AI Demos: Llama 3 Innovations, vibecheck, Globe Engineer, Wisdolia and Tesla’s FSD | E1941

AI Demos: Llama 3 Innovations, vibecheck, Globe Engineer, Wisdolia and Tesla’s FSD | E1941

Sunny joins Jason to dive into this week’s AI news and demos. (00:00:00)

  • Chat GPT's new memory feature allows it to remember and store information about users, such as travel plans and family details.
  • This feature is currently available to all users globally.
  • Vanta offers a solution for startups to easily obtain a SOC 2 report, making compliance and security less of a barrier to winning new business.
  • Twist listeners can get a $1,000 discount for a limited time by visiting
  • Wistia provides an all-in-one video platform for businesses, with tools for creating, managing, and measuring the impact of videos.
  • Startups can try Wistia for free by visiting
  • PaLM 2 (Pathways Language Model 2) is a large language model from Google AI.
  • Llama 3 is a smaller version of PaLM 2, designed to be more efficient and accessible for research and development.
  • Llama 3 has several innovations, including:
    • Few-shot learning: Llama 3 can learn from just a few examples, making it easier to adapt to new tasks.
    • Chain-of-thought prompting: Llama 3 can explain its reasoning process, providing a step-by-step breakdown of how it arrives at an answer.
    • Text-to-image generation: Llama 3 can generate images based on text descriptions.
    • Code generation: Llama 3 can generate code snippets based on natural language instructions.
  • Vibecheck is an AI-powered tool that analyzes text and provides feedback on its tone and sentiment.
  • It can detect emotions, identify offensive language, and suggest improvements to make the text more effective.
  • Vibecheck is designed to help users communicate more effectively and avoid misunderstandings.
  • Globe Engineer is an AI-powered tool that helps engineers design and optimize wind turbines.
  • It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data and provide recommendations for improving turbine performance.
  • Globe Engineer can help engineers save time and money by optimizing the design and operation of wind turbines.
  • Wisdolia is an AI-powered tool that helps users learn new skills and improve their knowledge.
  • It provides personalized learning recommendations based on the user's interests and goals.
  • Wisdolia can help users stay up-to-date with the latest information and develop new skills.
  • Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software received an update that includes several new features and improvements.
  • The update includes:
    • Improved object detection: FSD can now better detect objects on the road, such as pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles.
    • Smoother turns: FSD can now make smoother turns, reducing the risk of accidents.
    • Better lane changes: FSD can now make lane changes more safely and efficiently.
  • The update also includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.

Various user-driven enhancements to Llama 3 (00:01:52)

  • Llama 3, a smaller and faster open-source language model by Facebook, can now be deployed locally on a regular laptop, enabling personal use cases, offline usage, and integration within applications without internet access.
  • The context length of Llama 3's smaller model (8b) has been extended to 160k tokens, allowing it to process longer inputs and outputs, such as summarizing a long book.
  • Llama 3 can be used as a co-pilot within VS Code, providing assistance and suggestions to programmers, and its function calling capabilities have been enhanced, making it a useful tool for software development.
  • Users have demonstrated the versatility of Llama 3 by running it on a single 4GB GPU, creating a video summary tool, and combining its reasoning capabilities with the vision capabilities of an open-source project called Lava.

Abacus runs Llama-3 locally on your iPhone. (00:08:28)

  • Abacus created a variant of the language model Llama-3 that runs locally on iPhones.
  • This local version raises concerns about privacy, as it could potentially record and store all user data, including phone calls and messages.
  • The model could be used to analyze and understand all the information on the phone, such as suggesting actions based on forgotten conversations or providing insights into communication patterns.

