How to Quickly Learn Golf | The Tim Ferriss Experiment

How to Quickly Learn Golf | The Tim Ferriss Experiment

Learning Golf in 5 Days

  • Tim Ferris, the author and human guinea pig, attempts to learn golf in 5 days with the help of world-class teachers.
  • He undergoes a golf-specific FMS test to identify his body's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Swing analysis expert Terry Roels uses electromagnetic sensors to analyze Tim's swing and provides feedback.
  • Tim works on improving his grip, stance, backswing, downswing, and putting.
  • He practices at the driving range and receives tips from pro golfers James and Andrew.
  • Tim learns the "clock system" analogy to control the power of his swing.
  • Despite feeling overwhelmed, Tim makes progress on the golf course.

Golf Techniques and Challenges

  • Tim Ferris found practicing with a 7 iron and aiming straight ahead more effective than overthinking and using various clubs.
  • He learns the importance of reading the green and understanding the contours of the golf course to aim his ball accurately.
  • Putting is identified as the hardest part of the game, and Ferris struggles to maintain his composure on the green.
  • Terry emphasizes the importance of club face control and uses tracking technology to help Tim fine-tune his swing.
  • Ferris faces challenges with footwork and club placement, but Terry provides solutions like "no stakes practice" to help him focus on technique without pressure.

Mental Aspect of Golf

  • On the golf course, Ferris attempts to shoot a par on hole number one and succeeds despite initial difficulties.
  • He realizes that golf is not just about technical skills but also about mental control and managing distractions.
  • Ferris expresses his surprise at how much he enjoys golf and how it becomes an experiment in mind control, piquing his interest even further.

Additional Resources

  • Extended scenes, interviews, and tutorials are available on
  • The podcast, "The Tim Ferris Show," features long interviews with experts from the show and was nominated as one of the best on iTunes.

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