My Terrifying 5 Days of Learning to Race Rally Cars | The Tim Ferriss Experiment

My Terrifying 5 Days of Learning to Race Rally Cars | The Tim Ferriss Experiment


  • The video is about Tim Ferris, a bestselling author and human guinea pig, embarking on an accelerated learning experiment in rally racing.
  • He is nervous due to his lack of experience and fears related to car accidents.

Training at Teo O'Neil Rally School

  • Tim spends four days at Teo O'Neil Rally School in New Hampshire to learn the skills necessary for rally racing.
  • His goal is to compete in a rally race at the end of the training.
  • He trains alongside his friend Chris, who is a better driver than him, which motivates him to improve.

Introduction to Rally Racing

  • Tim gets introduced to a rally car, which is different from a normal car in terms of setup and controls.
  • Rally racing involves using street legal cars on off-road courses and requires adaptability rather than simply memorizing the course.
  • Tim learns about the importance of braking maneuvers, trail braking, pendulum turns, car knowledge, and rally navigation.

Training on the Skid Pad

  • Tim and Chris start their training on a gravel skid pad, where they learn left foot braking and using brakes to steer the car.
  • They practice different types of braking maneuvers, such as braking in a turn and pendulum braking.
  • Tim struggles with the techniques but starts to grasp them with practice.

Training on the Road Course

  • Tim and Chris transition to the road course, which is more challenging and dangerous.
  • They focus on co-driving and navigating the course, relying on what they hear rather than what they see.
  • They learn to avoid common rally mistakes, such as premature acceleration and target fixation.
  • Tim faces difficulties in controlling his fear response and making mistakes during practice runs.

The Big Race

  • The video concludes with Tim and Chris participating in a rally race, where they are graded based on their performance.
  • Tim shows significant improvement throughout the training, but makes some mistakes during the race.
  • Despite not winning, Tim considers his progress a success and expresses a desire to continue improving.

Additional Content

  • Tim mentions that there is extended footage and interviews available on his website and podcast for those interested in learning more about rally racing and his experiment.

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