Why Mikhaila Peterson Literally ONLY Eats Steak for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Why Mikhaila Peterson Literally ONLY Eats Steak for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Intro (00:00:00)

  • Mikhaila Peterson's daily diet consists primarily of strip loin for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • She occasionally has soup made from strip loin or other lean ruminant meat.
  • Her previous diets included lamb for two years and ribeyes for two years.
  • She primarily focuses on ruminant meats due to her autoimmune issues and intolerance to other types of meat.
  • When eating strip loin, she consumes the fat along with the meat.
  • She avoids ground beef and meat due to histamine intolerance.

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Why Mikhaila Added in a Certain Supplement (00:02:56)

  • Mikhaila added in a supplement called Dao to help with her histamine intolerance.
  • She was previously against taking supplements because most of them made her feel worse.
  • Dao has helped her feel much better and she believes there will be more research coming out about histamine in the future.
  • Histamine intolerance can be caused by consuming foods that contain histamine, being sensitive to histamine, or having low Dao levels.

Why Mikhaila Only Eats Steak (00:04:19)

  • Mikhaila Peterson's all-meat diet, consisting solely of ruminant meat like bison and lamb, alleviated her severe depression and anxiety within six months.
  • She attributes her improved mood and overall health to the elimination of certain foods rather than the addition of micronutrients from ruminant meat.
  • Introducing various foods, including olive oil and lettuce, caused negative reactions such as joint pain, skin breakouts, and brain fog.
  • Her diet consists solely of steak for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and she initially experienced histamine intolerance, which was later linked to mold exposure.
  • Mikhaila Peterson coined the term "lion diet" to describe her strict steak-only diet.

The Lion Diet (00:10:18)

  • Mikhaila Peterson named her diet the Lion Diet because it was restrictive and isolating, and she wanted a strong name for people with autoimmune disorders who are ostracized by their families.
  • The Lion Diet is different from the carnivore diet because it excludes dairy and eggs, which are inflammatory for Mikhaila.
  • Mikhaila believes that the carnivore diet may not work well for autoimmunity or severe psychiatric disorders because of the inclusion of dairy and eggs.
  • Autoimmune Paleo excludes dairy and other inflammatory foods, while the carnivore diet includes them.
  • Mikhaila feels that the carnivore diet has become less similar to her diet over time, as people have started to blur the lines between carnivore and animal-based diets.
  • Adding dairy to a carnivore diet can reduce ketone production and lead to metabolic struggles.

Mikhaila's Experience with an Autoimmune Paleo Diet (00:13:10)

  • Mikhaila discovered the Autoimmune Paleo diet in 2015, which helped alleviate her autoimmune symptoms.
  • Eliminating dairy, especially cheese, was challenging and resulted in an inflammatory reaction and worsening of arthritis and skin issues.
  • Mikhaila believes that excessive cheese consumption can hinder weight loss on the carnivore diet.
  • Cheese is still processed and easy to overeat, leading to potential weight gain.

It's Hard to Overeat on The Lion Diet (00:14:40)

  • The Lion Diet, consisting primarily of fatty cuts of meat, makes it difficult to overeat and end up in a calorie surplus.
  • Even with the juiciest ribeye steak, the amount of fat and lean protein is satiating and prevents excessive consumption.
  • Mikhaila initially added extra tallow to her ribeyes due to hunger, possibly caused by neurological damage from long-term psych medication use.
  • After switching to New York strip steaks and incorporating jerky as a snack, her fat intake decreased from 80% to 70% of total calories.

What Type of Diet Do Mikhaila's Parents Follow? (00:16:17)

  • Mikhaila's mother is very enthusiastic about the carnivore diet and has tried various diets in the past to address her gut issues.
  • Mikhaila's father initially disliked the diet but continued due to the resolution of his symptoms.
  • Both of Mikhaila's parents started the carnivore diet in 2018.
  • Mikhaila's father has been eating steak for six years.
  • Mikhaila's father adopted the diet primarily for mental health reasons, as he had experienced severe depression and was on medication for a long time.
  • The diet helped alleviate his depression and other health issues, including weight loss, psoriasis, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), gum disease, and peripheral neuropathy.

Does Mikhaila Drink Alcohol? (00:18:14)

  • Mikhaila Peterson, who has celiac disease, follows a strict carnivore diet consisting solely of steak for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Contrary to popular belief, she adopted this diet out of necessity to manage her autoimmune and psychological issues, not to be part of a diet tribe.
  • Her previous diet high in dairy, grains, and alcohol during university led to weight gain and poor health.
  • A ketogenic diet can produce ketones that satisfy the metabolic insufficiency experienced by alcoholics, potentially reducing their cravings for alcohol.
  • Mikhaila's personal experience revealed that adopting a paleo diet altered her response to psychiatric medications, decreasing her reliance on alcohol for mental health management.
  • She now rarely drinks alcohol and experiences severe hangovers with small amounts due to the carnivore diet's impact on her body.
  • Alcohol allows the brain's mitochondria to function normally, but ketones produced by the carnivore diet may reduce the need for alcohol for this purpose.
  • Mikhaila's brother, who follows a healthy lifestyle, also had a changed response to alcohol after adopting a paleo diet, feeling tired instead of energized when drinking.
  • Chris Palmer, a teaching instructor at Harvard, supports the carnivore diet and challenges the general perception of what Harvard represents.

Ketones (00:26:03)

  • Traditional ketogenic diets provide an influx of ketones, which have neuro or anti-neuroinflammation effects, leading to improvements in well-being.
  • The carnivore diet combines the benefits of elimination with the production of ketones, potentially providing a more significant healing effect compared to a standard ketogenic diet.
  • Mikhaila Peterson's personal experience revealed that meat seemed safe for her, while other foods caused negative reactions.
  • Mikhaila Peterson started the carnivore diet out of necessity in December 2017.
  • After six weeks, her depression lifted, but she still didn't feel great.
  • She tried reintroducing olives but had a horrible 2 and a half week long inflammatory reaction.
  • This experience convinced her to stick with the carnivore diet and see what would happen.
  • Five months later, she felt like she was in heaven.

Foods Mikhaila Would Love to Eat Again (00:28:28)

  • Mikhaila would love to eat cucumbers and pickles again.
  • She could eat chicken wings if they were sourced from the right place.
  • Chicken doesn't feel very satiating to her and she doesn't feel very good after eating it.
  • She wonders if eating just chicken skin would make a difference.
  • Mikhaila mentions a dog that couldn't eat chicken without wheezing, but was fine with beef.
  • She speculates that her reactions to certain foods may be due to an inflammatory or allergic reaction rather than an imbalance.
  • She experiences symptoms like a puffy face, restricted breath, and an itchy mouth after eating certain foods.

Where to Find More of Mikhaila's Content (00:31:35)

  • Mikhaila's main channel is Michaela Peterson.
  • Lion diet information can be found on the Lion Diet YouTube channel.
  • Ldiet.com has free information, recipes, and guides on how to start and wean off the lion diet.
  • Her Instagram handle is Michaela Peterson.

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