Apple’s MGIE, Google’s Gemini Advanced, Microsoft’s Copilot and more! | E1897

Apple’s MGIE, Google’s Gemini Advanced, Microsoft’s Copilot and more! | E1897

Sunny Madra joins Jason (00:00:00)

  • Sunny Madra joins Jason for a discussion on the potential of Apple and Meta to beat the Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google AI duopoly.
  • This week's episode features AI demos that showcase the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.
  • The demos can be viewed at
  • The AI demos highlight the rapid pace of innovation in the AI industry.
  • The Super Bowl had 135 million viewers, while an average Mr. Beast video gets more views.
  • Mr. Beast's videos are not as repeatable as audio songs, but young people may go back to watch previous episodes.
  • Mr. Beast releases a "Super Bowl" every week in terms of views.
  • T-Series, a recording label in India, has 168 million subscribers, likely due to India's large population.
  • Mr. Beast has 237 million subscribers, with half of those likely being active US subscribers.
  • Mr. Beast's recent videos have gotten 77 million views in three days and 128 million views in two weeks.
  • Drive-by views, where people watch only a small portion of a video, may affect viewership statistics.
  • Duration of views and percentage completion are important metrics for Mr. Beast.
  • The hosts introduce the AI demos, which are different from previous demos.

Sunny demos AgentHub. (00:06:23)

  • AgentHub is a workflow tool that allows users to create automated workflows using templates.
  • It can be used for various tasks such as daily stock report generation, automated sales emails, and outbound email creation.
  • AgentHub works by scraping data from the web, normalizing it, and putting it into a report.
  • It has a flowchart-like interface that makes it easy to create workflows.
  • The analysis provides insights into the stock price of a company over time.
  • It includes information such as the stock price, trading volume, and historical trends.
  • The analysis can be customized to provide more specific information.

Vanta - Get $1000 off your SOC 2 (00:10:34)

  • Vanta simplifies the process of obtaining and renewing SOC 2 compliance, enabling sales teams to close major deals faster.
  • Vanta customers achieve compliance in 2-4 weeks, compared to the typical 3-5 months without Vanta.
  • Vanta automates up to 90% of compliance for GDPR, HIPAA, and more, saving companies time and money.

The secrets behind all these media and tech layoffs. (00:12:32)

  • Tech and media companies are conducting layoffs due to high salaries during peak growth, potential salary inflation, and the desire to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Some companies are asking laid-off employees to reapply for their jobs at a lower compensation rate or seeking to replace them with lower-cost workers or offshore talent.
  • Automation tools like AI-powered language models have the potential to replace certain tasks currently performed by employees, leading to cost savings for companies.
  • AI tools like Apple's MGIE, Google's Gemini Advanced, and Microsoft's Copilot are revolutionizing business processes and outsourcing by automating tasks such as inbox categorization, summarization, and email order management.
  • AI can be used for competitive intelligence, such as analyzing competitors' content and identifying their successful strategies.

Scalable Path - Get 20% off your first month (00:20:02)

  • Scalable Path is a software staffing company that helps build remote developer teams.
  • They evaluate candidates' technical skills, personality, work ethic, motivation, and fit within the team.
  • Scalable Path has completed over 300 projects and has a network of 30,000 developers.
  • Twist listeners get 20% off their first month at
  • Lucite is a lite app that creates four types of basic analysis for stocks: business overview, competitive overview, financial overview, and buyers list.
  • The output is a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Lucite can generate a seven-slide presentation on Nvidia's competitive landscape in three minutes.
  • The accuracy of the information generated by Lucite is questionable.

There is a need for AI that fact-checks other AI. (00:22:54)

  • Fact-checking AIs are necessary to ensure the accuracy of information provided by AI co-pilots.
  • Foundational models can fact-check but require access to third-party data systems and APIs.
  • Integrating real-time fact-checking capabilities into AI co-pilots would enhance their usefulness and reliability.
  • Verticalized AI tools, which focus on specific tasks or industries, can provide more refined functionality and features tailored to specific use cases.
  • Verticalized AI tools offer advantages over general-purpose AI tools, such as improved accuracy, efficiency, and user experience.
  • Verticalized AI tools have significant potential for growth and impact in various industries, as exemplified by Saga, a verticalized AI tool for creating screenplays and storyboards.

