How to Quickly Learn How to Swim | The Tim Ferriss Experiment

How to Quickly Learn How to Swim | The Tim Ferriss Experiment

Learning to Swim in 5 Days

  • Tim Ferriss, the bestselling author, sets out to prove that anyone can learn to swim long distances in just 5 days.
  • Sarah, a novice swimmer, is chosen as the student for this experiment.
  • Terry Lachlan, founder of Total Immersion Swimming, is the expert coach who teaches Sarah the necessary techniques.
  • Terry's approach involves breaking down complex skills into smaller, more manageable steps, eliminating failure points, and engineering early wins to build confidence.

Sarah's Progress

  • Sarah begins by learning the Superman Glide, which helps her to relax and become comfortable in the water.
  • She then progresses to learning proper arm and leg movements, as well as breathing techniques.
  • Terry uses various exercises and analogies to help Sarah understand and master each skill.
  • Despite her initial fear of Open Water, Sarah is able to overcome her anxiety and swim confidently in the ocean.

Challenges and Techniques

  • Sarah struggles with rhythmic breathing, which is key to swimming freestyle for long distances.
  • Terry shows Sarah an exercise to help her engage her glutes and streamline her body.
  • Sarah practices rhythmic breathing but is frustrated with her limited success.
  • Terry takes Sarah snorkeling to remind her of the joy of swimming and to help her overcome her fear of diving underwater.

Sarah's Accomplishment

  • On her last day, Sarah is able to swim a total of a half mile in open water in the Pacific Ocean, which is a huge accomplishment.
  • Sarah's journey shows that anyone can learn to swim, regardless of their fears or limitations.

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