadsheets, and apps.
  • Founders University uses Koda to manage weekly progress updates, track trends, and send automated reminders.
  • Koda allows users to generate charts to track week-over-week growth and identify strong growth for potential investment.
  • Koda offers a $1,000 credit to startups to support their planning and goal tracking.
  • The platform is free to get started and easy to use.
  • The discussion highlights the differing perspectives on moats in Enterprise and consumer markets.
  • In Silicon Valley, there's a tendency to associate moats with proprietary or closed solutions.
  • However, in Enterprise, performance and price are often more important factors than proprietary solutions.
  • The lock-in approach prevalent in Silicon Valley and SAS is being re-evaluated.
  • Stable diffusion is an open-source project with a hosting project.
  • The open-source nature of Stable Diffusion makes it more valuable to Enterprises.
  • The discussion mentions a founder who allegedly mistreated their co-founder and bought back their shares.

Sunny demoes Gatekeep AI and get surprising results when Jason asks it to explain a “keystone”. (00:23:34)

  • Gatekeep AI generates short explainer videos with graphics and voiceover based on user-provided concepts, making complex topics easier to understand.
  • The widespread use of AI-generated content poses concerns about the spread of incorrect information and the potential flooding of YouTube with low-quality AI-generated videos, which could harm the platform's credibility.
  • Google is now competing with websites it used to link to by providing information directly in search results, such as stock quotes, sports scores, and recipes.
  • The accuracy of AI-generated information is dependent on the quality of the data it is trained on, as demonstrated in a real-time test where the concept was correct but the drawing was incorrect.

Wistia - Try Wistia for free (00:31:27)

  • Wistia is a web-based video creation tool that allows users to create professional-quality videos without the need for video producers or editors.
  • Wistia's AI script generator, built-in recorder, and text-based editor make video creation and editing easy.
  • The Smart Tracks feature provides royalty-free music that automatically adjusts to the video's length.
  • The speaker expresses concern about the accuracy and reliability of current AI language models like ChatGPT and others, emphasizing the need for accuracy over speed and novelty in their development.
  • They will judge future AI demos primarily based on accuracy and encourage others to do the same.

Sunny demoes Deepgram API Playground with a fun clip from a young Jason asking Steve Jobs a question. (00:39:55)

  • Deepgram's new tool can perform intelligence analysis on audio files, including summarizing, topic detection, intent detection, and sentiment analysis.
  • Custom intents can be defined to detect specific types of questions, topics, or sentiments.
  • The tool can be used to analyze conversations to understand how people are being perceived, identify key points, and detect sentiment changes.
  • Founders value being understood and heard by investors, and devices like repeating back the founder's vision can help build trust and rapport during introductory calls.
  • Reflection is important in AI, as it allows models to correct incorrect predictions and improve accuracy.
  • The speaker is impressed with the tools that help understand humans more and gives both AI demos an "A" for accuracy.

Sunny demoes the Claude model Haiku from Anthropic with an image from a famous Michael Jordan dunk. (00:50:19)

  • Anthropic's Claude 3 Haiku model is smaller, faster, and multimodal, providing accurate and useful image descriptions.
  • Increasing the temperature in AI models increases the variance in responses, making them less predictable.
  • Claude 3 Haiku can generate detailed descriptions of images, including food type, size, and calorie count, in JSON format, simplifying image analysis and data extraction.
  • Generative AI models are becoming faster, cheaper, and more accurate, making it easier for developers to build new applications.
  • The decreasing cost of accessing and running language models could lead to a more stabilized market for AI services.
  • The increasing accessibility of AI tools has the potential to significantly increase the number of people who can develop and oversee code production.
  • The combination of decreasing costs and increasing accuracy is expected to solve the accuracy issues associated with AI models.
  • The video showcases AI demos, including Gatekeep, Deepgram, and Claude 3 Haiku.
  • This is the 1920th episode of the series hosted by Sunny.

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