Why is this number everywhere?

Why is this number everywhere?

The Blue-Seven Phenomenon

  • People tend to select blue and 7 the most when asked to pick a color and a number randomly.
  • The equivalent of the blue-seven phenomenon for random numbers between 1 and 100 is the number 37.

People's Perception of Randomness

  • People perceive odd numbers, especially prime numbers, as more random than even numbers.
  • The number 37 stands out because it is a prime number and the median second prime factor of all numbers.

Remarkable Qualities of the Number 37

  • 37 has many remarkable qualities, such as being an irregular prime, a Cuban prime, a lucky prime, a sexy prime, a permutable prime, and a Padovan prime.
  • A multiple of 37 can be found by reversing the number, inserting a 0 between each digit, and then multiplying by 37.

The 37% Rule

  • The optimal strategy for making a choice when faced with multiple options is to explore and reject 37% of the options and then select the first option that is better than all of the ones you've seen so far.
  • The 37% rule also works for time, so if you want to get married in 10 years, spend the first 3.7 years seeing what's out there and then select the next person who's better than anyone you've seen.

The Speaker's Interest in the Number 37

  • The speaker has been collecting instances of the number 37 for over 40 years.
  • They started collecting after hearing a comedy routine about coincidences related to the number 37.
  • The speaker has a website dedicated to the number 37, which they started in 1994.
  • They receive emails from people all over the world who share their own instances of the number 37.
  • The speaker is interested in the number 37 in all of its various forms, including Roman numerals, binary numbers, and hexadecimal numbers.
  • They believe that the number 37 is special and that it has a universal significance.

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