Why Bryan Johnson Changed his Mind on his Extreme Longevity Protocols

Why Bryan Johnson Changed his Mind on his Extreme Longevity Protocols

Intro (00:00:00)

  • Bryan Johnson changed his life to reverse his age and increase his lifespan.
  • He is curious about how his ideas and theories on longevity have changed over the last decade.

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Nighttime Er*ctions (00:01:14)

  • Bryan Johnson noticed an increase in nighttime erections after undergoing electromagnetic shock therapy and targeted muscle strengthening.
  • Nighttime erections are a significant indicator of biological age, sexual function, and psychological health.
  • A device called the Cube Squared was used to measure the duration and quality of nighttime erections.
  • Initially, Johnson's nighttime erections lasted for 132 minutes, which was within the normal range for his chronological age of 46.
  • After undergoing focused shock wave therapy and Botox injections in the penis, Johnson's nighttime erections increased to 179 minutes, surpassing the average duration for 18-year-olds.
  • Nighttime erections tend to peak between the ages of 20 and 29, with an average duration of around 165 minutes.
  • There is a significant drop in nighttime erection duration between the ages of 45 and 49.

If One is Good, Two Must be Better (00:05:36)

  • Bryan Johnson changed his mind on the idea that "if one is good, two must be better".
  • He found that taking two drops of liquid iodine per day, instead of the recommended one drop, put him outside the reference range for a certain marker.
  • He learned that "two is not better" and that the most precise amount should be found and followed.
  • Taking more than the recommended amount of a supplement can have detrimental effects.
  • The goal is to find the minimum effective dose for everything.

Increasing Therapies to Reversing Aging (00:08:16)

  • Bryan Johnson's speed of aging was measured using DNA methylation patterns.
  • Certain therapies increased his speed of aging, including a senolytic profile of daip and curs, and HGH therapy to rejuvenate his thymus.
  • After discontinuing these therapies, his speed of aging returned to baseline.
  • There is a trade-off in therapies, not all things are universally good, some have negative consequences.
  • Bryan Johnson's speed of aging dropped to his lowest ever, 64, which is exceptionally low for a 46-year-old.
  • Only two therapies may have caused this lowering: a peptide regimen and Festa gene therapy.
  • It is unclear which therapy was responsible for the improvement.

Bryan's Experience with Peptides (00:12:08)

  • Tried CJC and pamaran peptides.
  • Negative side effects: wrecked sleep for two days, even at a reduced dose.
  • Discontinuing peptide use due to these side effects.
  • No longer taking metformin.
  • Reduced rapamycin dose to once per week.
  • Added methylene blue and NAD+ to his regimen.
  • Continuing with other supplements like CoQ10, PQQ, and fish oil.

The Importance of Sleep (most important thing) (00:12:52)

  • Bryan Johnson has revised his extreme longevity protocols, prioritizing sleep as the most crucial factor in his overall health and well-being.
  • He emphasizes the significance of optimal sleep for intellectual performance, particularly when tackling complex problems and contemplating the future of intelligent existence.
  • Johnson believes that sleep deprivation severely impairs clear thinking and mental clarity.
  • His ideal sleep routine involves creating a blackout environment, utilizing white noise, and waking up naturally without an alarm.
  • After experiencing sleep disruption due to his son's frequent nighttime wake-ups, Johnson realized the profound impact of sleep on his health and well-being.
  • He now focuses on maintaining a resting heart rate of 47 bpm as an objective indicator of good sleep quality.
  • Johnson stresses the importance of valuing sleep and investing emotional significance in it to maximize its benefits.
  • He avoids making crucial life decisions during periods of poor sleep, recognizing its detrimental effects on his mental and emotional state.
  • To enhance sleep quality, Johnson practices a "sleep divorce" from his wife, sleeping in separate rooms to minimize disturbances.
  • He also recommends maintaining a comfortable bedroom temperature, around 73 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 67 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.

Setting Our Sights on Conquering Death (00:22:50)

  • Bryan Johnson believes it is the right time to set our sights on conquering death.
  • He thinks we can meaningfully change how we think about aging, deterioration, rejuvenation, and life extension.
  • Johnson doesn't claim to have solved immortality but believes we can change the game of decay and death.
  • He suggests that this should become the singular game for humanity, individually, collectively, and for AI.
  • Johnson acknowledges that we may not achieve immortality but wants to prolong life with a good quality of life.
  • He compares the human body to a Toyota Camry that will eventually break down but can be maintained to extend its lifespan.

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