Figure’s AI Robot, AI News, Cognition’s Devin, and the biggest AI bet yet! | E1915

Figure’s AI Robot, AI News, Cognition’s Devin, and the biggest AI bet yet! | E1915

Sunny joins Jason for a fun AI day! (00:00:00)

  • Sunny and Jason make a bet on whether a humanoid robot will be available for purchase and delivered by January 1st, 2027.
  • The bet involves the winner receiving the robot as a prize.
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  • The podcast will now be published on Tuesdays instead of Mondays and will be called "AI Tuesdays."
  • Groq is the new name for the merged company formed by Definitive Intelligence and Grok.
  • Sunny is the General Manager leading the Groq Cloud and their commercial business.

Elon and open source Grok vs “Closed” AI. (00:02:08)

  • Elon Musk's lawsuit with Closed AI (formerly Open AI) has been dropped.
  • Open sourcing Grok is a significant move in the ongoing debate between open-source and closed-source AI.
  • Grok's size makes it the largest open-sourced AI model, providing insights into the capabilities of large-scale AI systems.
  • The model's size, however, limits its usability by the general community due to the need for extensive computational resources.
  • Grok's release includes the model's weights but not the training data, which remains proprietary.
  • Unlike Facebook's open-source model, Grok does not disclose the specific training data used.
  • The debate over training data rights continues, with some arguing that any data on the open web can be freely used for training, while others emphasize intellectual property concerns.
  • Companies are cautious about sharing training data to avoid potential legal issues related to copyrighted material.

The CTO from Open AI talking about their training data for Sora. (00:05:11)

  • The CTO of OpenAI, when asked about the training data for their AI chatbot, Sora, gave vague answers, raising suspicions about her knowledge of the data used.
  • The CTO's response was criticized for lacking transparency and potentially misleading the public, suggesting that she should have a comprehensive understanding of the technical and data aspects of the project.
  • Elon Musk's involvement in Twitter and OpenAI's decision to open-source their chatbot, Ro, was widely praised as an "A+" move for promoting open-source thinking in the field of AI.
  • OpenAI's core mission of advancing AI for the benefit of all humanity was highlighted in the context of open-sourcing Ro.
  • Figure AI has created a real-world humanoid robot with two legs, two arms, and a head.
  • The robot can understand and respond to voice commands.
  • It can assess its surroundings and make decisions based on what it sees.
  • For example, when asked for something edible on a table with plates, glasses, a dish rack, and an apple, the robot correctly identified the apple as the only edible item.
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Comparing the FIgure AI robot and what we have seen from Boston Dynamics and why this is impressive. (00:12:26)

  • Figure's AI robot combines language model capabilities with movement and agility, unlike Boston Dynamics' robots that focused on physics and movement.
  • The robot can reason over its surroundings, decide what a person should eat, and take action by handing the person the food.
  • The robot uses speech-to-text, image recognition, and function calls to interact with the world.
  • The robot has guardrails and prime directives to prevent it from harming humans, including a prompt that includes the directive to not hurt humans.
  • Figure's AI robot's approach is similar to Tesla's FSD 12, which uses vision and learning by watching videos to navigate the world.

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Thinking about how humans learn and applying that to AI. (00:21:10)

  • Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, emphasized the significance of watching TV as a means for humans to learn.
  • The Figure robot is designed to learn from various sources, resembling Leeloo's learning process from a TV in The Fifth Element.
  • Tesla's current full self-driving code based on conditional statements will become outdated as AI models advance.
  • Figure AI is developing a general-purpose robot capable of performing diverse tasks, similar to Chat GPT and Gemini's general-purpose AI systems.
  • While the Figure robot may not match the efficiency of specialized AI systems in specific tasks, it offers versatility across a broader range of applications.
  • The Figure robot combines an LLM with a physical robot, but its AI implementation is basic and lacks the impressive capabilities of Boston Dynamics' robots.
  • A challenge is proposed to demonstrate more advanced AI capabilities by having the robot create a salad from scratch using various ingredients and a knife.
  • The potential of the AI robot is recognized, but improvements are needed, such as faster voice response.

The idea that robots may one day be 1:1 with humans. (00:28:28)

  • Elon Musk predicts that there will be 10 billion humanoid robots on the planet within the next 30 years.
  • Robots could become as common as cars, with everyone owning one.
  • Robots could be more affordable than cars, costing around $10,000 to $20,000.
  • Robots could perform various tasks, such as earning money for their owners, picking fruits, and shoveling snow.
  • The combination of AI and robots could solve 90% of the world's problems.

Attio - Head to to get 15% off for your first year. (00:30:50)

  • Attio is a custom CRM that is flexible and intuitive.
  • Attio can organize customer data, sync emails and calendars, and enrich contact text.
  • Attio offers powerful reports and allows users to build automations.
  • Attio is used by industry leaders such as OpenAI, Replicate, and 11 Labs.

New bet alert! And it’s a major one. Sunny and JCal bet on how soon we will all have access to AI robots in our homes! (00:32:01)

  • Figure's AI robot, equipped with a specially designed hand and computer vision, can precisely pick various vegetables and fruits in vertical farms.
  • A bet has been made that by January 1st, 2027, a humanoid robot will be available for purchase in America for around $40K-$45K, comparable to the price of an entry-level Prius.
  • The bettors will wager $10K each, with one taking the over and the other taking the under on the price of the robot.
  • The robot's brain and sensors, called the Vision Pro, cost $20,000.
  • The hosts propose a challenge for the robot to make a salad on-site, using high-quality cameras and makeup.

Introducing Devin, the first AI software engineer! (00:38:17)

  • Devin is an AI software engineer developed by Cognition.
  • The CEO of Cognition, Scott Wu, has a background in competitive coding.
  • Cognition took the idea of Auto GPTs to the next level by giving Devin an IDE (integrated development environment) with access to code, a terminal, and a custom REPL.
  • This allows Devin to have access to a wider range of tools and be more powerful.
  • Cognition fine-tuned a model and achieved great scoring, breaking through the barrier of creating a website based on specific requirements.
  • Devin has a chat bot, terminal, and web browser within its IDE, making it a powerful tool for web development.

The “maestro” concept when working with AI. (00:40:24)

  • Specialized AI agents will perform various tasks, enabling entrepreneurs to become "Maestros" managing virtual AI teams.
  • A new industry may emerge, offering human review and oversight of AI-generated work.
  • A 10-person company utilizing AI effectively could potentially generate significant revenue and profits.
  • Apple's research paper demonstrates advancements in multimodal LLM pre-training, showcasing logical reasoning and explanation capabilities.
  • Bloomberg reports that Apple plans to launch an AI chatbot service similar to ChatGPT, integrated into its messaging app and powered by its own AI technology.

Hot news: Apple in talks to let Google Gemini power iPhone AI Features. (00:47:21)

  • Google and Apple are discussing a potential partnership involving Google's Gemini AI model, primarily as a business development move to maintain their existing search partnership.
  • Apple may license Gemini from Google to enhance iPhone features such as image correction, improved search functionality, or Siri's behavior.
  • This partnership would allow Apple to retain its significant revenue stream from the search deal, while Google would gain access to valuable data to improve its AI ecosystem.
  • The deal highlights the challenges faced by startups in competing with tech giants like Google and Apple, particularly in terms of infrastructure and scale.
  • Regulatory scrutiny is expected due to the dominant market positions of Google and Apple in the smartphone industry.
  • There is speculation that a language model similar to ChatGPT will be integrated into iPhone and Android smartphones in the future.

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