LinkedIn Ads - Get a $100 LinkedIn ad credit (00:29:09)

  • LinkedIn ads can be effective for B2B marketing as it allows businesses to target decision-makers in a professional environment.
  • LinkedIn has over 180 million senior executives and 10 million C-suite executives on its platform.
  • LinkedIn's ad platform generates 2 to 5x higher return on ad spend compared to other social media platforms.
  • LinkedIn users are on the platform to do business, making it a suitable place for B2B marketing.

The rebranding of Google’s Bard to Gemini while Sunny attempts to demo Gemini Advanced. (00:30:21)

  • Google Bard has been renamed to Gemini, and Gemini Advance provides access to Gemini Ultra 1.0, Google's most advanced AI model.
  • Gemini Ultra requires a $19 subscription after a trial period and is currently experiencing issues with accessibility for Google One customers through Google Fi accounts.
  • Initial testing of Gemini Ultra showed mixed results, with strengths in multimodal responses but weaknesses in providing specific and well-formatted results.
  • The speaker criticizes Google's Gemini Advanced AI, giving it a B- grade, and suggests that Google should improve its AI capabilities, streamline its products and services, and lay off more employees to become more efficient and focused on building elite products.
  • The speaker encourages startups to remain hopeful despite the challenges posed by big companies and highlights the success of companies like LCDE and Agent Hub, which outperform Google's Gemini due to their scrappier approach and focus on customer experience.
  • Startups can compete with tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Meta by being scrappy, customer-centric, agile, and innovative in the rapidly changing tech landscape.

Sunny demos Quilter. (00:40:15)

  • MGIE, an AI tool, designs PCB layouts for hardware devices considering factors like manufacturability and trace length.
  • AI in hardware design enhances efficiency and has the potential for groundbreaking innovations in chip manufacturing and PCB design.
  • AI-assisted screenwriting tools like Saga provide insights and breakthroughs by generating content based on user input, significantly reducing writing time.
  • AI offers creative suggestions for character development, plot twists, and genre exploration.
  • Apple's new AI model, MGIE, enables users to edit images by describing desired changes in text.

Sunny demos Apple’s MGIE. (00:46:31)

  • Apple's MGIE (Maggie) is an open-source image processing AI.
  • MGIE can remove backgrounds and provide expressive instructions for image editing.
  • It is expected to be integrated into Apple's iPhone 16, allowing users to edit photos directly on their devices.
  • MGIE is part of Apple's bet on language models and chipsets that can perform advanced AI tasks on mobile devices.
  • Open-source AI models like MGIE promote collaboration, feedback, and innovation within the developer community.
  • Open-source AI models, such as Apple's MGIE and Meta's OPT, allow developers to access and modify the code and weights.
  • Microsoft is the only company with access to the source code and weights of OpenAI's GPT-3 due to their investment deal.
  • Google's Imagen and Bard, as well as Amazon's large language model, are not open-source.
  • Tesla's self-driving model is also not open-source due to its proprietary nature.

Answering who will win between Microsoft and OpenAI vs Apple and Meta. (00:50:41)

  • It is unlikely that Microsoft and OpenAI or Apple and Meta will form a duopoly in the AI language model market.
  • Proprietary platforms like Microsoft Windows and Apple's iOS have historically struggled to compete with open-source alternatives like Linux and Android.
  • Startups prefer using the best available product, but they avoid being tied to the whims of a single provider in the long term.
  • Open-source alternatives like Hadoop and MySQL have gained popularity among startups over proprietary options like Oracle databases.
  • Apple and Meta's decision to open-source their AI language models suggests they are behind in the competition and aim to create chaos and catch up.
  • Apple and Meta have brand loyalty, which can help them lock in users despite using open-source models.

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