Why Dr. Gundry Changed his Mind on Gut Damaging Foods (and 5 other things)

Why Dr. Gundry Changed his Mind on Gut Damaging Foods (and 5 other things)


  • Dr. Steven Gundry discusses changes in his thinking over the last seven years, which he refers to as "Plant Paradox 2.0."

Leaky Gut Testing

  • Dr. Gundry talks about the availability and importance of leaky gut testing, which measures intestinal permeability using a blood test.
  • He emphasizes that leaky gut is not pseudoscience and can be measured objectively.

Causes of a Leaky Gut

  • Dr. Gundry explains that autoimmune patients with leaky gut have IGG antibodies to wheat germ or glutenin, even if they are gluten-free.
  • He discusses how people with celiac disease still have active disease even after following a gluten-free diet.

Food Sensitivities

  • Dr. Gundry shares that 90% of readers of his book "The Plant Paradox" resolved their health issues, and food sensitivity testing has revealed individualized troublemakers causing leaky gut.
  • He explains the difference between food sensitivities and food allergies and discusses the impact of leaky gut on the immune system.

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Food Sensitivities (continued)

  • Dr. Gundry elaborates on the role of food sensitivities in causing leaky gut and how identifying and removing troublemaking foods can lead to the resolution of leaky gut and autoimmune diseases.
  • He explains the markers for diagnosing leaky gut, including zonulin and actin antibodies.

High-Dose NSAIDs (00:17:34)

  • Taking high-dose NSAIDs like Advil and Aleve can cause autoimmune diseases and damage the gut barrier.
  • Endurance athletes and people under chronic stress can also suffer from gut barrier issues.
  • Blood flow to the gut is reduced during intense exercise, which can lead to intestinal wall damage and bloody diarrhea.

Dairy & Eggs (00:20:58)

  • Many patients with autoimmune diseases initially react to forms of dairy, egg white, and egg yolk.
  • Fermented dairy products, such as sheep and goat cheeses and yogurts, can be reintroduced for most people.
  • Almonds and almond flour have been found to trigger joint pain and other health issues in some patients, leading to their elimination from the diet.
  • Cashews have caused allergic reactions similar to poison oak in some individuals.

Beef, Lamb, Pork & Unfermented Milk (00:29:56)

  • Sugar molecule new5GC in beef, lamb, pork, and unfermented milk can be harmful
  • Consumption linked to coronary AR disease, dementia, arthritis, and cancer
  • Antibodies against new5GC attack similar molecule new5AC
  • Fermented animal products or milk eliminate new5GC
  • Long-lived people consume fermented sheep and goat dairy products and sausage
  • Fermented meat has beneficial bacteria
  • People in Andorra have a high life expectancy and consume sausage daily

Glyphosate and European Wheat (00:29:56)

  • Difference in wheat genetic alterations
  • Glyphosate used as desiccant on grains in the US but almost non-existent in Europe
  • Autoimmune conditions improve when consuming European wheat
  • US grains are loaded with glyphosate, causing health issues

Oat Story (00:29:56)

  • Banned herbicide used to make oak stalks shorter
  • EPA loosened rules for the herbicide during the former administration's tenure
  • All US oats, including healthy brands, are loaded with the banned herbicide

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