The Dating Episode | The Tim Ferriss Experiment

The Dating Episode | The Tim Ferriss Experiment

Tim Ferriss's Dating Experiment

  • Tim Ferriss, the bestselling author, conducted a social experiment to find the best method for approaching women.
  • He tried three different methods: cold approach, online dating, and matchmaking.
  • For the cold approach, he received tips from a dating coach named Neil.
  • For online dating, he used OK Cupid and received feedback on his profile pictures.
  • For matchmaking, he met with a professional matchmaker named Amy Anderson.
  • He invited all three potential matches to a party to see which method worked best.

Tim Ferriss's Dating Strategies

  • Tim Ferriss employed various strategies to optimize his dating profile.
  • He used a hacker friend to filter potential matches based on writing ability.
  • He used online services to choose the most effective profile pictures.
  • He sought advice from Neil Strauss, a pickup artist, on how to approach women in real life.

Tim Ferriss's Personal Struggles

  • Despite his efforts, Tim Ferriss initially struggled to overcome his emotional baggage and personal insecurities.
  • He eventually managed to approach a woman and strike up a conversation.

Tim Ferriss's Recommendations

  • Tim Ferriss emphasizes the importance of testing and experimenting to find what works best for you in dating.
  • He encourages viewers to check out the extended scenes, interviews, and tutorials from the show on
  • He also recommends his podcast, The Tim Ferris Show, which features long-form interviews with experts.

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