Relationship Psychologist’s 4 Golden Rules to Improve Sex Life in One Week

Relationship Psychologist’s 4 Golden Rules to Improve Sex Life in One Week


  • Dr. John Delone shares his four golden rules for a good sex life.

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Be Honest

  • Being honest about desires, past experiences, and discomfort in a relationship is crucial.
  • Open communication about intimacy and sex is important to avoid damaging secrets.

Be Curious, Not Judgmental

  • Responding with curiosity instead of judgment when a partner shares vulnerabilities is essential for a healthy sexual relationship.

Remove Outside Influences

  • Removing pornography and external influences allows a couple to focus on each other and explore their desires together.

Context to Intimacy & Sexuality

  • Intimacy is influenced by the context around it, including conversations, daily gestures of love, and shared responsibilities.
  • Sexual interaction is not confined to the moment, but is influenced by the interactions and conversations leading up to it.

Intimacy Initiation Advice

  • Presence and warmth are important in initiating intimacy
  • Clear communication is crucial for understanding each other's needs and desires
  • Using envelopes with ideas for intimate activities can help facilitate conversation and understanding
  • Scheduling intimacy on the calendar can help prioritize and prepare for it
  • Initiating intimacy should be done gently and without pressure
  • Prioritizing intimacy is essential to prevent the relationship from becoming solely a business relationship
  • Recognizing when to rest and when to push through in intimacy is important

Commitment to Healing

  • Commitment to healing from old traumas is part of the commitment to a relationship
  • It is important to address old traumas and seek help from trauma counselors or support groups
  • Healing from past traumas is essential for building a healthy, intimate relationship
  • Taking steps to heal from past traumas is crucial for personal growth and for the well-being of the relationship and future generations

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