Pioneering physical AI with Archetype AI’s Ivan Poupyrev | E1951

Pioneering physical AI with Archetype AI’s Ivan Poupyrev | E1951

Ivan Poupyrev of Archetype AI joins Jason. (00:00:00)

  • Ivan Poupyrev, CEO and founder of Archetype AI, joins Jason Calacanis on the podcast.
  • Archetype AI introduces "Physical AI," a concept that bridges the physical world with AI.
  • Newton is the first-of-its-kind AI model created by Archetype AI that understands the physical world.
  • Newton integrates sensors with machine learning, allowing sensors to input data for analysis.

Demo of Archetype AI's product, Newton, which interprets and processes motion data (00:02:55)

  • Archetype AI's physical AI, Newton, interprets sensor data to understand the physical world.
  • Newton can track packages and detect mishandling events without retraining.
  • Unlike chatbots, Newton focuses on understanding and reporting behaviors in the physical world based on user prompts.
  • Newton produces visual outputs, making it suitable for environments where textual representation is not ideal.
  • Newton uses AI to provide visual overlays or heat maps based on GPS data.
  • Newton can highlight specific objects in a video and change focus based on text commands.
  • One potential use case is for fleets of vehicles to receive dynamic map updates based on real-time semantic understanding of the physical world, helping them avoid traffic congestion or other issues.

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  • Ivan Poupyrev, the founder of Archetype AI, is a pioneer in the field of physical AI.
  • Physical AI combines the digital and physical worlds to create interactive experiences.
  • Archetype AI is developing a platform that allows users to create physical AI experiences without any coding or 3D modeling skills.
  • The platform uses a visual programming language and pre-built modules to make it easy for users to create interactive experiences.
  • Archetype AI's goal is to make physical AI accessible to everyone, from artists and designers to engineers and scientists.
  • Poupyrev believes that physical AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the world around us.

Exploration of potential business model and use cases for Archetype AI (00:10:48)

  • Archetype AI's Newton model is a closed-source physical AI model that can use sensor data to solve real-world problems.
  • The company is training the model for cameras, audio, time series, and AR (Radars) data.
  • Archetype AI is collaborating with various industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, and construction, to apply the Newton model to specific problems.
  • The company believes self-driving cars will eventually be developed but cannot predict the timeline.
  • Archetype AI's physical AI combines direct sensing, contextual understanding, and large language model reasoning to address complex challenges like self-driving cars.
  • Training data comes from partners, open-source sources, and customer-specific data for fine-tuning.
  • Factories, with their complex environments and abundant data, present an early use case for Archetype AI's technology to enhance efficiency and safety.
  • A semiconductor company with machines equipped with numerous sensors aims to reduce false alarms and downtime using Archetype AI's technology, leading to potential cost savings.
  • The technology can identify and correct incorrect data in real-time, saving time and money in manufacturing processes.
  • It can monitor and maintain precise machines, such as factory equipment or printing presses, preventing downtime and waste.

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Use cases in aviation, military, and automotive industry (00:23:30)

  • Complex machinery such as airplanes, battleships, and cars generate vast amounts of sensor data.
  • Analyzing this data can lead to insights for accident prevention, efficiency improvements, and product design.
  • The automotive industry is particularly interested in AI for data processing and analysis.
  • Sensors deployed in factories, rainforests, oceans, and other environments can provide valuable data for environmental monitoring.
  • This data can be used to understand and address issues such as global warming, deforestation, and pollution.
  • For example, analyzing vibration data from windmills can enable predictive maintenance and optimize performance.
  • Robots like Boston Dynamics' Atlas and Optimus are equipped with numerous sensors.
  • As these robots become more prevalent, they could potentially map the entire planet and provide valuable insights.
  • Perfect mapping, as seen with GPS, has already had a profound impact on society.

The connection between robots and artificial intelligence (00:28:12)

  • Robots equipped with sensors can provide vast amounts of data about the world.
  • This data can be used to predict future events and optimize various systems, such as energy consumption and traffic control.
  • This can lead to improved decision-making and better quality of life.

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The evolution of sensor technology and its role in AI (00:31:09)

  • Archetype AI, led by Ivan Poupyrev, is developing physical AI to analyze and optimize complex construction projects in collaboration with a major Japanese construction company.
  • The increasing complexity of construction projects generates vast amounts of data that can be analyzed by AI to reduce waste, increase speed, and lower costs.
  • Physical AI combines sensors, storage, AI, and Transformer space models to predict and understand the future.
  • Physical AI can be used in healthcare to monitor health, such as continuous glucose monitors, heart rate monitors, and pulse oxygen levels, and can use motion as a new vital sign to measure the success of healthcare interventions.
  • Physical AI can also be used in homes and buildings to monitor and control systems such as humidity, water, temperature, and air conditioning.
  • Archetype AI's first product was a radar sensor that could be put into phones, air conditioners, and other devices, and their last product at Google was a sleep monitor that used radar to measure how well people sleep.
  • Radar technology can be used to monitor human movement, breathing, and heart rate without compromising privacy, and radar-based baby monitors can detect sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and alert caregivers.

The pace of technological innovation and the future of anticipatory interfaces (00:44:14)

  • Combination of sensing data and artificial intelligence is exciting.
  • Anticipatory interfaces can solve problems before they arise and support people before they ask.
  • Disney's focus on narrative and magic creates a magical experience by anticipating and delighting visitors.
  • Extreme personalization of products and experiences is possible with sensing and prediction.
  • Current mass-produced products are designed to fit everyone, but personalization allows for products that work specifically for each individual.
  • The Minority Report film showcased personalized ads and interfaces that tailored to each person's preferences.
  • Ads on the internet are highly customized based on user preferences.
  • Public API or developer kit for Archetype AI's technology is not yet available, but it is planned for the future.

Future plans for Archetype AI, hiring and partnership opportunities (00:49:00)

  • Currently focusing on building core technology.
  • Design partner program is open for companies to join and collaborate on pilot cases.
  • Aiming to open the platform to a broader audience once pilot cases demonstrate value while preserving platform generality.
  • Users will be able to connect their own sensor data, such as from mobile phones or IoT devices, to the model and try it out themselves.
  • More information available on the Archetype AI website.
  • Hiring opportunities available, visit the careers page on the website.

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