Google's AI emergency, Apple's lowkey AI moves, amazing Sora demos & more with Sunny Madra | E1904

Google's AI emergency, Apple's lowkey AI moves, amazing Sora demos & more with Sunny Madra | E1904

Sunny Madra joins Jason! (00:00:00)

  • Sunny Madra joins Jason for the podcast.
  • The hosts rate the recent AI demos from OpenAI as "A+," calling them some of the best AI demos in history.
  • The hosts express amazement at the quality and speed of development of the OpenAI team.
  • OpenPhone: A business phone system that brings calls, texts, and contacts into one app.
  • Twist: An AI conference where attendees can learn how to apply AI in their businesses from experts.
  • Scalable Path: A company that helps businesses hire deeply vetted engineers in their time zone.

What went wrong with Google’s AI: Model training, RLHF, or guardrails? Plus, how Google can look to Meta for a fix (00:01:17)

  • Large language models like ChatGPT can provide inaccurate or biased responses due to training data, reinforcement learning with human feedback, and guardrails.
  • ChatGPT has guardrails to prevent it from sharing certain information, but Google's AI issue may be more complex, involving additional training data or reinforcement learning that made the model highly opinionated.
  • Non-engineering influences, such as lawyers or stakeholders, may have influenced the model's behavior to be respectful of certain people's feelings.
  • Fixing the issue requires untangling the complex interactions between training data, reinforcement learning, and non-engineering influences.
  • Meta's open-sourced tool, "LaMa Guard," incorporates a safety risk taxonomy and can deal with prompt classification, flagging potentially harmful or inappropriate content.
  • Open-sourcing guardrails and models promotes self-regulation and transparency in the AI industry, and Google could follow Meta's example to address concerns about its AI practices.

OpenPhone - Get 20% off your first six months (00:13:35)

  • OpenPhone is a business phone service with a mobile app and desktop interface.
  • It is the number one rated business phone on G2 for customer satisfaction.
  • Key features include:
    • Shared phone numbers with multiple employees
    • Field calls and texts
    • First ring pickup
  • OpenPhone starts at $13 per user per month.
  • Twist listeners can get an additional 20% off any plan for the first 6 months at
  • OpenPhone can port existing numbers from other services at no extra cost.

More examples of bias in Google’s Gemini model (00:15:00)

  • The New York Times and New York Post examples highlight the difficulty of creating nuanced rules for AI guardrails.
  • Gemini's responses to prompts about banning news publications show a bias against the New York Post while emphasizing the importance of free speech.
  • Gemini's inability to construct an ethical argument for banning Fox News suggests that Fox News may have been flagged.
  • Google AI's Dei team receives an "F" grade due to diversity and inclusion issues, while the Tech Team receives a "B+" for their image generation technology.
  • The Guardrails team receives two "F-" grades for their ineffective guardrails in the AI image generation process.

Explorer.Globe.Engineer: an AI-powered research assistant (00:20:19)

  • Google is facing challenges in AI due to advancements made by competitors like OpenAI and Microsoft.
  • Apple is taking a more discreet approach to AI development, focusing on integrating AI into its products and services.
  • The Sora AI-powered language model can generate detailed and informative responses on various topics, acting as a powerful research assistant.
  • AI research tools could benefit from collaborative research and note-taking features, as well as enhanced functionality that provides comprehensive information and context on every topic.
  • The hosts of a YouTube video discuss the potential of a two-person team achieving unicorn status and suggest a new pricing model for their product.
  • The Sora research tool is praised for its features but given a B+ rating due to the absence of certain features.
  • The hosts express interest in supporting the Sora team through their incubator accelerator program.

Imagine AI LIVE - Get 20% off tickets (00:27:45)

  • Imagine AI Live is a conference taking place on March 27th and 28th in Las Vegas.
  • Learn how to apply AI to your business from experts who have built AI tools.
  • See AI demos from experts and learn how to use AI to reshape your company.
  • Imagine AI Live is a cross-industry event designed for leaders who want to learn how AI can transform their businesses.
  • Twist listeners can get 20% off tickets using the code "twist" at checkout.

Reka’s impressive multimodal functionality (00:29:01)

  • Reka, a new multimodal Vision model, excels in providing detailed explanations and information about specific images.
  • The future of multimodal AI involves wearable devices that can provide real-time information about surroundings, such as food items in a refrigerator.
  • Gemini 1.5 Pro, with its million plus input context length, has the potential to revolutionize AI by constantly analyzing data from cameras and making decisions based on that information.
  • Future AI systems could provide detailed information about animals, trees, and other objects in real time, taking facial recognition and object detection to the next level.
  • Apple has introduced AI-powered features in its popular apps, such as the ability to recognize objects in photos and provide relevant information.
  • For example, in the Photos app, users can search for specific objects or categories, such as "bulldogs" or "pizza," and the app will display relevant photos.
  • Apple's approach to AI implementation is subtle and低调, with new features being introduced gradually without much fanfare.
  • Sunny gives Apple a B+ for its AI-powered features, praising their usefulness and convenience.
  • The ability to search photos for specific objects is particularly highlighted as a valuable feature.
  • Sunny speculates on the potential for deeper AI integration in Apple's ecosystem, such as using AI to create custom illustrations or order food based on photo recognition.
  • He also mentions the potential for AI to enhance personalized recommendations, such as suggesting restaurants based on a user's preferences.
  • Google's AI chatbot, Bard, made a factual error in its first public demo.
  • Google's stock price dropped by 8% after the error.
  • Google's AI chief, Jeff Dean, called the situation a "code red" and canceled meetings to address the issue.
  • Apple has been quietly making progress in AI, but it has not been as public about its efforts as Google and Microsoft.
  • Apple's AI research team is led by John Giannandrea, who previously worked at Google.
  • Apple has acquired several AI startups in recent years, including Turi and Lattice Data.
  • Apple's AI efforts are focused on areas such as natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning.
  • Sunny Madra, the CEO of AI company, OpenAI, gave a presentation on the latest developments in AI.
  • Madra showed off impressive demos of AI-powered text generation, image generation, and code generation.
  • Madra also discussed the potential risks of AI and the importance of developing ethical guidelines for AI development.

Sora demos from OpenAI, and what this means for the film industry (00:39:39)

  • Sora, an AI-generated trailer, demonstrates significant advancements in AI technology, featuring longer lengths, camera movements, and intricate details.
  • The Pixar demo showcases the potential of AI in creating high-quality animated content.
  • The massive compute power required for Sora limits its widespread availability and may necessitate a subscription model.
  • Tyler Perry paused his $800 million studio expansion due to concerns about the potential impact of generative AI on the entertainment industry.
  • AI has the potential to revolutionize movie production by reducing the time and cost between scriptwriting and filming.
  • AI-powered tools can assist in tasks such as generating storyboards, creating test shots, and even adding or modifying scenes in existing movies.
  • This technology opens up new possibilities for filmmakers, such as bringing back actors for scenes that were never filmed or adding additional content to classic movies.

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