Nutrition Scientist Rates Top 6 Supplements for Fat Loss & Pre Workout

Nutrition Scientist Rates Top 6 Supplements for Fat Loss & Pre Workout


  • Dr. Lane Norton discusses the benefits of adaptogens, particularly focusing on performance settings.
  • Emphasizes the positive experiences and effects of using adaptogens in various contexts.

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  • Promotes a seasonal chocolate caramel flavor of LMNT electrolytes for pre-workout, stating its low calorie content and benefits for fasting or intermittent fasting.
  • Highlights the nutritional content of the product and how it can help control calorie intake.

Rhodiola Rosea

  • Describes the stress management benefits of Rhodiola, including its effects on physical and psychological stress, reduction of fatigue, cognitive enhancement, mood improvement, and potential relief for mild to moderate depression.
  • Comments on potential mechanisms of action, dosages, and the need for optimal stress levels in adaptation.

Layne's Tier 1 Supplements

  • Compares adaptogens to other supplements with broad-sweeping effects such as creatine and caffeine.
  • Expresses the need for further research to fully understand the mechanisms of adaptogens.

Layne's Tier 2 Supplements

  • Tier two supplements include ashwagandha, rhodiola, and citrine
  • Melatonin may improve lean mass and sleep quality, but dosage matters
  • Theanine and beta-alanine also show promise for sleep and exercise performance
  • Fish oil primarily benefits blood lipid improvement, with limited evidence for muscle growth
  • A good multivitamin is important, with a focus on not exceeding vitamin levels due to oxidation effects

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Erythritol Linked to Heart Disease?

  • High blood levels of erythritol may indicate poor cardiovascular health, not causation
  • Existing study did not measure dietary intake, leading to potential reverse causality in results
  • Calls for more studies to measure dietary erythritol and its impact on heart health

Listen to People Who Sound Unsure of Themselves

  • Experts should acknowledge trade-offs and drawbacks of different approaches
  • Look for experts who sound unsure of themselves as they consider various perspectives and trade-offs
  • Acknowledge that every approach has drawbacks and no single solution is perfect

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