Immigration, The Trump Interview, Air Taxis in the Bay Area and the Future of Remote Work | E1971

Immigration, The Trump Interview, Air Taxis in the Bay Area and the Future of Remote Work | E1971

Jason and Alex kick off the show (00:00:00)

  • Jason and Alex introduce the show and welcome the audience.
  • They mention the upcoming topics for discussion: tech leaders and the immigration debate, air taxis in the Bay Area, and the current state of Chinese Venture Capital.
  • The hosts express excitement about discussing the weekend's news cycle.
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Club 33 at Disney. (00:02:38)

  • Club 33, a private club within Disneyland, offers a four-course lunch and a charming atmosphere, allowing members to tweet about their experiences but not take videos.
  • Created by Walt Disney to impress potential investors and business partners, Club 33 membership takes 5 to 10 years to obtain and provides exclusive access and premium experiences within Disneyland.
  • Disneyland also offers FastPass tickets for skipping lines and VIP tours for behind-the-scenes experiences at an additional cost.
  • Universal Studios provides a VIP experience where visitors can rent props and enjoy unlimited Fastpass-type privileges, allowing them to skip long lines for rides.
  • The cost of this VIP experience is around $5,000 for a group of eight people, which is comparable to the amount Americans spend on vacations.
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  • With the VIP experience, the author's children were able to enjoy a dozen rides, each of them twice, in a single day.

The most incredible new ride Jason has ever seen. (00:09:02)

  • Jason describes the Rise of the Resistance ride at Disney as the best amusement park ride he has ever experienced.
  • The ride is trackless, allowing for unpredictable movement and immersive experiences.
  • The scale of the ride is impressive, featuring large animatronic creatures and numerous characters dressed as First Order members.
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  • Star Wars characters, such as Rey and Chewbacca, can be encountered throughout the area.
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LinkedIn Ads - Get a $100 LinkedIn ad credit (00:10:43)

  • LinkedIn ads are a great way to reach top-tier executives and decision-makers.
  • LinkedIn has over a billion users, with 180 million being senior executives.
  • LinkedIn's ad platform delivers 2-5 times greater return on investment compared to other social media platforms.
  • The Disneyland VIP experience is worth the cost for special occasions.
  • VIP perks include a private viewing area for fireworks, personalized service, and little extras like snacks and drinks while on rides.
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  • Having money allows for access to exclusive experiences and VIP treatment.
  • Star Wars is now reaching a larger audience, including girls, which is a positive development.

A look at the Donald Trump interview on All In. (00:14:49)

  • Jason Calacanis interviewed former US President Donald Trump on his podcast, "The All-In Show," and asked him about various topics, including abortion, immigration, and deficit spending.
  • Calacanis's interview technique involves getting the guest comfortable before asking follow-up questions to reveal more information.
  • Despite objections, abortion was discussed first as it was deemed a decisive issue.
  • Trump expressed support for an orderly and fair immigration system, emphasizing H1B visas and attracting skilled individuals.

Vanta - Get $1000 off your SOC 2 (00:19:54)

  • Vanta simplifies the process of achieving and maintaining SOC 2 compliance, enabling sales teams to close major deals faster.
  • President Trump discussed the importance of attracting high-skilled workers to the US and promised to make it easier for college graduates to obtain green cards, with restrictions and ideological tests.
  • The author believes that immigration should be reframed as recruitment, focusing on attracting highly skilled individuals who will contribute to the economy and create jobs.
  • Trump supports H1B visas and increasing the number of Green cards for graduates of 2 and 4-year schools.
  • Politicians often tell their constituents what they want to hear, which can be misleading.
  • Trump's use of language, such as "bad actors" and "America haters," is seen as an attempt to rile up his base and provoke liberals.

[]( - Get 15% off your first 4 weeks of developer time (00:30:45)

  • The author recommends for startups seeking experienced developers and emphasizes the significance of capital efficiency.
  • The author supports increased high-skilled immigration and criticizes the restrictiveness of the H1B visa system.
  • The author defends interviewing Donald Trump, arguing that it offered valuable insights into his character and motivations.
  • The author believes Trump needs to win the election to secure favorable Supreme Court appointments and views him as a pragmatic former New York Democrat.
  • The author predicts Trump will likely lose one or two of the remaining legal cases against him, which are more serious than the previous ones.
  • The author criticizes the lack of journalistic rigor in some podcasts, highlighting an interview with Jared Kushner where no challenging questions were asked.
  • The author's personal connection to immigration, with Danish and Mexican heritage, and their family's history of entrepreneurship, makes the H1B visa issue particularly important to them.

JCal became a meme! (00:36:34)

  • Jason Calacanis became a meme due to his appearance in a recent interview.
  • People are having fun with the meme, comparing him to a CIA agent, an accountant, or a cutthroat CEO.
  • Jason Calacanis is a fan of the color pink and the pink tie he wore in the interview contributed to the meme.
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The gentleman’s RIF and the status of remote workers. (00:37:15)

  • Companies are asking employees to return to the office to cut costs and improve efficiency, leading to the trend of the "gentleman's riff."
  • Some companies, like Dell, offer employees the option to resign if they prefer remote work.
  • The author suggests that the top 20% of remote workers are more productive at home, while the bottom 50% need mentorship and should be in an office.
  • Remote work can be more productive due to fewer distractions and increased focus, as seen in the author's personal experience.
  • Employers are criticized for not providing adequate office spaces and support for remote workers, leading to challenges for young people in terms of mentorship and career advancement.
  • A potential solution involves creating a tiered system where dedicated and high-performing in-office employees receive more career opportunities, while remote workers may face limited career growth.
  • Companies should clearly define expectations and benefits for both remote and in-office work arrangements to ensure fairness and transparency.
  • Rabid capitalism, as seen in the US, prioritizes profits over workers' well-being, leading to layoffs and job insecurity.
  • Companies should show more loyalty to their employees and consider the impact of their actions on morale.
  • Europe's stricter labor laws, such as requiring court approval for firing employees, discourage risk-taking and experimentation in startups.
  • Remote work offers benefits like saving time and increasing flexibility, and its potential is often overlooked.

New air taxi plan from Archer. (00:48:26)

  • Archer, a company that went public in 2021, plans to establish an air taxi network in the San Francisco Bay Area using eVTOLs (electric vertical takeoff and landing systems).
  • Archer's eVTOLs are designed with multiple rotors and engines for safety and will have ports in South San Francisco, Napa, Oakland, and Livermore.
  • Archer is collaborating with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to bring its eVTOL system to the UAE.
  • Air taxis have the potential to revolutionize transportation, offering quick and efficient travel between cities and airports, but they are still in the early stages of development.
  • Archer has a current burn rate of about $60 million per quarter and a cash balance of $520 million, giving it a runway of about two years at its current burn rate.
  • Air taxis could save time and frustration for travelers, especially for short distances like from SFO to Napa.

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