LAUNCH Accelerator 31 Public Demo Day

LAUNCH Accelerator 31 Public Demo Day


  • Claire from UD Ventures invests in great leaders in the US and Canada, with an initial check size of up to $500k and follow-ups.
  • Alisa Miller from Khloe Capital invests in inclusive ecosystem building at scale, with check sizes of $200k to $500k at the seed stage and reserves for follow-on investments.
  • Guon from Surface Ventures invests in B2B software across infrastructure and vertical software, with check sizes between $250k and $2 million primarily in pre-seed and seed rounds.
  • John Chu from Coastal Ventures invests across stages but mostly at the seed or A stage, with no average check size and a focus on different theses across four components: consumer, enterprise, biotech healthcare, and cleantech.
  • Tom Os from Nexus Venture Partners invests across stages but mostly in seed and Series A, with check sizes between $500k and $5 million and a focus on B2B software companies.

AI Tools

  • Saga is an AI-powered screenwriting and storyboarding tool designed for filmmakers.
  • It helps users generate ideas, develop characters, plan story structures, and create visual storyboards.
  • Saga integrates with various AI models, including GPT-3.5, Stable Diffusion XL, SD3, Dolly 3, Sora, Runway's Gen3 Alpha, and Dream Studio, to provide users with a comprehensive range of options.
  • Sun from Recall, a product of the day on Product Hunt, introduces an AI encyclopedia that helps users quickly condense important information and provides a personalized content recommendation system.


  • The Rave is a referral and rewards operating system for e-commerce businesses.
  • It automates sharing incentives for customers, tracks and rewards referrals, and helps businesses unlock virality and incremental growth.
  • The Rave generates revenue through a monthly fee for brands and a commission on referred purchases.
  • Peri is an AI-powered platform that helps e-commerce brands lower their customer acquisition costs.
  • Peri automatically optimizes websites and landing pages based on data-driven insights.

Event Management

  • Flight is an event management platform that helps hosts streamline their operations and save time.
  • Flight offers tools for bookings, payouts, communication, and customer retargeting.
  • Flight's data tools provide hosts with insights, analytics, and document storage.
  • Hosts can customize their outreach and marketing efforts using Flight's platform.

Content Creation

  • 1010 is a platform that allows tech creators to host, distribute, and monetize their software-related content.
  • 1010 provides creators with tools, analytics, and monetization features to showcase their work and interact with subscribers.

Search Engine

  • Ivan presents Waverly, an alternative search engine where users can create their own domain-specific datasets and ask questions directly linked to the source.
  • Waverly aims to provide a reliable data layer for users to ask questions directly to experts or specific individuals.

Pitch Event Results

  • The top three companies chosen by the guest investor judges were Recall, Saga, and Permar AI.
  • The Syndicate members' poll results showed Recall in first place, Saga in second place, and Flight Crew in third place.
  • Overall, for the entire cohort, the top three companies were Recall, The Rave, and 1010.

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