Squarespace - Use offer code TWIST to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain (00:10:31)

  • Squarespace is constantly evolving and adding new features to its platform, including AI-powered tools.
  • One of the new features is Blueprint AI, a guided design system that helps users create custom websites tailored to their business needs.
  • Blueprint AI uses over a billion design combinations to ensure a unique online presence for each brand.
  • The process of building a website with Blueprint AI is simple and involves answering a series of questions, after which the tool generates a sleek and personalized website.
  • Viewers are encouraged to try Blueprint AI and take advantage of the 10% discount on their first website or domain purchase by visiting

ChatGPT's new memory feature (00:11:54)

  • Chat GPT's new "memory" feature allows users to store and recall specific information, raising concerns about privacy and data security for companies like OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft.
  • To protect privacy, users should consider using VPNs like NordVPN or Brave's built-in VPN, creating burner accounts with false information, and using a burner email address when signing up for these services.
  • For enhanced online privacy and security, it is recommended to always use a VPN, avoid using Chrome due to its data-sharing practices with Google, and use Brave as the default browser with Shields up and a VPN as a backup.
  • Public Wi-Fi should be avoided, and using a phone's hotspot is a safer alternative.
  • VPN services have become more affordable, making them accessible to most users.

Deep dive into the advancements in self-driving car technology and Tesla’s FSD (00:18:43)

  • Tesla's FSD (Full Self-Driving) capability is now powered by a neural network instead of C++ code.
  • The speaker believes it will take 5 to 10 years for 5 to 10% of rides globally to be automated due to various factors such as regulations, technology limitations, and competition.
  • The speaker predicts that foreign jurisdictions with top-down governments, such as the UAE, may adopt self-driving cars more quickly than democratic countries like the US and Europe.
  • The speaker estimates that if Uber currently has 1% of all global rides, it would take 5 to 10 years for self-driving cars to reach 10% of global rides, which would be 10 billion rides per year.
  • The speaker believes that the rise of self-driving cars will not eliminate Uber or other ride-sharing services but rather reduce car ownership and public transportation usage.

Vanta - Get $1000 off your SOC 2 (00:21:43)

  • Vanta helps companies achieve and maintain SOC 2 compliance, which is essential for businesses that store customer data in the cloud.
  • Vanta can save companies hundreds of hours of work and up to 85% on compliance costs.
  • Vanta automates up to 90% compliance for GDPR, HIPAA, and more.
  • Tesla is expected to launch a car without a steering wheel or pedals on August 8th.
  • Elon Musk aims to produce 10,000 robotaxis per week, which would amount to half a million vehicles per year.
  • Tesla's robotaxis are expected to capture 1% of all rides per year, which equates to 10 billion rides.

Sunny breaks down how far we are away to different degrees of self-driving cars. (00:24:30)

  • Self-driving cars are close to replacing certain transportation systems, such as those in the tunnels of Las Vegas where they operate without human drivers.
  • A more feasible near-term application of self-driving cars is in car-sharing services, where users can drive to a designated parking lot and then take a self-driving car to popular destinations or pre-programmed areas.
  • Cities like San Francisco are already making changes to accommodate self-driving cars, such as allowing taxis to drive on Market Street.
  • San Francisco's Market Street has become less congested due to traffic flow changes that require drivers to exit the street to make drop-offs and pickups.

Wistia - Try Wistia for free (00:29:22)

  • Wistia is a powerful tool for marketers to generate leads and supercharge their video strategy.
  • It allows users to add pop-ups in videos to capture viewers' email addresses, increasing conversions for webinars and demos.
  • Wistia seamlessly integrates with various marketing platforms, automatically sending leads to the user's marketing platform.
  • Custom calls to action can be added to videos to drive prospects to the next stage of the sales funnel.
  • Wistia provides advanced analytics to enhance user engagement and optimize marketing strategies.
  • Elon Musk believes that full autonomy can be achieved without LiDAR, as cameras can see further and provide a 360-degree view.
  • However, LiDAR is considered a necessary safety feature, similar to collision avoidance systems in modern planes.
  • LiDAR-equipped self-driving cars are estimated to be 2 to 10 times safer than those without LiDAR.
  • Despite advancements, there is still a possibility of fatalities in self-driving cars, although no deaths have been reported in robotaxis since the tragic Uber incident involving a distracted safety driver.

Sunny weighs the possibility of a Robotaxi death in the next couple of years. (00:33:48)

  • Sunny discusses the possibility of a fatality involving a robotaxi within the next few years in the United States.
  • He believes that there won't be a fatality in a lidar-based system within the next two years.
  • However, he thinks there could be a fatality involving a non-lidar system due to the limitations of cameras alone.
  • Interventions such as cars pulling over or causing traffic may occur in constrained environments, but fatalities are more likely to be caused by human error.
  • Sunny predicts that there will be approximately 10 entities that successfully develop self-driving technology in different jurisdictions and modalities within a similar timeframe.
  • Due to the lengthy rollout period, even for the first developers like Tesla and Waymo, there will be opportunities for several of these players to compete.
  • Uber and Lyft may have the option to purchase vehicles from vendors who want to sell into a network, rather than running their own networks.
  • Sunny believes that established automakers like Volvo and Toyota may choose to sell their self-driving vehicles into existing networks rather than operating their own.

