10 Simple Keys to Get Under 10% Bodyfat (and stay there) | KINOBODY

10 Simple Keys to Get Under 10% Bodyfat (and stay there) | KINOBODY


  • Greg Gallagher discusses staying lean year-round and maintaining a body fat percentage under 10%.
  • Emphasizes focusing on enjoyable ways to eat at a calorie deficit, including intermittent fasting and having a big dinner feast.

Greg's Keys to Staying Lean Year-Round

  • Caloric deficit is crucial for staying lean.
  • Enjoys intermittent fasting and prefers saving most calories for a big dinner feast.
  • Prefers foods that satiate him, including lean meat, fruits, potatoes, and a bit of chocolate.
  • Cooking at home allows control over oil and butter usage, making it easier to stay lean.
  • Eating similar things day in and day out helps in staying satisfied and full.
  • Avoids huge deficits and focuses on making the diet enjoyable and sustainable.
  • Regular walking and key lifts aid in maintaining muscle while losing fat.

Eating Out at Restaurants

  • Tracks the first meal and pays attention to portion sizes when eating out.
  • Prefers lean options like shrimp cocktail or oysters and focuses on the main course, such as steak and potatoes.
  • Avoids calorie-heavy appetizers and salads to stay within caloric limits.
  • Controls portion size and signals when to stop eating to avoid overindulging.
  • Recommends being active and listening to the body to avoid excessive calorie intake.

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Opting for Leaner Cuts of Meat

  • Lean proteins are preferred for reducing calorie intake.
  • Choosing lean meats like filet or strip loin over ribeye can help in managing fat and calorie intake.
  • Requesting to cook burger patties well-done can reduce fat content.
  • A balanced intake of fat, protein, and carbs is found to be the most satiating.


  • Including milk chocolate in the diet for enjoyment and to stay consistent with calorie deficit.
  • Practical approach to consuming chocolate for pleasure rather than strategic reasons.
  • Preference for milk chocolate over dark chocolate due to caffeine sensitivity.
  • Introducing variety by rotating different dessert options to maintain adherence to calorie intake.

Does Greg Train Fasted?

  • Enjoys training fully fasted or after a small meal for improved well-being.
  • Training preferences include fully fasted sessions or training after a smaller meal.

Greg's Current Training Philosophy

  • To maintain a lean physique, focus on hitting daily calorie targets and getting in 10,000-14,000 steps.
  • Build strength through three workouts a week focusing on progressive overload and key lifts.
  • Training split: Upper body days (horizontal and vertical pushing, back, arms), leg day, and traps after leg day.
  • Stay focused on your goal physique and avoid getting "goal hijacked" by other fitness goals.

Greg's Recommended Exercises for Building a Great Physique

  • Recommended exercises: incline press, weighted pull-ups, shoulder press, Bulgarian split squats, and Romanian deadlifts.
  • Strive to consistently increase reps and weight, but adjust volume based on what works best for your strength progression.
  • Focus on adding reps and increasing weight as you build up to your goal physique.

Training Intensity & Importance of Recovery

  • Higher training volume may lead to increased hunger and difficulty maintaining a deficit.
  • Greg's leanest physique was achieved through walking and minimalist lifting, as training more led to increased appetite.
  • Necessary to track progress, experiment with different strategies, and prioritize recovery to improve fitness and avoid burnout.

Greg's Recommended Supplements

  • Essential amino acids help prevent protein breakdown and have a hunger blunting effect
  • Magnesium, zinc, and Boron support testosterone levels
  • Collagen protein is filling and less insulinogenic than whey protein
  • Test and find what supplements work best for you
  • Cutting to a low body fat increases risk of muscle loss and makes it hard to hold onto strength and muscle

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