10 Strangest Exercises for Building Muscle and Functionality

10 Strangest Exercises for Building Muscle and  Functionality

Intro (00:00:00)

  • There are unique movements that may look unconventional but can be beneficial and should not be disregarded.
  • Jud Linhard inspired a change in movement patterns and lifting techniques.
  • The video presents 10 unconventional exercises that provide significant benefits.

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10 Most Bang for Your Buck Exercises (00:01:20)

  • Machines can support the body and create mechanical tension on specific muscle groups, allowing for a wider range of exercises.
  • Training with a narrow base of support and allowing the spine to flex strategically can improve balance and core strength.
  • Independent training of the upper and lower bodies can enhance torque and potential energy.
  • Nutrition should be viewed holistically, considering factors beyond just calories.
  • Kettlebells promote curvilinear movement, improving athleticism and functional ability.
  • Farmers carries are fundamental human movements, and variations like kettlebell walking coils can increase their benefits and time efficiency.

Kettlebell Walking Coils (00:07:20)

  • Kettlebell walking coils involve creating lines where the knee points one way and the chest the other.
  • This exercise encourages foot knife-edging, forward propulsion, and fluid switching of sides.
  • It trains the body to move independently from upper to lower body and improves internal and external rotation and T-spine mobility.
  • Similar to a curtsy lunge, it requires proper alignment and can be progressed into a lunge beyond a carry.
  • For reverse lunges, starting with the front foot elevated on a plate can make it easier.
  • With a narrower setup and thicker bands, the bare crawl hold involves holding a crawling position.

Bear Crawl Hold (00:09:36)

  • The video presents alternative exercises and techniques for building muscle and functionality.
  • One exercise involves pressing down on thick bands and raising the knees off the ground, providing a similar benefit to a fly machine.
  • Another exercise involves driving the hands together while keeping the abs tight and sinking the chest down, working the serratus anterior and scapula.
  • Regarding neck movement during bench presses, it's important to let the neck come forward naturally if it reaches the end of its range of motion.
  • Injuries often occur due to forcing range of motion that the body is not prepared for.
  • Barbells offer many benefits, including zercher squats and Cossack squats to a box, allowing for twisting during the exercise.

Zercher Cossack Cross Twist (00:13:40)

  • Zercher squats are safer than using pads because the barbell is held close to the body, reducing strain on the bicep tendon. To perform a Zercher squat, hold the barbell in the crook of your arms, sit back and down while keeping your torso upright, and then drive back up. Safety bars can be used to help generate and control speed.
  • Cossack squats improve hip mobility and can alleviate back pain and other injuries.
  • Proper technique is essential for simple exercises like the goblet squat.
  • Pendulum coex is a great warm-up exercise that prepares the body for heavier shearing forces.
  • Single-arm push-ups can be modified to accommodate different fitness levels and incorporate various athletic necessities.

Single-Arm Push-Ups (00:19:09)

  • Use a low stance with one hand on the bench for support.
  • Lower yourself down and use the other hand to assist if needed.
  • Push up using only one arm, keeping your body square and core tight.
  • Bring the opposite leg up high for a greater range of motion.
  • Let your torso turn to accommodate as you reach the end of your range of motion.
  • Explode halfway up for a powerful contraction.

Single-Arm Power Push-Up (00:21:39)

  • Place a bench under your body and rest your forearm on it.
  • Keep your body engaged and drive up explosively, using your triceps and forearm.
  • Rest your forearm on the ground and drive your elbow towards the ground.
  • This exercise provides a great range of motion and allows for power generation.
  • Accommodating resistance from bands helps to maintain tension throughout the movement.

Band "Vacation" Move (00:23:32)

  • Isometric exercises can create tension and core activation without equipment.
  • Cross-pattern movements are essential for athleticism and should be incorporated into workouts.
  • Combining isometric moves with metcon-style training keeps the heart rate up and reduces joint impact.
  • Isometrics can loosen tight muscles and improve neuromuscular facilitation.
  • To loosen a tight thoracic, press your tricep into the ground while lying on your back and pulse.
  • Relax into stretches rather than yanking on tight muscles, as this can cause the brain to tighten them up more.
  • Painful stretches may actually be causing the muscle to tighten up more.

Dumbbell Shoulder Cleans (00:28:45)

  • A power movement that is comfortable for most people, especially those over 40.
  • Mimics a real-life movement of lifting something from the ground and placing it on the shoulder.
  • Doesn't require overhead pressing or getting into a compromising clean position.
  • To control the descent, roll the shoulder quickly and avoid yanking the dumbbell.
  • Can be done with alternating shoulders or all on one side before switching.
  • Rings are a great tool for building strength and mobility.
  • They allow for a wide range of exercises that target different muscle groups.
  • Rings are portable and can be used anywhere, making them a convenient option for home workouts.
  • They are relatively inexpensive, making them a budget-friendly option for those looking to improve their fitness.

Single-Arm Ring Rotations (00:32:21)

  • Single-arm ring rotations are a functional pattern exercise that involves transferring force from the ground through the hips, back, and into a push pattern.
  • Keeping the arm engaged during the movement helps generate more velocity and power.
  • Adding a weight vest or holding a dumbbell on the opposite side while rowing can increase the difficulty of the exercise.
  • Elevating the ring allows for a deeper row position and more rotation.
  • Skipping is an unconventional form of exercise that caught the attention of the speaker.
  • Skipping movements performed by Jud, a large individual, seemed unconventional and sparked interest in his content.

A Skips (00:36:41)

  • Skipping and speed drills promote bounce, rhythm, and movement coordination.
  • Relaxation of opposing muscles is essential for efficient movement and preventing fatigue.
  • Skipping should begin with proper patterning, maintaining a tall hip and neutral pelvis.
  • The upward motion in skipping should be a springing action, avoiding excessive hip flexion.
  • Skipping develops coordination and strength for efficient forward movement.
  • Start with a walking motion, heel to toe, and progress to marching on the balls of the feet.
  • Move on to single-leg skipping and scissor skipping, which engages the hamstrings.

Scissor Skipping (00:42:13)

  • Scissor skipping is a warm-up exercise that involves skipping with straight legs.
  • It is safer than traditional skipping and helps improve balance.
  • It can be used by sprinters as a pre-sprint drill or as an extensive plyometric exercise.
  • Extensive plyometrics, such as scissor skipping, can be done every day for cardiovascular benefits.
  • Scissor skipping can help improve running efficiency by correcting biomechanics.
  • Jud Linhard's contact information:
    • Website: judlinhard.com
    • Instagram: @jlinhard

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