Sunny’s theory that the leader in autonomous cars will be the one to use the Uber model. (00:37:11)

  • The Uber model for autonomous vehicles is more feasible than owning all the vehicles, as the capital expense is taken on by the vehicle owner.
  • Tesla has an advantage in the autonomous vehicle market due to its large and growing fleet of vehicles.
  • Weo, a UK-based company, has decided to put its vehicles into the Uber network, which could give them an edge in terms of network size and wait times.
  • Tesla, Weo, and a company that licenses technology from either Tesla or Weo are predicted to be the top three players in the self-driving car industry in the future.
  • The growth of ride-hailing services will come from capturing a percentage of the rides currently done by car owners driving themselves.
  • The increasing global population and the growing number of people who do not own cars present a significant market opportunity for self-driving taxis.

Jason has producer Cort jump on the pod to try out an “AI Death Calculator”. (00:46:02)

  • The YouTube video analyzes various AI demos, including the "Life to Back" AI death calculator.
  • The AI death calculator estimates life expectancy based on personal information like age, health conditions, lifestyle habits, and socioeconomic status, but its accuracy is questionable due to its lack of credibility and unclear methodology.
  • An alternative approach to estimating life expectancy could involve analyzing additional factors like screen time, physical activity, and vocal responses using AI for a more accurate assessment.
  • AI has the potential to provide personalized health advice, but the speaker questions its necessity for basic health advice since existing tools like the Apple Watch can offer similar alerts and insights.
  • The speaker emphasizes the value of AI in identifying unique cases and providing more refined health recommendations.

Sunny demos Vibecheck. (00:51:10)

  • The founder of Signal demonstrated an AI tool called "Vibecheck" that analyzes Reddit data to provide personalized product recommendations.
  • The AI tool, "Globe Engineer," generates product reviews by compiling information from various sources, including Reddit, the New York Times, and Consumer Reports.
  • Concerns were raised about copyright violation due to the AI demo's direct copying and pasting of content without proper attribution.
  • The AI demo received an "A" rating for its accuracy in generating product reviews based on a single example.
  • The potential integration of this AI demo into Reddit could significantly increase Reddit's market value, making it a potential target for "J-trading" based on this thesis.

Sunny demos Wisdolia. (00:59:49)

  • Wisdolia turns any given content into flashcards for studying.
  • It takes a PDF or slide deck and creates flashcards from it.
  • The user can go through the flashcards and learn the content.
  • Wisdolia has the potential to disrupt the education industry by providing personalized learning experiences.
  • It can be used by teachers to create unique tests for each student and by students to identify areas where they need more improvement.

Sunny demos Globe Engineer (01:02:25)

  • Globe Engineer integrated Grock, a tool that allows users to quickly build itineraries, improving the user experience.
  • The AI system can generate a list of high-fidelity headphones and sort them by price, providing users with a refined search experience.
  • The AI system can access and present information from Jerry Colonna's extensive notes on technology, allowing users to explore various topics and big questions.
  • Monic AI, a company invested in by the speaker, can generate responses and provide information on a wide range of topics.
  • The Liquidity Summit, hosted by Sandeep and Jason from June 2nd to 5th, is exclusively for LPS, GPs, and capital allocators to network and collaborate, with opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs to connect.
  • Grock Console was highlighted for its cost-effective and fast inference capabilities, beneficial for startups like Inside.
  • Founder Fridays, held on the first Friday of every month in 71 cities worldwide, provides founders with opportunities to meet, discuss their startups, challenges, and experiences, and network over breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, or co-working.
  • Founders are encouraged to bring their most significant challenge and one thing they wish they had learned earlier to share with the group.
  • Interested founders can sign up at, and they are encouraged to take pictures and share them on Twitter @twi_startups and mention @jason.

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