How to Quickly Learn Tactical Shooting | The Tim Ferriss Experiment

How to Quickly Learn Tactical Shooting | The Tim Ferriss Experiment

Three-Gun Shooting Challenge

  • Tim Ferris and Kevin Rose trained with Taran Butler, an expert in three-gun shooting, to complete a three-gun shooting course in under one minute.
  • Taran taught them the fundamentals of pistol shooting, including grip, stance, and trigger control, and how to use a rifle with a scope.
  • In the final challenge, Tim and Kevin had to complete the course with multiple stages and different types of targets in under one minute.

Taran Tactical Three-Day Training Program

  • Taran Tactical conducted a three-day training program focused on improving shooting skills with pistols, rifles, and shotguns.
  • The shotgun was the most challenging firearm for the participants due to recoil management and aiming difficulties.
  • Different types of shotgun ammo were tested, including birdshot, buckshot, and slugs.
  • The final challenge was a timed course that combined shooting accuracy and reloading efficiency with all three firearms.
  • Kevin completed the course first, followed by Jessica, with Tim finishing third.

Additional Information

  • Tim Ferris encouraged viewers to access extended footage, interviews, and tutorials on the website and the Tim Ferris podcast.
  • The video is a television sign-off.

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