I Built my Dream Gym and Podcast Studio (See my Workout Setup)

I Built my Dream Gym and Podcast Studio (See my Workout Setup)

Intro (00:00:00)

  • Hybrid style athlete utilizing cardio and resistance training for well-roundedness and longevity.
  • Incorporates gymnastics moves using rings for bodyweight training.
  • Belt Squat is used to train legs without loading the spine, allowing for heavy weight while keeping the torso upright and decompressing the spine.

Belt Squat (00:01:25)

  • Belt Squat allows modification of the training rig for various movements.
  • Enables heavy leg training without spinal loading, adding decompression to the spine.

Angles90 (00:03:44)

  • Angles90 grips are used for pull-ups, allowing different rotations and grip variations.
  • Particularly beneficial for individuals with shoulder impingement issues.

Trap Bar (00:04:09)

  • A trap bar is a great choice for a home gym with limited equipment.
  • It allows for deadlifting with a more upright posture, making it easier to engage the lats.
  • It can also be used for squats.

Swiss Bar (00:04:45)

  • A Swiss bar is a versatile bar with multiple grip options.
  • It can be used for shoulder presses, curls, and other exercises.

Landmine (00:04:57)

  • A landmine attachment is a great piece of equipment for strength training.
  • It allows for a variety of rotational movements in a safe manner.
  • Plyo boxes are essential for a home gym.
  • They can be used for step-ups, box jumps, and mobility training.
  • Having multiple plyo boxes is important for group training or training with guests.

NordicTrack (00:05:55)

  • The NordicTrack x32i treadmill is the top-rated treadmill, elliptical, and rower in a 2023 survey.
  • The treadmill offers an iFit membership (separate purchase) for virtual runs in various locations worldwide.
  • The treadmill's incline can reach up to 40%, aiding in zone training and aerobic capacity building.
  • The smart adjust system automatically adjusts speed and incline based on the chosen workout or trainer.
  • The active pulse feature measures heart rate and adjusts intensity to maintain the desired zone.
  • NordicTrack's fitness equipment design emphasizes science, training zones, and high-intensity interval training.
  • A YouTuber showcased the NordicTrack x32i treadmill as an excellent addition to their dream gym and podcast studio.
  • The treadmill provides virtual scenic routes and adjustable incline for a realistic running experience.
  • The bike also features a large screen for virtual rides and adjusts its incline to simulate real-world conditions.
  • The YouTuber highlighted that this bike offers a more realistic training experience compared to other studio trainers.
  • Has various benches for different purposes.
  • Uses adjustable dumbbells to save space.
  • Has sandbells that combine kettlebells and sandbags.

Sandbells (00:12:14)

  • Sandbells are a mix of kettlebells and sandbags.
  • They can be adjusted up to 120 pounds.

Pso-Rite (00:13:05)

  • Uses a Pso-Rite to release the soaz muscle in the back.
  • It is effective in releasing tension in the soaz muscle.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (00:14:19)

  • Has a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for recovery.
  • It has been beneficial for his wife's recovery from a brain injury.

Skier & Assault Bike (00:14:46)

  • Has a skier and an assault bike for CrossFit-style workouts.

Rower (00:14:55)

  • Concept2 rower allows for different rowing classes and coaches.
  • Studio-style rowing and ocean rowing options provide variety.
  • Smooth rowing motion and full-body workout.
  • Fusion trainer is great for cardio and weight training.

Cable Machine (00:16:24)

  • Simple cable machine for various exercises.
  • Primarily used for functional CrossFit-style training.
  • Useful for guests who prefer cable modifications.

BFR Cuffs (00:17:02)

  • Smart cuffs for blood flow restriction (BFR) training.
  • BFR training involves restricting venous return to induce an intense pump.
  • Builds lactate, which signals adaptation and muscle growth.
  • Effective for injury rehab and recovery days.

Podcast Space (00:18:12)

  • Podcast room where notable guests have been interviewed.
  • Dave Asey, Dr. Gabby Lion, Peter Attia, and others have been featured.

Sled (00:18:34)

  • Hybrid sled for pushing and mobility work.
  • Yoga blocks for stretching and mobility exercises.

Yoga Blocks (00:18:47)

  • Yoga blocks are more effective than bands, reverse hyperextensions, and other equipment for back rehabilitation and recovery.
  • Larger yoga blocks allow for more depth and better shoulder blade retraction.
  • Yoga blocks are an important piece of equipment for any home gym.

If You Had to Choose a Few Pieces for Home Gym (00:19:40)

  • Basic free weights, a trap bar, a land mine, a treadmill (NordicTrack x32i), a bike (NordicTrack s27i), a belt squat, and a plyo box are essential pieces of equipment for a home gym or small commercial gym.
  • Kettlebells and dumbbells are more suitable for beginners than barbells.
  • A barbell is only necessary if using a land mine.
  • All of this equipment can be purchased on a budget.

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